Is narcissism preventing us from falling in love?

  Why do more and more young people just want to live in the moment and focus on themselves?
  Why do modern people generally feel empty and lonely when there is so much hustle and bustle around?   In the age of the information
revolution, we are also experiencing an “internal revolution”, an unprecedented obsession with self-improvement and cognition – narcissism.   Jerry Rubin was the leader of student anti-war activities in the United States in the 1960s. He caused a sensation in the United States when he disguised himself as a half-naked savage to protest. As a result, hippie groups such as bohemian life, long hair, beards, and mixed sex emerged. Today, he invests in Wall Street and becomes a wealthy class. He claims that between 1971 and 1975, he has been passionate about Gestalt therapy, bioenergy, Ralph massage, jogging, Tai Chi, Isharan massage, hypnotism, modern dance, Zazen, Sivar Consciousness Control, Ali Card therapy, acupuncture and Resh therapy.   When economic growth is slow, spiritual development takes its place, and when news replaces production, spiritual consumption is urgently needed, such as yoga, psychoanalysis, physical expression, Zen, emotional release therapy, team development, transcendental meditation, etc.   Psychological inflation is similar to economic inflation, and psychological inflation has played a huge role in promoting the development of narcissism. Directing all kinds of emotions to “I” makes “I” the center of the world, resulting in a new form of narcissism, striving to achieve the great goals of self-liberation, self-reliance and independence. If you give up love, the reason is “I don’t need other people, just love myself more, so that I can make myself happy”, which is Jerry Rubin’s new revolutionary vision.   Narcissism is a response to the challenge posed by the unconscious, with the result that the “I” is ordered to find myself, the “I” is to plunge into an endless liberating activity, to cry out and release by all means Repressed emotions to personalize your desires. Sex, dreams, and other things that are left as scraps are also recycled, and all the dross are included in the main category. Thus, the unconscious opens up a path to infinite narcissism.

  Hedonism is also breaking down “I”, the result is that diligence is no longer fashionable, conformity and discipline are degraded, desire and timely pleasure are worshipped, the identity of the immutable “I” is disintegrated, and the era of acting based on other people’s faces is over. . People tend to be narcissistic and autistic in order to reduce the “me”‘s dependence on others, so that it can be said that narcissism is an agent of the individuation process.
  This apparent narcissistic preoccupation with the body is manifested in daily life, in the anguish of age and wrinkles, obsessed with health, “line” and hygiene, obsessed with some prosecution (check-up) and maintenance, obsessed with sunlight and treatment (over-medication). )Wait.
  It is undeniable that society’s response to the body has also undergone changes. The flesh is no longer a lewd or a machine, it is our deepest identity, and there is nothing in the body to be ashamed of.
  At the beach or at a show, people can be naked to show their natural essence.
  Fear of aging and death also comes from narcissism, while indifference to the next generation reinforces the anxiety about death.
  After getting older, the deterioration of vital functions will no longer be valued by people, making people intolerable to the impending aging situation.
  Nietzsche once said that the real pain that people struggle with is not their own pain, but an inexplicable pain. Death and old age become pains, and today’s inexplicable state deepens the fear of them.
  Staying young, refusing to age has even become an imperative, designed to remove the dissonances of age.
  Given the various instability faced by contemporary interpersonal relationships, individuals are increasingly looking to achieve emotional dissociation. Don’t be too deep in relationships, don’t be emotionally vulnerable, develop your emotional independence, and live alone.
  Fear of disappointment, fear of uncontrollable feelings, is a portrayal of narcissism.
  Promotes “cold” sex and free relationships, and condemns jealousy and possessiveness. Adjusting your view of sex, excluding it from all factors that create emotional tension, to achieve a state of indifference, detachment, not only to protect yourself from the misery of a disappointing love, but also to protect yourself from the threatening Self-emotional impulses for inner balance.
  Sexual liberation, feminism, and pornography all serve the same purpose, erecting barriers to contain emotions and keep oneself out of strong emotions. Gone is the culture of emotion, the happy ending, the twists and turns of the plot, a culture of “indifference” emerges in which everyone lives under the cover of indifference to avoid their own passions and those of others. passion.
  ”Emotions” ebbed and were replaced by sex, pleasure, self-reliance, and violence. Sentiment has the same experience as death: even showing one’s excitement, professing one’s love, crying, and exaggerating inner turmoil are now uncomfortable. Talking about sentimentality is like talking about death, it’s hard to talk about it, and when it comes to emotions, you must be calm, that is, prudence.
  Emotional exclusion is a result of a process of individuation that seeks to eradicate explicit, ritualistic signals of emotion.
  But on the other hand, in this misery crowded with independent and indifferent singles, there are dating clubs, “small notices” and online friend-seeking, etc., which express hundreds of millions of The expectation of acquaintance and love. However, these hopes, to be precise, are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve.
  In this respect, it’s more practical to play on the spot than so-called indifferent dissociation. Men and women always yearn for a special relationship full of passion, but the higher the expectations, the rarer and more short-lived the miraculous fusion.
  The more opportunities to meet in the city, the lonelier one becomes; the more free the relationship between men and women, the less constrained by tradition, the less likely it is to have a passionate relationship. What we see everywhere is loneliness, emptiness, and difficulty to let go, and it is difficult for people to jump “outside the self”; if you want to escape from this situation in advance by “experience”, you must first have this kind of passionate “experience”. Why can’t I love and tremble with excitement? The misfortune of narcissism lies in the fact that it has been planned to completely indulge in oneself, so as to avoid being influenced by “others” and to prevent losing one’s self. However, since they are obsessed with emotional relationships, it means that the planning is not comprehensive.

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