Thinking of Brand Marketing in Uncertain Times

  At the time of writing this article, at the time of the development of the high-level platform of the epidemic, it has added a layer of fog to the uncertainty of this era.
  Looking back at recent years, “change” has become the only constant. The epidemic broke out and was capricious, digital life became the new normal, the Metaverse was born, the double reduction brought about earthquakes in the education and training industry, and brand marketing frequently overturned… All kinds of changes, whether for enterprises, brands, or organizations and individuals, have occurred With irreversible effects, it also indicates that we have entered an “era of uncertainty”.
  As we all know, marketing is inseparable from “global thinking”, and even more inseparable from “advance with the times”, especially in uncertain times. Whether it is a company or a brand, an agency company, or even an individual practitioner, they must always be at the forefront of industry development, keep up with the changes of the times, and constantly learn new things and new concepts. It is not only necessary to maintain a keen insight into the market and the crowd, and to capture and understand its ever-changing state; it is also necessary to clarify the brand’s own positioning and value, and to constantly seek new innovations and breakthroughs in changing trends. On the basis of grasping the needs of the market and the crowd, and the brand has solid product power and brand power, we will further consider the creativity and content, and use the channels for communication and promotion in a targeted manner, so as to steadily and steadily achieve a breakthrough in marketing.
  Keen insight into consumer groups, and accurately grasp the marketing trend. The
  so-called “consumers will win the world”, brand marketing should be based on truly satisfying consumer needs. In recent years, with the increasing uncertainty of the times, new changes in consumer demand have also occurred, giving birth to new consumption trends. Among them, there are several obvious changes:
  1. The trend of rational consumption is obvious, and “conservative and active” has become the norm of consumption.
  Today , consumers generally maintain a strong purchasing power, but in the face of various uncertainties, they have begun to change. More and more rational, price awareness and sensitivity have improved, and impulse spending tends to decrease. Consumers’ attitudes are more “conservative and positive”, and they will seek more certainty when their willingness to spend increases, and put forward the “visible” actual value and “invisible” additional value conveyed by brands and products. higher requirement.
  In the contemporary youth consumption survey initiated by DT Finance and Meituan Takeaway, 70% of the people who think “useful for themselves” in the question of “what is the meaning of consumption to you”, followed by buying health, Safe “life security” (64.6%) and meeting spiritual needs (55.8%). We see that today consumers are more concerned about whether the goods or services themselves are good or not, and whether they really need them.
  Therefore, under this concept of consumption, brand marketing is not to blindly engage in low prices and Internet celebrity gimmicks, nor to blindly advertise big names and create consumer anxiety, but to tap new consumer needs through finer-grained insights. , to truly understand consumer behavior and find the connection points between them.
  2. Emotional consumption is more sensitive, and sensory experience is strengthened to seek healing.
  With the fickle and increasingly complex living conditions, people are often in a state of “multiple emotional overload”. Various positive and negative emotions have given birth to consumers’ sense of sensuality. The pursuit of experience is to release emotions through the mutual communication and connection of feelings, and consumers are also more willing to pay for “emotional value”, “sense of ritual” and “sense of atmosphere”.
  In a consumption data report, the sales of scented candles in the third-level category have increased by more than 85% year-on-year in the past year. We see that consumers are paying more and more attention to creating a sense of atmosphere, and using “scent” as an emotional decompression , a way of healing and relaxation. And this demand continues to penetrate into consumer products that are just needed in daily life, such as beauty, skin care, personal care, and home cleaning, such as scented shower gels, scented shampoos, and fragrance beads for clothing. The popularity of the concept of “skin care” reflects the wide applicability of “scent” and also reveals the general demand of consumers for an immersive experience.
  In a complex and ever-changing era, consumers are becoming more and more sensitive to emotions, and as a brand, we should pay more attention to the spiritual companionship of consumers, communicate with consumers attentively, generate emotional connections, establish positive associations through emotional resonance, and occupy consumers’ minds.
  3. Accelerate the conversion of consumption scenarios and focus on precise penetration of segmented needs
  In recent years, whether it is the continuous repetition of the epidemic or the innovative breakthrough of virtual technology, it has changed the space and scene changes to a certain extent. Marketing opportunities.
  In contrast to our current living conditions, staying at home has become the norm, the stay-at-home economy is prevalent, and the demand for family scenes is increasingly prominent and increasing; it is also due to the impact of the epidemic that consumers are more eager to “go out”, but compared with long-distance Travel, “nearby-style” surrounding tours and micro-travels have significantly increased the attention. At the same time, the social scene is constantly changing, and more social connections are realized through online activities, virtual communities, and even the construction of virtual scenes.
  Changes in the scene provide more possibilities for brand marketing. Starting in 2022, the Internet home furnishing brand Lin’s Wood Industry, borrowing the concept of live broadcast room + metaverse, has built a virtual home live broadcast room. With a lot of money to create a heavy metal stage with a million-level cyberpunk style, large-scale mechanical devices and large technology screens can be changed and iterated at any time, giving consumers a strong visual impact. The live broadcast room has realized the automatic live broadcast exchange of large pieces of furniture in the product display, and at the same time, the product is deeply combined with the use scene to arouse the emotional resonance of consumers. In addition, the live broadcast room also sets up virtual anchors and virtual card draw interactions, so that consumers can have a good immersive experience and generate purchase interest in entertainment.
  It is not difficult to see that the diversification of scenes and high-tech innovation provide strong empowerment for brand marketing. To reiterate the concept of “getting the world by consumers”, the era is full of uncertainty, and consumers are constantly changing. For brand marketing, it is an opportunity and a challenge. Only by understanding the real needs of consumers, providing solutions for them, and gaining consumer recognition and loyalty, can we take the lead in changes.
  Ingenuity consolidates product strength and continues to exert brand value
  In recent years , we will see more and more cutting-edge brands spring up like mushrooms after a spring rain. Of course, there are also many traditional brands that have ushered in new vitality through long-term precipitation and continuous exploration of new possibilities. . The success of a brand will be affected by many factors, but product and brand power are the solid foundation that a brand must have.
  Compared with many brands that are impetuous and lost in chaotic times, brands that steadily and steadily consolidate their product strength are more unique and memorable. In March of this year, the mother and baby brand Babycare entered the public eye.
  In terms of product design, Babycare’s popular crooked mouth feeding bottle is the reason why the designers have insight into the reasons why babies refuse feeding bottles and the various problems faced by new parents in using feeding bottles. After visiting 150 new families, after more than 5000 repeated calculations , and finally determined that the 13° tilting pacifier can not only allow the baby to suck naturally without raising his head, control the flow rate to reduce the risk of choking, but also allow the mother to not need to raise her hand during bottle feeding, reducing the burden on her hands. After the design was completed, Babycare chose to cooperate with the world’s leading silicone material manufacturers and chemical companies, and it took three years to polish every detail before it finally came out. It is enough to see Babycare’s excellence and ingenuity in products.

  On the occasion of Mother’s Day last year, Babycare focused its attention on the group of nursing mothers, and also joined hands with the maternal and child precision medical assistance project to launch public welfare initiatives, promote the establishment of mobile mother and baby rooms, and give the group of nursing mothers respect, care and support. Safe and secure. With enough product power and brand power, Babycare has already gained brand popularity and goodwill without actively spreading it on a large scale.
  Brand marketing is based on the brand’s own positioning and its own value. Whether it is a traditional brand or a cutting-edge brand, it must maintain a strict pursuit of product quality, even the product is the content, and a good product can speak for itself.
  Concentrate on creating creative content and use dissemination to magnify influence
  When a brand has a deep understanding of the consumer group and its own solid and unique value, it has actually succeeded more than half. On the basis of the two, the creation and dissemination of creative content will be further carried out to maximize the value of the content and empower brand marketing. When it comes to brand content marketing and channel communication, there will be more thinking and extension, but here are only three points:
  1. Joint creation is a win-win move
  In uncertain times, a single brand will impact The market may have limited power, and co-creation with other brands or IPs is a win-win move. In the past few months, whether it is the “Cool Blackberry Mulberry” co-branded by HEYTEA x Fujiwara Hiroshi, or the “Coconut Cloud Latte” of Ruixing x Coconut Tree, we have seen the difference between brands. Plasticity, good collision can empower each other, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win in a true sense.
  2. Good content that respects originality is valuable.
  With the changing times, marketing appears impetuous and fragile. Recently, the Audi Xiaoman advertising plagiarism incident has caused a shock in the industry. In the continuous fermentation, waves of unresolved problems have arisen, and many brands such as Dongfeng Honda and BMW China have also been involved in plagiarism. Among the many denunciations, there are angry, puzzled, and disappointed… But behind the denunciation, we need to leave the industry’s reflection. As a content producer, respecting originality and insisting on originality is the bottom line. Perhaps there are still many ills in the marketing industry, which cannot be eradicated for a while, but just as the times are changing, people’s cognition also needs to be changed.
  3. Integrate diversified touchpoints to empower brand communication
  Today , the level of digitalization is constantly improving, and the number of media touchpoints has proliferated. In recent years, the popular live broadcast, short video, virtual reality marketing, etc., continue to divide the attention of consumers. Recently, Liu Genghong’s fitness live broadcast has exploded. In addition to meeting the needs of home fitness in the specific environment of the epidemic, it is also inseparable from the traffic support of major content platforms such as Douyin, as well as the live broadcast content and interactive story design. We can no longer ignore the diversification of media contacts and the dissemination power of social platforms. In uncertain times, brand marketing not only needs to create refined content, but also needs to accurately match social and social media such as Douyin, Station B, and Xiaohongshu. The content platform realizes digital global integrated marketing in effective management and combination, and maximizes brand communication.
  The times are always developing dynamically, maybe it just adds more uncertainty in a certain period. The more uncertainty we face, the more we need to put in more thinking. In the marketing industry, there are challenges and opportunities. We should always maintain a dynamic vision and a high degree of acuity, stick to our original intention, maintain the core, find certainty in uncertainty and persist in doing it.

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