Mottled night

  At night, the lanterns are on, and the willows are on the moon. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a peaceful night so quietly. Although it is already winter, the moonlight and the lights add radiance and beauty to each other, creating a warm atmosphere, and I quietly enjoy the tranquility and tranquility in front of me. The development of science has given the world infinite possibilities. For example, this night, the entanglement of light and shadow dispelled people’s fear of darkness and made people happy.
  Closed my eyes and meditated, and suddenly remembered an art exhibition I saw a few days ago. The exhibition hall is not large, and it is held in a science and technology museum in a certain city. Just when I felt some regrets, I was attracted by a lotus picture. I have always liked lotus flowers, and I often pay attention to the lotus flowers described by painters. There are static beauty, elegant state, and unrestrained posture. Each has its own beauty and expressive demeanor. The feeling of color. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the painter subtly borrowed the charm of light and shadow to make the lotus flower shine, and the lighting in the exhibition hall makes this lotus picture even more beautiful. I looked around while being amazed by the artist’s ingenious brushwork, and felt that every painting became agile and natural. Looking closely at these pictures, there are farmers working in the fields in the spring. They drive tractors to plough the fields and use new rice transplanters to raise seedlings. The smiles on their faces are like the spring sun, warm and happy; there are workers who are fighting against the epidemic. Wearing a white coat, masks covered their faces but showing gentle eyes; there are volunteers wearing armbands serving the people in the cold wind, with firm eyes without regrets; there are builders who are fighting on the front line, construction sites, front lines Production, takeaway brother… The intersection of light and shadow makes these characters seem to move. At that time, when I was feeling the changes in the new era, I also had a sincere admiration for the art of the intersection of light and shadow. Thanks to all kinds of lights and shadows of all shapes and sizes, people can see the world at home, and know the past and present from a glimpse.
  If the intersection of light and shadow allows the art of painting to be presented in front of us in a new form, then the imprint it presents in architecture further refreshes our cognition.
  my country is a country that is particularly good at using light and shadow. As early as thousands of years ago, people explored the mysteries of the universe through the relationship between light and shadow. After continuous exploration, this magical accompanying phenomenon was fully used in architecture. , leaving an immortal imprint. I still remember the blue-tiled house I lived in when I was a child. The azure tiles are like fish scales, covering the roof one by one. The dark-colored roof gives people a clear sign, so that the wanderer can quickly return home. Find your home. However, this dark-colored roof also needs light to set off, so there are “bright tiles” for lighting. With this small echo, the house immediately became brighter, and light and shadow began to stage an endless play in the house. The little sister made various shapes with her hands, and the little sister and the little brother followed. At this time, there were a group of cute and smart animals in the house. These little animals are still dancing happily in my heart. Today, the use of light and shadow in architecture amazes us even more.
  At the Olympic Games, the fusion of light and shadow pushed the opening ceremony to the top of its splendor. The legend of light and shadow is staged above the Water Cube, the legend of light and shadow is displayed in the bird’s nest, and the beautiful world conveys the enthusiasm of this ancient oriental nation, showing the new charm of the Chinese nation in the new century. On February 4, 2022, Beijing, China, a city with a splendid culture, once again pushed the art of light and shadow to the top. At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, light and shadow blended into a small snowflake of world harmony. From then on, the lost white dove was found by his family and returned to his mother’s arms; he hoped that all countries in the world could coexist peacefully and seek common development. The charm of light and shadow at this Winter Olympics seems to be the torch in this winter, with light and hope.
  Architecture is the habitat of human beings. The power of light and shadow is integrated into different buildings, and the mottled can get a steady stream of artistic edification.
  Haize once said: “Where there is sunshine, there is shadow.” The appearance of light creates the charm of shadow, and the accompanying shadow blooms the splendor of light. Mottled light and shadow not only surprise people in the material world, but also inspire people in the spiritual world. “Raise a glass to invite the bright moon, and the shadows form three people” is the mottled light and shadow in Li Bai’s eyes; “The mica screen has a deep candle shadow, and the long river gradually sinks and Xiaoxing sinks” is the mottled light and shadow in Li Shangyin’s eyes; “Clouds and shadows wander together” is the mottled light and shadow in Zhu Xi’s eyes… The Chinese nation is an implicit nation, and because of such implicitness, we pay attention to the beauty of hazy. The appearance of light and shadow has made this mood of wanting to talk about it to be best displayed, so people have expressed their truest thoughts with the help of light and shadow. The interlacing of light and shadow interprets the splendor of literature and art. The fusion of light and shadow reproduces the good wishes in people’s hearts. The appearance of light and shadow has made the art world of the entire Chinese nation. Some people say: “Time pays off, and starlight does not ask those who are on the road.” In the world of light and shadow, everyone has a powerful force, and everyone can see the direction of their struggle in the mottled light and shadow. Can feel the light of dawn. A swallow glided over the pond, casting its small, delicate silhouette on the water, leaving a fleeting glimpse of rearing its offspring. A grandma held a lovely child and walked beside the embankment in the summer night by the moonlight. The amorous moon left a happy figure for them. A sentinel is as strong as a pine, sticking to the frontier of the motherland, and the sun has left a steel-like figure for them.
  The light and shadow of the years are constantly rotating, and the figure of time hurriedly passes by us. In the new era, the mottled light and shadow are the chapters of the times. Where the smoke curls, we gather in the light and shadow of the New Year, the clock strikes zero, and on the stage of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, we review the achievements of the Chinese people in the past year in the art of light and shadow: the orderly of the rural revitalization exhibition Progress, the achievements of ecological civilization construction, the convening of the Winter Olympics, the progress of China’s aerospace… The intersection of light and shadow shows the hard work of the Chinese nation, the hard work of the Chinese nation, and the diligence and wisdom of the Chinese nation.
  The prosperous chapter is inseparable from the beat of the notes, and the power of light and shadow makes this movement even more beautiful. In the new era, new ideals, every Chinese son and daughter can’t help but want to sing in the light of the sun. Sing a song “Yellow River Cantata” to feel the endless power of the Chinese nation; sing a song “Love Me China” to feel the Chinese nation help each other and run under the sun; sing a song “Into the New Era” and feel The vigor of new China.
  In the new era, the fusion of light and shadow art makes each moving piece more agile. The wonderful music and rich pictures show people’s inner emotions vividly. With the help of sound and light, we can “hit the sky” together. In the mottled light and shadow, we rhythm with the music, to feel the pleasure brought by the wave of the times, and to feel the enthusiasm and energy that the light and shadow convey to us.
  The Chinese dream, the dream of the times. Light and shadow are powerful media that gradually turn dreams into reality. Walking in the dawn of the new era, it turns out that the interpretation of light and shadow on skyscrapers is real. . All of this is like the beautiful dream we once had, but this is not a dream. The changes of the years have sprinkled mottled light and shadow, and the passage of time has made the colorful clothes of the times.
  Innovation is the premise of national development. In the era of dreams, the help of light and shadow makes us always full of confidence. With light, there is hope, and the accompanying shadow makes people feel that the road of struggle is never alone. I still remember my favorite martial arts movie when I was a child. At that time, the protagonist did not have much aura, so he had to suffer more than ordinary people, and the hardships he had to suffer were also more difficult than ordinary people. The deepest impression is falling into the boundless abyss. It seems that there is no way out, but in the end there will always be a light. Even if the light is very weak, it can give people hope of life. Get out of your situation. In today’s era, the power of light and shadow allows us to look far into the distance and tomorrow with confidence. Therefore, in the mottled light and shadow, there are countless people who are struggling, and countless people are constantly fighting for their ideals. In a reading, I saw this sentence: “Where there is light in the heart, there is hope.” In the new era, the light and shadow are mottled, which is not only the driving force for us to move forward, but also the direction of our progress.
  In 2022, the footsteps of spring are approaching, and the light and shadow art of nature once again presents us with the splendor of the galaxy in the new era. Amid the mottled light and shadow, each of us keeps moving forward on the road of life with a beautiful Chinese dream. The night is deep, but the stars are bright; the light and shadow flow, but we are growing. In the light and shadow, there is the prosperity of the prosperous world, the happiness of family joy, the beauty of the country’s peace and prosperity, and the most sincere prayers of each of us in the new era. I stood quietly in front of the window, feeling the beautiful moonlight tonight, admiring the mottled light and shadow under the neon lights, and looking up, a piece of Chinese red made the art of light and shadow more splendid.

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