Convenience store night

Xiaoyu looked at the two strawberry mousse cakes in the freezer of the convenience store and swallowed. Bright red strawberries adorned the pink mousse, as if it were about to drip blood. She has been coveting this piece of cake for more than a month since she quit a factory on the western outskirts of the city to work at the 24-hour convenience store. Xiaoyu promised herself that she would buy herself a small cake like this as a gift for her birthday in three days. Xiaoyu’s firm look when she made up her mind secretly, is as serious as she wants to save enough money to open a convenience store after working for 60 years.

Tonight, Xiaoyu received a call from her mother on her way to work. She sighed and flipped the green on button. Sure enough, there were only two things: the first thing, the younger brother, who was born three minutes later than her, got married, and the family wanted to build a house, and asked her how much money she could pay; the second thing, why did the 27-year-old younger brother get married. , And the older sister of the leftover girl doesn’t even have a boyfriend?

While talking, Xiaoyu quarreled with her mother on the other end of the phone. It’s not so much a quarrel, it’s better to say that the mother is scolding alone: ​​”Don’t look too high! It’s good to have someone like you!”

Xiaoyu looked at herself reflected in the mirror of the refrigerator: small eyes, a flat nose, dark skin, and a slightly fat body. Even the only forehead that looks plump and eye-catching has a pustule covered by this hot summer… It’s really useless! No wonder no one looks up to them.

“Welcome!” The sensor at the door of the convenience store rang.

Just when the light rain was complaining, the man pushed the door and came in. Xiaoyu quickly returned to the cash register and glanced at the time on the cash register. It was 1:33 in the morning. Today she came earlier than ever. Xiaoyu’s eyes couldn’t be taken away from her. She is so beautiful, even wearing a vest, pants and flip-flops casually, she is still so beautiful that Xiaoyu doesn’t even feel jealous. Her beautiful appearance was brighter than the lights of the convenience store at night. What makes Xiaoyu even more envious is her body that doesn’t get fat. In the past month, she spent at least half of her nights eating supper, potato chips, spicy strips, instant noodles, Oden, chicken rolls, Ejiao candied dates , spicy peanuts…and strawberry mousse cake! These are the foods she often buys. She is so beautiful that Xiaoyu couldn’t forget her the first time she saw her.

She skillfully picked up the red shopping basket at the door of the store, and then quickly ended the selection in the convenience store. Xiaoyu swiped the barcodes of the products one by one.

“I thought you would buy strawberry mousse cake again today!” Xiaoyu took the initiative to talk to her.

She was a little surprised: “Ah, how did you know? My favorite is strawberry mousse cake.”

“I see you often buy.” Xiaoyu replied.

“That’s it.” She answered.

“A total of fifteen items, one hundred and twenty-eight yuan.” Xiaoyu said.

She then opened the payment page on her phone.

“To be honest, I really envy you.” Xiaoyu said softly.

Xiaoyu couldn’t tell whether she was envious of her being able to spend money to buy food for herself like this, or whether she was envious of her eating so much and maintaining such a good figure.

“What do you envy me?” she asked blankly.

“I envy you for being so beautiful and thin.” Xiaoyu replied.

“Ah, this is it! That’s because I end up throwing up after eating…”

Perhaps because Xiaoyu showed her unexpected concern, she reciprocated, sharing her “unique secrets” incessantly. Xiaoyu was surprised when she heard what she said. It turns out that she is an online business model and has been losing weight all the time. Occasionally, when she is too hungry, she will eat a big meal, and then use this extreme method to lose weight. What shocked Xiaoyu the most was the last sentence she said before leaving the convenience store:

“After all, I’m of average stature, and I’m not good-looking. It’s not easy to get along in this circle…”

After that, Xiaoyu was always absent-minded when checking out. After she left, Xiaoyu secretly checked some relevant information on the Internet, and saw many such shocking cases, and some people even died because of it. Xiaoyu’s heart was filled with an inexplicable feeling, a very bad feeling. Maybe she didn’t read enough books, she couldn’t describe it herself. She picked up the box by herself, preparing to put the wine that had just arrived today on the vacant shelf.


The sensor at the door of the convenience store made a sound again. Xiaoyu looked up and saw a man and a woman pushed the door and walked in. It was this couple again, or a young couple, Xiaoyu didn’t know what to call them, after all, she didn’t know them either. But their sweet and greasy appearance when they are together always reminds Xiaoyu of the saying: “Little one is better than a newlywed”. The man is tall and handsome, and although the appearance of the woman is not as good as that of the man, it is still satisfactory.

The two bought a scallion oil noodles and a tomato scrambled egg bento. Xiaoyu put the heated food on the tray and brought it to the small white table in the dining area of ​​the convenience store.

“Whose is the noodles with scallion oil?” Xiaoyu asked.

“It’s his, he doesn’t like tomato scrambled eggs.” The woman replied gently.

Then Xiaoyu carefully placed the scallion noodles in front of the man, and then put the tomato scrambled eggs on the woman’s side. When Xiaoyu put the tray back, she glanced at the time, it was two thirty in the morning, and there was still about half an hour. She opened the door of the convenience store and went to pack up by herself. After a while, the sound she was expecting did not come, but there was a loud slap in the face.

“Go away! Go find her!”

A sharp and harsh female voice came at the same time.

Xiao Yu was taken aback and looked up at the dining room. I saw that handsome man pushed open the door without looking back, and the woman sat with her back to Xiaoyu. After sitting for three minutes, he got up and walked to the shelf full of wine beside Xiaoyu. She was expressionless, at least there was no sadness or anger on her face at the moment. She picked out a bottle of grape-flavored shochu and walked towards the cashier, and Xiao Yu, who had come to her senses, followed closely.

After the bill was settled, the woman did not leave, but sat back at the small white table with a bowl of scallion oil noodles and a bowl of tomato scrambled egg bento. She unscrewed the bottle cap and drank the wine alone.

At this moment, Xiao Yu’s expected voice came from outside the door:

Find the sun where there is no wind

Warm sun in your cold place

People are in a hurry

you are so naive

the rest of my life

blizzard is you

bland is you

poverty is also you

glory is you

The tender heart is you

as far as the eye can see

also you

I don’t know if it was because of the singing or because of the effect of alcohol, the woman sitting at the little white table sobbed. Xiaoyu panicked and quickly closed the door of the convenience store, but this action made the woman cry even louder. Xiaoyu didn’t know what to do. She looked at the strawberry mousse cake in the freezer next to her, settled the bill by herself, and put them on the small white table in front of the woman.

The red strawberry is like a rose blooming on the milky white table, enchanting and eye-catching.

Xiao Yugan was in a hurry but was silent. She was always stupid and didn’t know what to say at such a time.

“What is my youth in the past five years… He is only twenty-five years old, but I am already thirty-one years old, I thought we were going to get married, I thought we were going to get married…” The woman cried.

When the woman finally calmed down and left, it was nearly half past three. When Xiaoyu was cleaning the table, she noticed the strawberry mousse cake that was still untouched and the red RMB next to it. The words “Thank you” on the napkin were very conspicuous. Xiaoyu’s heart warmed, she packed up the remaining food, put it next to the trash can, and reopened the door of the convenience store. The sweet singing came again. She saw not far from the street corner, there was no one beside the young man who was standing under the street lamp, playing the guitar and singing. Xiaoyu didn’t know why he appeared here every night at three o’clock, maybe he was the kind of person she couldn’t understand but envied very much.

Just as Xiaoyu was thinking wildly at the door of the convenience store, the old lady just appeared riding a tricycle. Xiaoyu nodded to the old lady and went back to the house to help the old lady pick up the “rubbish” she had sorted out in advance. Seeing this, the old lady came over immediately and helped lift the garbage bag.

“I’ll come, I’ll come! I’m so sorry for bothering you so much.” The old lady said embarrassedly.

Xiaoyu didn’t know her. To be precise, this is Xiaoyu’s first close encounter with her. Before, Xiaoyu often encountered this old lady who was scavenging at the door of the convenience store. She was always tossing the trash can at the door of the convenience store day after day. Xiaoyu didn’t know why she took the initiative to help the old lady, but she thought that an old man who came to pick up waste might be because he lost his relatives, was alone and had no one to support. Every time the old lady returned empty-handed, the eager and hopeful gaze she looked at the convenience store made Xiaoyu unforgettable. So yesterday, Xiaoyu took the initiative to greet the old lady and asked her if she could take the garbage from the convenience store along when she came to pick up garbage in the future.

“Why do you still think about going out at night to pick up trash at your age?”

“No way, I have to take care of my daughter. She is also in her fifties and old.” The old man replied.

Xiaoyu was surprised again this night. After listening to the old lady’s story, I realized that the old lady’s daughter met a rogue boss when she was working in her first year of graduation from college. Never stepped out of the house. Therefore, the old lady had to make a living by picking up garbage, because she had to support another “old man”.

Xiaoyu’s tears could not help falling down. Before the old lady left, Xiaoyu stopped her again. She turned back to the cashier of the convenience store and took out the strawberry mousse cake that was placed in the partition under the cashier. At the same time, she tucked the red bill into the bottom of the invisible box.

“Girl, keep this for yourself.” The old lady refused.

“I don’t eat, you see I’m so fat, no one wants to eat me anymore.” Xiaoyu said with a smile.

After the old lady left, Xiao Yu returned to the cashier in despair. In the deep night, Xiaoyu suddenly remembered that on her and her brother’s sixteenth birthday, her mother bought a McDonald’s for her brother as a gift, and her gift was the bowl she had eaten since she could remember, and had eaten for more than ten years of longevity. noodle. Xiaoyu once thought that “daughters” should be treated like this in this world, at least she felt that way before she met this old scavenger.

“Welcome!” The voice of the sensor at the door of the convenience store suddenly rang again.

Xiaoyu wiped her eyes with the cuff of her overalls, and saw that the person who came in turned out to be the boy who was standing on the street corner playing guitar and singing. He stopped at the cashier and asked Xiaoyu for a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of ice water from the freezer.

Xiaoyu secretly looked at him from time to time. Just when he was about to leave after paying the bill, she took the initiative to say, “You sing so well.”

The boy was slightly surprised: “Thank you.”

“Why do you stand at the intersection and sing every night at three o’clock, do you dream of becoming a singer?” Xiaoyu couldn’t help but asked curiously.

The boy suddenly laughed.

Xiaoyu did not understand his smile.

“I don’t have any dreams. I used to like to play music and play the guitar when I was young.” The boy’s smile gradually disappeared, “Actually, it was for my girlfriend… However, she has passed away. Before leaving, she often talked to her. I said she was sad, I really thought she was just in a bad mood, I didn’t think there was another reason… The last message she sent me was that I could get back on stage and sing.”

Xiaoyu was silent, listening to him quietly.

“I can’t go back to the stage, so let’s sing on the street.” The boy continued, leaving a sentence Xiaoyu never seriously thought about before before leaving, “There are not many people in this world who have dreams, and even more so. There are many people who have been injured and still do not give up, maybe, this is also a ‘dream’!”

At 4:30 in the morning, Xiao Yu got off the night shift. On leaving, she bought another strawberry mousse cake. For some reason, this night was extraordinarily long for her. When the shift was over, Xiaoyu suddenly remembered what her mother said. When she felt bitter in her heart, it would be good to eat something sweet in her mouth.

She walked alone on the street, walking all the way back to the rental house. Unexpectedly, just after crossing the intersection, she met another poor person who was as lonely as her, an old man with gray hair who begged in the middle of the night. Xiaoyu sighed. She was penniless and had to put the only cake in her hand in front of the old man. The dim yellow street light shone on the strawberry, as if covering it with a hazy moonlight.

Rain continued to move forward.

Suddenly, she stopped at the corner of another street.

Her stomach was growling non-stop.

Forget it, I didn’t eat two strawberry mousse cakes, make an exception and buy yourself a McDonald’s.

“Welcome!” The McDonald’s night shift employee greeted her with a slightly tired voice when she saw the light rain walking into the store.

Xiaoyu was eating and eating alone in the store, but she accidentally fell asleep.

As the sun rises, the city gets a little busier. Early risers crowded the subway and crossed the zebra crossing. Xiaoyu woke up a pair of sleepy eyes, then stood up and walked among the hurrying crowd. The day in this city has changed completely, as if nothing happened last night.

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