Find someone to sleep better

  Tossing and turning, unable to sleep? You may be missing an object!
  On June 5, local time, a new study published in the journal “Sleep” found that adults who share a bed with a partner sleep better than those who sleep alone.
  If you have insomnia when you have a partner, some people suggest that you sleep in separate beds; if you don’t have a partner, some people suggest that you find a partner. So, sleeping alone VS sleeping with someone, how can we sleep more soundly?
  This is the main topic of this study. The research team from the University of Arizona recruited 1,007 adults from Pennsylvania, analyzed their sleep habits over the past month, and monitored and assessed multiple sleep quality indicators.
  The results showed that, compared with those who insisted on falling asleep alone and “there is no TA” in the same bed, most people who shared a bed with a partner not only fell asleep faster, but also had better sleep quality-specifically Less severe insomnia, less fatigue, longer sleep duration, and lower risk of sleep apnea (a sleep-breathing disorder of unknown etiology clinically characterized by nocturnal sleep snoring with apnea and daytime sleepiness).
  At the same time, they were more satisfied with their lives and had less stress, depression and anxiety.
  ”Even if your partner snores and snores a lot, his or her company is absolutely beneficial for your sleep,” said study author Michael Grandner, director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona.
  This finding coincides with the conclusion of a study published in Frontiers in Psychology in 2020.
  The study recruited 12 heterosexual couples (or couples) and asked them to sleep in the same bed as their partner for at least three months. These participants had strong relationships and good health.
  The results showed that the “sleeping in the same bed” approach made an objective sleep parameter of couples, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, become more and more stable.
  Not only does REM benefit memory consolidation, imaging studies have also shown that REM sleep is associated with activation of the amygdala and medial prefrontal cortex, both of which are important for social cognition. The researchers put forward a positive feedback hypothesis from this: “sleeping with people” can strengthen your social interaction ability and increase your prosocial behavior by reducing REM interference.
  In other words, you will be more comfortable in your interpersonal relationships, and your relationship may be deepened day by day.
  Previously, some scholars have analyzed the “sleepless sleep”. They believe that the loneliness caused by being single itself increases the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol, which leads to disrupted sleep.
  Grandner speculates that sleeping better with an adult partner is rooted in a cliché of “safety.”
  Throughout history, ancient humans have also tended to sleep in groups by campfires, taking turns to guard against potential threats. “Over the course of evolution, humans have gradually adapted to benefit from this habit… Although there are basically no predators who would trespass our ‘territory’, this ‘safety mechanism’ still exists in the subconscious, so we When you have someone to guard you, you can relieve tension and sleep at ease,” says Grandner.

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