Prevent problems before they happen

  Life is not all smooth and smooth, everyone will encounter some risks, just like the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in many places this year, which has taught most people a lesson in risk education. A better life is our pursuit, but the reality is that risks always exist. How to deal with the “obstacles” on the road to happiness? Preventing problems before they happen is an important part.
  Risk, inevitability of chance
  Murphy ‘s Law is widely known, but what many people don’t know is that they misunderstand this law. the existence of risk.
  Different people have different views on the origin of Murphy’s Law, among which the story of American engineer Edward Murphy is the most widely circulated. Once, Edwards Air Force Base in the United States was conducting a rocket deceleration and overweight test. It was necessary to install a value reading cable for the sensor. Once the connection was reversed, the data could not be read normally. Murphy arranged for his assistant to do the job and reminded him not to play the wrong way. As a result, after the test began, Murphy found that some sensors read zero, and after inspection found that it was because the wiring was reversed.
  In such a case, Murphy laughed at himself: “If there is more than one way to complete a job, and one of them will lead to disaster, then someone will choose this method.” Later, after many people’s interpretation, This law is often stated as: “What can go wrong, it will go wrong.” Many people mistakenly interpret this statement as: “If you have a hunch that something might go wrong, it will go wrong.” Ultimately, this interpretation was Widely accepted.
  But Murphy’s Law in the true sense has prerequisites, and there must be sufficient samples, such as enough time and enough people. Under the conditions that satisfy the prerequisites, two meanings of Murphy’s Law can be drawn: (1) Once Begin to worry that a certain situation will happen, then the possibility of this situation will be greater; (2) as long as there is a possibility of something going wrong, then this thing will go wrong.
  Therefore, Murphy’s Law emphasizes the inevitability of an incident, and also reminds everyone to pay attention to the two sides of things. Although risks and accidents happen occasionally, they always exist.
  Take precautions before they happen, the mortal enemy of risk
  Since risks and surprises have occasional inevitability, how to deal with them? From Murphy’s Law, we can find the answer: look at a thing comprehensively, analyze the possibility of the problem, so as to prepare and prevent it, that is, prevent it from happening. Doing so, while not ensuring risk avoidance, reduces the likelihood of risk occurring.
  In order to prevent problems before they happen, a person needs to have a sense of crisis and the ability to foresee the development of things. Some people will ask: “I don’t have the ability to foresee, what should I do?” In fact, the people who ask this question are not without the ability to foresee, but have a fluke mentality. They don’t want to think about the dangers and difficulties they may encounter in the future, and they only think about the present. Rejoice and think that future problems can only be solved in the future.
  For example, if the weather is gloomy before going out, we can all predict that it may rain in a while, and some people choose to go out with an umbrella to avoid getting wet. Those who are lucky are not unaware of the possibility of rain, but feel that it may not rain anyway, so I will talk about it later. When it really rains, they will either get in the rain or take shelter from the rain. Although it is also a solution, these solutions will lead to some new problems, such as colds or being late, which leads to more and more risks.
  Lao Tzu also once said in the “Tao Te Ching” the importance of preventing problems before they happen: “It’s safe and easy to maintain, and it’s easy to plan when it’s not. “It means that when the situation is stable, it is easy to grasp, and it is easy to plan when there is no sign of things, and it is necessary to deal with the chaos before it occurs.
  From ancient times to the present, the opponent with the greatest risk is to plan ahead. Before a risk occurs, prepare a plan; when a problem arises, deal with it as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the manpower can’t do it, and then regret it.
  Ordinary people, how to plan ahead?
  Life is not smooth sailing, everyone will encounter some risks, just like the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in many places this year, which has taught most people a lesson in risk education. If you want to make your life more stable, if you want to be able to resist risks when they come, what you need to do is to take precautions before they happen.
  In life, the biggest risk for adults to guard against is unemployment, which leads to loss of income. Income is the basis of a person’s survival, especially under the influence of the epidemic, and sometimes isolation occurs. At this time, it is very important to maintain the stability of income. Improving one’s working ability and expanding one’s network is an effective way to prevent unemployment, and mastering one skill is also beneficial to one’s second employment.
  Secondly, to improve their living ability, especially daily life skills such as cooking. It turns out that most people think that as long as there is takeaway, it doesn’t matter if they can’t cook, but after the epidemic, many people have clearly seen that takeaways sometimes fail. In this case, it is very important to learn to cook and use small kitchen appliances. Many kitchen appliances, such as air fryers, multi-function electric steamers, etc., can help “rookie” chefs make delicious dishes.
  In addition, it is necessary to accumulate some experience in storage, sorting, and disinfecting. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the materials that need to be stored have increased significantly. For various materials, there are different storage methods. For example, meat needs to be frozen instead of refrigerated; disinfection products need to be tightened and placed in a cool place away from flammable items. To prevent poisoning or fire accidents caused by volatilization; in the face of a large number of items, it is also necessary to consider whether to purchase new storage equipment.
  From the perspective of financial management, whether it is to deal with the risk of income fluctuations brought about by the epidemic or the economic pressure that also occurs in ordinary times, it is very necessary to set aside sufficient emergency reserves, especially when various uncertain factors increase. It is also necessary to consider whether to keep a little more emergency reserves than usual.
  In terms of spending, everyone must abide by the principle of living within their means. It is particularly important to maintain a positive cash flow at all times. At the same time, be careful not to use high leverage and control the debt ratio within a reasonable range. Because, at any time, over-consumption and over-consumption may lead to a long-term personal financial crisis in the future. At the same time, in order to deal with some emergencies, we can also transfer risks through insurance.
  The accelerated pace of life and the changing epidemic situation also make health more important. Good health not only allows us to work better and create wealth, but also saves a lot of medical bills. Vaccinations help us defend against diseases and should be actively vaccinated when conditions permit. In addition, mental health also requires the attention of each of us. The pressure of contemporary life is relatively high, and now the impact of the epidemic and the global economic downturn is superimposed. In this case, if we can actively channel our emotions, Relieving inner pressure and maintaining a good attitude will undoubtedly help us tide over the difficulties.

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