Secrets covered in snow

  At the beginning of the 20th century, the famous Russian “Efron Encyclopedia” mentioned that there are a variety of unknown seaweeds and exotic marine animals inhabiting the seawater of Antarctica. At the same time, the dictionary also mentioned such a point: the Antarctic continent. It is very likely that an advanced prehistoric civilization existed.
  There is a hypothesis that says that during the period of 10,000-5,000 BC, human civilization existed on the earth, and the level of navigation, mapping, astronomy, etc. was not lower than the level of the 18th century. Antarctica had a mild climate and was habitable at that time, and Antarctica also became the center of civilization on the earth at that time. This civilization then spread to the northeastern part of the African continent and played an important role in the emergence and development of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The reason for the disappearance of this ancient civilization is that the southern continent gradually froze after 10,000 BC; it may also be because of the long-term flooding of Antarctica, which destroyed almost all prehistoric material civilizations, and only a few civilizations survived and passed on. To the Egyptians in Africa and the Semites in the Middle East.
  American Mayan culture research experts Eli Umland and Craig Umaland pointed out in the book “Ancient Traces – The Mystery of the Disappearance of Mayan Civilization”: Antarctica was not entirely covered by ice in the past, where it used to be A place suitable for human existence, it may be the first base of the mysterious Maya living on earth. Under the ice in Antarctica, it is likely that the equipment they used is still left, and even the remains of the Mayans will be found.
  Later, scientists at the Carnegie Institution in Washington found some sediments from beneath the thick ice in Antarctica and studied these sediments, and found that they were more than 6,000 years old. That is to say, 6,000 years ago, when the Antarctic was very warm in the pre-glacial period, hundreds of rivers were flowing, the vegetation was verdant, and it was full of vitality. An ancient map, the Fenaus map, also apparently confirms an astonishing point: Antarctica was visited and settled by humans before it was completely covered by ice and snow.
  However, today Antarctica’s 14 million square kilometers of land is almost completely covered by hundreds or even thousands of kilometers of solid ice. The temperature of minus fifty or sixty degrees Celsius makes everything here lose its vitality. However, there is a phenomenon that scientists cannot explain: in this extremely cold world, an “unfrozen lake” miraculously exists.
  The “unfrozen lake” discovered by scientists covers an area of ​​more than 250 square kilometers. The lake water has been extremely polluted, and geyser water gushed out of the water. Scientists have investigated the surrounding of the lake and found that there is no geological phenomenon similar to volcanic activity in its vicinity. For this reason, scientists are puzzled about how the “unfrozen lake” can appear in this cold zone.
  In order to uncover this mystery, the ex-Soviet expedition team went deep into the Antarctic for field investigation. They used radio waves to discover 9 more “unfrozen lakes” under the 3,000-meter-thick ice layer near the base. This new discovery made new progress in the study of “unfrozen lakes”. They then analyzed, studied and speculated on the formation of the “unfrozen lake”, and put forward their own different opinions. Some scientists have suggested that this is the result of the intertwining of air pressure and temperature under special conditions. Those who hold this view point out that the pressure under the ice layer of more than 3,000 meters here can reach 278 atmospheres. Under such a strong pressure, the heat released by the earth is more than the heat released under normal conditions. And ice melts at about -2°C. In addition, the ice layer is like a big “blanket”, which prevents the heat from dissipating, allowing the heat released by the earth to accumulate, so that the ice in the depression of the Antarctic continent can melt and become “lake water”.
  Other scientists say it is even more sinister: under the ice in Antarctica, it is very likely that there is a “secret base” built by aliens, and the heat energy emitted by their “secret base” will make the Ice melted. Moreover, this hypothesis seems to have been “confirmed”. According to a report by the Russian “Pravda” on November 14, 2006, the civilization of human beings on earth may have originated from the Antarctic continent, which has been covered with ice and snow for thousands of years. At present, the Antarctic continent is the base of aliens on the earth.
  Scientist Albert Einstein also believed that more than 10,000 years ago, the South Pole was not on the South Pole, but in the temperate zone. At that time, the Antarctic continent with suitable temperature and climate may have given birth to a highly developed ancient civilization. After that, the Antarctic drifted to the icy South Pole, the climate became extremely cold, the continent was covered with ice and snow, and the Antarctic civilization disappeared.
  In 1532, the cartographer Orentius Finaus drew another map based on historical data, and marked the various riverbeds of Antarctica on the map. In 1949, an expedition landed near the Ross Sea in Antarctica and found the riverbeds marked on the map, along with many mid-latitude fine-grained rocks and numerous other sediments brought and deposited by the rivers. At the same time, researchers at the Belgian Center for UFO Research Edgar Simmons, Ben von Prehn and Henk Ellshout have publicly claimed that there have always been alien bases in Antarctica.
  In the late 1980s, scientists discovered a large hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, the so-called “ozone hole”. In the past, it was believed that the reduction of the ozone layer was the result of industrial pollution and human inattentiveness to environmental protection. However, on the continent of 12.4 million square kilometers in Antarctica, how can it cause pollution? Simply incredible! Therefore, a scientist from the former Soviet Union pointed out that the appearance of the “ozone hole” over Antarctica was the result of aliens’ scientific investigation of the earth from outside the earth. He also said that the level of the world’s oceans has risen by 32 to 35 centimeters in the past 100 years, which is also influenced by alien civilizations. Is the “ozone hole” appearing in barren Antarctica really the result of alien “pollution”? People are skeptical about this.
  There is also a theory that there are secret military bases of Nazi Germany in Antarctica. Because during World War II, the Germans had 3 secret plans: to create an atomic bomb, to develop Antarctica, and to create a disc-shaped flying object.
  Late in World War II, German submarines likely transported German scientists, engineers and equipment to Antarctica. And there is news that, in 1939, Hitler had sent his close friend Alfred Richel to Antarctica on a field trip. So it’s not unreasonable that Nazi remnants used Antarctica as a military base for UFO research.
  Antonio Rivera, an expert on UFO research in Spain, said: “We think that if German Nazi scientists and soldiers did come to Antarctica, then people have every reason to believe that there is no real alien UFO in Antarctica. It is very likely that there are UFOs made by the people of the earth themselves.”
  Which of the above statements about Antarctica is closer to the truth remains to be further discovered by human exploration.

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