A pot of tea with love

  At the moment, despite the 90 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, that didn’t stop a group of nearly 200 avid shoppers from heading to the Withers home to snap up bargains. They scrambled into the huge living room, hoping to find a bargain at this summer’s auction.
  The lady who presides over this auction, I have known for many years.
  When we looked at the group of rubbish pickers who had arrived so early, she smiled and nodded to me, “Look at what’s going on here, isn’t it a bit like a lunatic asylum?” “Originally, I wasn’t supposed to be here. I had to be at the airport within an hour. But, when I was a teenager, I used to sell makeup in this area. And Hilary Withers was My favorite client.”
  ”Then, go to the attic,” she suggested, “there’s a lot of outdated makeup.” The
  attic was deserted, except for a thin, little old woman. Look after a few tables, which are filled with yellow bags of various sizes.
  ”What are you looking for here?” she asked me, as she uncorked a bottle of perfume with a “bang”, “other than some outdated elegant perfumes, Tapper household plastics, and some There’s nothing but Fuller brushes.”
  I took a deep breath, and suddenly a familiar scent entered my heart. Intuitively, I immediately recognized that it was the scent of the “This Is My Heart” fragrance, and I couldn’t help but be transported back 20 years.
  ”Oops! Isn’t this my handwriting?!” Suddenly, I saw an invoice pinned to a bag and couldn’t help exclaiming. Amazingly, the bag was never touched, and it contained more than a hundred dollars worth of creams and colognes—I vividly remember that was the first business I ever made.
  That was 20 years ago. In that sweltering June, I went door-to-door selling cosmetics along this boulevard. However, after walking for nearly 4 hours, no one of my wives was interested in the cosmetics I was selling. Not only did they not listen to me to them The publicity that was done even shut me out. By the time I rang the doorbell for the last home, I was exhausted and had no confidence at all and was ready to be rejected again.
  ”Hello ma’am, I’m the new Avon representative in the area,” I stammered when the luxurious carved oak door opened, “I’ve got some really good products here to think about. Introducing you.” When I finally got up the courage to look up at the lady standing in the doorway, I realized it was Mrs Withers. She is the soprano in our church choir. I admired her beautiful dress and hat so much, and I fantasized that one day I would be able to wear something as beautiful as hers.
  And just two months before that, I went to a faraway city for brain surgery, and Mrs. Withers sent me a lot of really nice cards. She also wrote a verse from the Bible on the card: “With God’s help, I can do anything, and it makes me strong.” I put this card in my In a red purse, it was always with me. Whenever my teachers tell me that I will never get into college, I take it out, look at it seriously, and read it over and over again in my heart.
  ”Oh, it’s you, my dear Roberta, come in, come in,” exclaimed Mrs. Withers in surprise, as if singing, “I do need to buy a lot, and I’m glad you can Bring it to your door.”
  I followed Mrs. Withers carefully into the house, sat down gently on the spotless white sofa, opened the little tweed backpack, and when I handed the catalog to the When I was Mrs. Withers, I suddenly felt that I was so important in this world.
  In an instant I regained my confidence and excitedly preached to her: “Mrs Withers, we have two creams, one for ruddy skin tones and one for yellow skin tones. And, both creams work really well for wrinkle removal.”
  ”Oh, well, well, that’s great,” she murmured as she examined the sample carefully.
  ”Then, which one would you like to try?” I asked as I adjusted the wig on my head to cover up the scars I left from the surgery.
  ”Oh, of course I need one of each,” she replied. “Well, what other perfumes do you have?”
  ”Oh, try this one, Mrs. Withers. They recommend putting it on your wrists. It’s the best perfume to wear,” I explained to him in detail, pointing to her diamond-encrusted gold bracelet.
  ”Why, Roberta, you have a lot of knowledge in this area! You must have studied it for days? You are a very smart girl.”
  ”Mrs. Withers, do you really think so?”
  ”Oh, of course, of course I think so. But can you tell me what you’re going to do with the money you’re making?”
  ”I’m going to be a registered nurse, so I’m going to college for the future. Save money,” I replied, “but today, I most want to buy a cardigan for my mother as a birthday present for her. She is always by my side when I go to therapy. She really needed a thick sweater like that when we were sitting on the train.”
  ”Great! Roberta, you’re so thoughtful. Well, now, tell me what you’ve got. ?” she asked, and she ordered two of each item I recommended to her.
  In the end, she ordered a total of $117.42 worth of merchandise. Watching her order so much, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Does she really need to order so much?” But she smiled at me and said, “I really want to get these items as soon as possible, Roberta. Do you think it will be delivered next Tuesday?”
  I nodded and was about to leave when I heard Mrs. Withers say, “You must be starving. Willing to stay for a cup of tea. In our family, we think of tea as sunlight that can flow.”
  I nodded and followed Mrs Withers into her modest kitchen. With full of curiosity, I watched her tea making with full attention, as if it was a tea art performance during a tea party. I have seen this scene in movies before, but at this moment, I am the only one in this scene. people watch. She carefully filled the teapot with cold water, brought the water to a boil, and then steeped the tea leaves in the boiling water for a period of 5 minutes. “In this way, the strong aroma of the tea leaves will come out,” she explained while busy.
  Then she pulled out a silver plate containing a delicate Chinese tea set covered with a chintz cover, next to mouthwatering strawberry scones and other small dessert.
  ”Well, excuse me, Mrs. Withers, isn’t there a quicker way to make tea?” I asked boldly. “In our house, we all use tea bags to make tea.”
  At this point, Withers My wife sat down beside me, stretched out her arms, put her arms around my shoulders, and said to me earnestly: “In our life, there are many things that cannot be rushed. Take tea for example. , I found that making a good pot of tea is like living a satisfying life. It requires extra effort, but it’s worth it.
  ”For example, you, although not in good health, but, You are still full of firm determination, and with strong perseverance, you are trudging through the journey of life, just like a pot of thick tea. Many people who were in the same situation as you gave up, but you didn’t. Trust me, Roberta, with God’s help, you will surely achieve your ideals. ”
  Do you also know Mrs. Hilary Withers?” “As I was immersed in the past, suddenly, the old woman sitting in this hot and stuffy attic asked.
  I wiped the sweat from my forehead and replied, “Yes, I know her…a lot of the makeup here I used to sell to her. However, what I don’t understand is why she never uses it, or gives it to someone else? ”
  Actually, she already gave a lot of it to others,” the old woman replied calmly, “but, I don’t know why, all these fell down, and as a result, they all had to come here.” ”
  ”But why did she buy it and not use it?” I asked suspiciously.
  ”Oh, she uses only one particular brand of makeup herself,” the old woman whispered to me in an intimate tone, “Hilary is always full of sympathy for the salespeople who go door-to-door selling merchandise. , she has never rejected anyone. She once said to me: ‘Actually, I can just give them money, but it’s a loss of their self-esteem. So, I give them a little money to buy the goods they promote , and, listen to them, share my love and prayers with them. You would never know that even a little encouragement can make a very big difference.’”
  Indeed, as old what the woman said. Listening to her, I couldn’t help but think back to how my makeup sales have skyrocketed since Mrs. Withers bought my wares. Not only did I use my commission to buy a new sweater for my mom, but I also saved enough money to go to college. I even got a regional and national sales incentive for this makeup. In the end, I used the money I earned to finish college and fulfill my dream of becoming a registered nurse. Later, I got a master’s degree and a Ph.D.
  Pointing to the old delivery bags on the table, I asked, “Did Mrs. Withers really pray for them?”
  ”Oh yes,” she answered affirmatively, “she always They pray, but they never want them to know, they never want anything in return.”
  I prayed silently: Thank you, God, thank you, Mrs. Withers, thank you for that thick pot of tea…

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