Millionaire Salad Has Poor Relatives

  In line with the fitness trend in the past two years, many high-end restaurants have naturally launched healthy ingredients. Back then, when cabbage was popular, go to Europe and the United States to see that all the fashionable girls have a small pile of red on their dinner plates. Later, quinoa became popular again, and the big guys and the pork ribs complimented how delicious quinoa is.
  So now if you want to pose yourself and enter a high-end, organic restaurant, you should directly ask the waiter: “Do you have palm core salad?”
  Palm core still has a certain degree of taste, it is like a special kind of The crispy and particularly crisp tender bamboo shoots exudes a little sweetness and unique fragrance that is hard to capture. It can be said that it is a very delicate food. Of course, its sophistication also comes from its price. At present, the palm cores used in high-end restaurants come from Brazil and Ecuador, as well as from Peru. In short, it is the Amazon River Basin in South America, which is the inner core of the stem of the Castanopsis palm tree. In the past, wild ones were used, but because of severe deforestation, they were all planted, just like vegetables.
  The core of a palm tree is the best when it is 2 to 3 years old. When it is old, it becomes hard and slag. But palm trees whose cores have been cut off will not grow. Palm oil and palm coats are not available. Planting a tree for two or three years is just for a core that is one foot long and the thickness of a ping-pong ball. , of course.
  Therefore, eating palm core in restaurants is mostly like eating truffles, using planers. Plane out a few thin slices to match with a large number of other vegetables that fill the facade. It itself is crispy, thinly planed, and the taste is really empty. Therefore, if you can eat a plate of palm core salad prepared according to the cut method of “bamboo shoots”, that is the real benefit of eating it. It’s just that such a plate is usually called millionare salad, millionaire salad, restaurants that serve this salad, try to imagine the price of the main course.
  But things are not unresolved. If you are really curious, you can go to Hainan or some less developed cities in Thailand to eat something called coconut core. No harm.
  Children who grew up in Hainan call it “coconut cake”, and a piece of core grows out and is cut into pieces to eat as a fruit snack. Coconuts are a very aggressive species, falling into the water and floating on the island, which can cover the sky and grow wildly, leaving other plants with nowhere to go. Not only that, but its leaves fall to the ground to form a hard layer that is extremely difficult to turn over, and it is not easy for birds to turn it to find beetles and worms on the ground as food. It’s still a bit of a sense of justice to eat its tender core.
  Ten years ago, many people went to Hainan to steal coconut cores. At that time, it was not for eating, but because it was green and easy to support, so people stole it and bought it to flower shops to make flower arrangement materials.
  Coconut core has the same crisp taste as palm core, but the aroma and sweetness are much less. Millionaires also have several poor cousins, so if it’s made into a salad, maybe it can be called “Millionaire Relatives Salad”, which is also very funny.
  Coconut core salad can be eaten in some of the above average restaurants in Thailand, especially in resort restaurants on Phuket and Koh Samui, where it is often found.
  One of my favorite stories about palm core is that there was a 60-year-old old man in the village. His old father passed away. On the day of the funeral, a strong wind blew down a palm tree that the old father had just planted. Everyone was guarding in front of the spirit, seeing him walking out, dragging the downed tree slowly away, thinking that he was the relic of Gu Nian’s father, and they all felt that the scene of filial piety moved people.
  When I turned around, I saw that he was cutting out the core bit by bit: “You have to cut it out and eat it quickly. If you don’t eat it in time, you will get old when you see it, and it will not taste good.” He said.
  Compared to those who sit at a table with one Michelin star and order Monopoly salad, I think this is the real foodie.

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