Take responsibility for how your life looks

Still no sign of good weather, God damn it!

Ning Weiwei tried every piece of clothing in the closet, but it didn’t make her feel any better, but it was counterproductive, and her skin felt sticky.

Also called sticky.

Ning Weiwei had to admire the precision of her ancestor’s word creation. Compared with stickiness, stickiness seemed to be more in line with Ning Weiwei’s mood at this time. That kind of liquid-like concentration that can’t be dissolved, it didn’t lose or disintegrate with the change of clothes, and it was the icing on the cake.

Ning Weiwei deliberately used the word icing on the cake, the correct word should be worse.

She had to let her mood shine brighter to drive away the haze that had grown in her heart.

Lincoln said that a person’s face before the age of thirty-five is determined by his parents, but the face after the age of thirty-five should be determined by himself, and a person is responsible for his appearance after the age of thirty-five.

Just today, Ning Weiwei is thirty-five years old.

It’s time for plum.

All the moldy days that I have experienced can be regarded as the rainy season that adults have to face in their lives.

Thinking of this, Ning Weiwei became decisive, grabbed a piece of clothing and put it on, and strode out of the bedroom. She saw that Bai Weiguang’s eyes were obviously scalded, as if on fire.

Too lazy to ponder, the couple pondered and pondered, tired.

At night, I have different dreams in the same bed, secretly muttering, I can’t commit it during the day, who I love.

Love whoever, what a blunt phrase.

Ning Weiwei hadn’t used this phrase for a long time, but at this moment there was a surprise like meeting a stranger in a foreign land.

Once, there were so many old knowledge in Ning Weiwei’s life.

Such a subtle mentality made Ning Weiwei a little excited, and the poem of Marshal Chen Yi came to mind – here I go to Quentai to recruit the old department, and I will kill Yan Luo with a hundred thousand flags.

Compared with Marshal Chen Yi’s situation, Ning Weiwei believed that she was a hundred times stronger. First, she was not afflicted by injuries, second, she had never been in the jungle for more than 20 days, and third, she was not worried and could not escape the siege. Ning Weiwei doesn’t need to go to Quentai to convene the old party, she just needs to return to the state of her own way before marriage. Why should she act according to Bai Weiguang’s face, and Bai Weiguang can’t experience her inner torment?

Just because of a set of Versace, Bai Weiguang became gloomy, looking at Ning Weiwei’s eyes with some inexplicable mist, and the words were not clear.

Ning Weiwei joked that Bai Weiguang had entered the rainy season ahead of schedule.

When the joke was made, he had not yet fallen into ambush.

The rain hit the yellow plum head, and there was no sun for forty-five days.

These proverbs of the ancestors have almost a prophetic function.

At this time, it was already out, and Bai Weiguang was still immersed in the rainy season.

Go out and turn left to go to the company; turn right to go to Mochou Lake Wetland Park.

Going to the company on weekends is a way to hide it. Ning Weiwei knew that Bai Weiguang was hiding behind the curtains to see her whereabouts, so she simply raised her hand in a rush and called a taxi to Mochou Lake Wetland Park.

Play blatantly, what can you do?

She didn’t make an agreement with anyone for the kind of pranking.

To be precise, no one was dating her, including the man who sent Ning Weiwei Versace.

This set of Versace was indeed given to Ning Weiwei by a man at Mochou Lake Wetland Park.

At that time, Ning Weiwei’s company held a public welfare activity in Mochou Lake Wetland Park. Ning Weiwei, who had just joined the company, worked very hard to run before and after. After she got married and gave birth to a child, she could still find a decent job. There’s no reason not to act deliberately.

Come to think of it, there was an accident.

Not people, but clothes.

After giving birth, Ning Weiwei’s clothes didn’t fit so well. Her body is much fuller than before pregnancy, especially her breasts, which are about to come out. When she squatted down, one of the buttons on her chest collapsed unprofessional, but fortunately, Chunguang didn’t leak out.

The man was Ning Weiwei’s boss. He walked over with a blank face, dropped a car key, and said that there happened to be a set of clothes in the car, you should put it on first.

But it was disrespectful, Ning Weiwei didn’t have the idea of ​​taking advantage, and the idea of ​​covering her shame prevailed.

Unexpectedly, it fits well.

When returning the keys to the boss’s car, the boss’s eyes seemed to be burned by something, just a little. The boss said, don’t work so hard for a job. Although I am the boss, I hope that during my work, women have the elegance of women, and men have the model of men.

Ning Weiwei blushed and avoided the boss’s eyes, saying, in front of my son, women are not elegant, and I work for my son, not for work.

Such a big truth, let the boss quite appreciate.

The boss squinted and smiled, and it was rare to see a woman who was not vain. This set of Versace gave you, and I will tell the truth, it is not a reward for you, and it is impossible to have any other intentions, just because this set of clothes fits you too well.

It really fit, Ning Weiwei saw from the boss’s eyes that her body was much lighter.

It just feels like flying.

But the boss’s following words made Ning Weiwei suddenly realize that her feet were still on the ground.

You’re right, Fengya can’t get milk powder money, so go do it!

Ning Weiwei’s duty that day was to do chores, and within a month of joining the company, Ning Weiwei and her colleagues were still in the running-in stage, and did not have the ability to be independent.

It is said that the company often does this kind of public welfare activities, and the boss is the initiator. It can be seen that the boss is not a bad man, and a bad man will not be keen on public welfare.

To give Ning Weiwei a set of Versace, as the boss said, there is no other intention at all.

Even if he had other intentions, it was impossible for the boss to know the secret, and it was impossible to know that Ning Weiwei’s clothes were going to happen that day.

Once these factors were ruled out, Ning Weiwei laughed at the Versace set, without any regrets.

In Bai Weiguang’s words, Ning Weiwei, Ning Weiwei, I know you are thick-skinned in front of me, but I don’t know that you can be so shameless in front of other men.

Versace, an international big name, how much does it cost?

Ning Weiwei said, am I shameless? I was wearing clothes that were damaged when I was doing public welfare activities for the company. The clothes of the employees were disheveled, which represented a bad image of the company. Do you think the boss is stupid?

Tsk tsk, you are the only one in the world who is rogue and reasonable.

Ning Weiwei imitated the host of a TV show, and smiled kindly and reservedly at Bai Weiguang, Bai Weiguang, Bai Weiguang, you don’t even know what kind of virtue your ancestors have accumulated, and you took such a big leak from me.

Picking up leaks, the jargon of the antique world. The antique industry generally believes that picking up leaks is something that can be encountered but not sought after. Therefore, it is a very humorous expression to use a “picked” to imply its rarity.

Bai Weiguang failed to interact with Ning Weiwei like the audience in the live TV broadcast, although Ning Weiwei was a big leak he picked up.

However, these words are not suitable to come out of Ning Weiwei’s mouth, the tendency to expose shortcoming is too obvious.

Between husband and wife, it is possible to slap in the face and expose shortcomings, but it is absolutely impossible.

Wu Dasheng contributed greatly to Bai Weiguang’s marriage to Ning Weiwei.

The two men are brothers, the kind of brothers that the ancients said, “When you land as brothers, why are you close by flesh and blood?”

Bai Weiguang watched Wu Dasheng and Ning Weiwei meet, met, and knew each other, saying that it was not appropriate. Strictly speaking, Bai Weiguang was not only a witness and recorder of Wu Dasheng and Ning Weiwei’s love, but also a loyal participant. The taste of the threesome.

Three people, there must be my teacher! Bai Weiguang did learn a lot from them.

On the eve of Ning Weiwei and Wu Dasheng’s wedding, something happened to Wu Dasheng.

Bai Weiguang lost his good brother and Ning Weiwei lost his fiancé.

The bane is a double bed.

When the three of them bought a double bed together, they had a car accident and the double bed was overturned to the ground. Wu Dasheng was thrown high up and drew a graceful arc, and then fell onto the double bed without being graceful at all.

The one who fell on the double bed was supposed to be Ning Weiwei. At the moment when the car accident happened, Wu Dasheng kicked Ning Weiwei away, and that kick made Ning Weiwei unforgettable.

Bai Weiguang knew that Ning Weiwei had a birthmark on her lower abdomen. Although Wu Dasheng’s kick did not leave any mark on Ning Weiwei’s body, it left a mental mark on Ning Weiwei’s heart, which was even more unforgettable.

On the night of Wu Dasheng’s burial, Bai Weiguang smoked a cigarette in front of the twilight Sihe window. He has never had this habit. In the smoke, the wide bed provoked Bai Weiguang again, and he remembered something Wu Da said when he was living for no reason.

Wu Dasheng said that he didn’t like to lie on a bed that was too big, that’s not his style.

What is your style—? Bai Weiguang was very curious.

Squeezed on a small folding bed, Wu Dasheng swallowed.

Hehe, Bai Weiguang laughed heartily, Wu Dasheng was playing hypocritical.

It’s not that the two never squeezed on a small folding bed, and Wu Dasheng felt aggrieved every time.

Wu Dasheng’s style is to squeeze together with Ning Weiwei on a small folding bed. The lone man and the widow are so tightly squeezed that they naturally become one.

To be transparent, Wu Dasheng is playing “zero distance”.

That night, Ning Weiwei and Bai Weiguang kept a proper distance. She insisted on lying on the double bed that took Wu Dasheng’s life, with Wu Dasheng’s blood on the bed. This is not the main thing, the main thing is that there is Wu Dasheng’s yearning on the double bed.

After Bai Weiguang and Ning Weiwei got married, Ning Weiwei said, you know, when I lived with Wu Dasheng, there was only a small folding bed, at that time I often used my shoulders and thighs to push him inside very ungently squeeze.

Almost squeezed Wu Dasheng into a photo, right? Bai Weiguang was so joking, with strong jealousy in his heart.

Eating a dead man’s vinegar made Ning Weiwei look down on Bai Weiguang a little.

Ning Weiwei vaguely reminded Bai Weiguang that if he hadn’t really been squeezed into a photo, would you have a chance to find out, Bai Weiguang?

When he said this, Wu Dasheng’s photo was standing on the bedside table, without saying a word, his expression was very broad.

There are various indications that the sky will not collapse for a while.

Various signs told Liu Chengxin that it would not be sunny in three or five days.

So keep it as it is?

Asking himself like this, Liu Chengxin has already answered with action, and no one is forcing him to hand over the answer. In life, there are not so many questions that must be answered.

On an ordinary weekend, Liu Chengxin felt slack.

Unlike many bosses, Liu Chengxin’s working hours and rest time are very different. Weekends are the best time for many bosses to gather contacts. They either invite friends to go out for a self-driving tour, hold a grand party, or play golf. No, Liu Chengxin, his weekends are dedicated to rewarding his body.

Liu Chengxin’s reward to his body is not tonic food, but to relax his nerves.

He wandered aimlessly on the boardwalk by the lake, and at first glance, he looked like a homeless person doing nothing.

This feeling made him very proud.

It is said in the book that life is like a journey. What matters is not only the final destination, but also the scenery along the way.

Liu Chengxin defines this kind of aimless wandering as a micro-travel. Haha, the micro-travel in the micro era is drunk when you think about it.

Liu Chengxin maintained the necessary sobriety in body and mind during this drunken walk.

That is, relax, relax, relax.

Mochou Lake Wetland Park is undoubtedly the most relaxing place in Yingcheng.

These days, the park is almost a place for the elderly and children.

When walking on the plank road by the lake, Liu Chengxin laughed at himself and changed the sentence in Mr. Lu Xun’s “Kong Yiji”, “Kong Yiji is the only person who stands drinking and wears a long gown” to “I go shopping with a monthly income of more than 30,000 yuan.” The only person in the park”. This kind of tampering made Liu Chengxin almost laugh. Kong Yiji was doing it because of his vanity. What kind of blame did he make?

Hidden vanity?

Most likely it is.

The book says that being low-key is the best way to show off.

In these years, people without vanity can be described as rare.

Speaking of rare, there are really few that break into Liu Chengxin’s eyes. A taxi stopped at the entrance of the stadium square by the lake, the door opened, and a set of eye-catching Versace made Liu Chengxin couldn’t help but wait and see, Versace’s back was paying the fee in the cab.

A woman wearing a Versace taxi is incredible.

I couldn’t help but became curious to see where it was sacred.

As soon as I walked behind a clump of reeds on the side of the plank road, I heard the sound of high heels hitting the ground and slipped across the marble intersection. Then, after that, the high heels entered the lawn. The crisp voice flew into the flower like a yellow butterfly, and was nowhere to be found.

Liu Chengxin is not afraid of not being able to find the voice, he already knows who Versace’s master is.

If we met, how would Ning Weiwei think of herself as the boss? Sending Versace has long been coveted, and now waiting for the rabbit on the plank road by the lake?

The park is not big and not crowded. Based on Liu Chengxin’s understanding of the park, the core attractions are in the area where the company does public welfare activities.

Liu Chengxin is interested, and instead of waiting for the rabbit, it is always okay to meet a doll.

After the encounter? Liu Chengxin didn’t think so far. He was here to relax his nerves, and the plan was to tighten the relaxed nerves again. In that case, the gains outweighed the losses.

After walking too far on the plank road, Ning Weiwei was enveloped in the humid air by the lake, and felt a little distressed about that Versace set.

There are not many people in the park, and there are many green plants that blind the eyes.

In this blinding green plant, Ning Weiwei once again realized what it means to be dazed.

The first time she was at a loss was after Wu Dasheng was buried. She stood in the cemetery, and there was a green plant in front of her. Ning Weiwei, who had nowhere to go and no place to return, had a lot of room to stand among the tombstones. She had an illusion that those tombstones must be obscuring her eyes, or else there would be gusts of wind pushing her away. It wasn’t until she walked out of the cemetery and Bai Weiguang came up to her that she blinked mechanically, followed by tears streaming down her eyes.

With her first experience, Ning Weiwei had a way to cope with the loss. She hurriedly moved her footsteps, in a hurry, walking through the rhythm of small steps, proving that she was walking with a purpose. Ning Weiwei didn’t want people to misunderstand that she was an idle person.

Looking around, there was no woman playing in the park alone except her.

Not to mention that you must lead a child and be a good wife and a good mother. Anyway, if you lead a dog, you can hook up with loving animals. That way, in the eyes of the ubiquitous elderly and children in the park, you will be a caring person.

Bai Weiguang is not a loving person.

Picking up leaks is largely a last resort.

Bai Weiguang fell in love with Ning Weiwei earlier than Wu Dasheng.

The problem is that he likes people these days and needs a certain amount of confidence. Bai Weiguang’s wallet is not enough, and his appearance is too modest. When Ning Weiwei knew Wu Dasheng, she also met Bai Weiguang. If Wu Dasheng hadn’t been killed in a car accident, Bai Weiguang would always be just the number after the decimal point in front of Ning Weiwei and ignored.

But Bai Weiguang didn’t ignore Ning Weiwei at all, and all the things that should be remembered were in his heart.

Even after marriage, even if Ning Weiwei gave birth to a son for him.

People unconsciously think of the word reckoning after the autumn.

After the autumn, it was the second time the company did a public welfare activity, and Ning Weiwei wore Versace for the second time.

I didn’t plan to wear it originally, but Ning Weiwei really didn’t have more decent clothes.

Bai Weiguang sat aside and looked at him coldly.

This suit made him extremely inferior, and if he wanted to buy a set for Ning Weiwei, he had to spend a year’s salary. Ning Weiwei’s boss, just because the suit fit Ning Weiwei’s body, gave it away lightly, as if giving away a box of tissues.

What is the facial tissue for, blow your nose?

In front of this set of Versace, Bai Weiguang felt unreasonably that she was just a ball of snot, and Ning Weiwei didn’t blow herself out of her nasal cavity now because she needed this ball of snot to lubricate her nasal cavity.

Anyone with a little medical knowledge knows that if the nasal cavity is too dry, it is easy to rupture blood vessels and cause nosebleeds.

Bai Weiguang’s eyes were cold, but his mouth was warm and suggested, Weiwei, just wear that Versace suit.

Ning Weiwei is very strange, why is there no psychological burden to wear it to participate in company activities?

Bai Weiguang shrugged his shoulders and said, “Wear at work, its nature is a set of work clothes.

What is the nature of wearing in life? Ning Weiwei finally realized that there was something in Bai Weiguang’s words.

Ning Weiwei reacted very consciously, put aside the controversy, and never wore it once in her life.

At first glance, it is like a thorn in the back, how to say this suit is a bit unclear.

It so happened that the boss had an unused set of clothes in the car, and it so happened that this set of clothes seemed to be tailor-made for Ning Weiwei.

Should not be ah.

Ning Weiwei walked uncontrollably to the lawn where the company was doing public welfare activities. She was familiar with this lawn.

It is said that people are inexplicably nervous in unfamiliar places. This has nothing to do with social phobia, nor does it have anything to do with crowd phobia. Ning Weiwei is not lacking in social skills and will not be afraid of crowds.

Ning Weiwei just felt that a familiar environment, familiar people, and familiar things could give her a sense of belonging.

Yes, a sense of belonging.

After sharing the same bed with Bai Weiguang on that double bed for several years, Ning Weiwei still could not find that familiar sense of belonging, to be precise, the feeling of belonging with Wu Dasheng.

Ning Weiwei had a real experience with the sadness in Cao Cao’s poem, “Walking around the tree three times, what branches can be depended on”.

All this stems from Bai Weiguang’s tireless comparison.

Going back to the source, it stems from Bai Weiguang’s ubiquitous inferiority complex.

Bai Weiguang’s fate is very bad, they all say “people are grass with three knots, and there is always a good one”, since Ning Weiwei and Bai Weiguang met, Bai Weiguang has not had a good one.

His appearance made Bai Weiguang miss many employment opportunities. Security guards pay attention to having good facial features. What Bai Weiguang can do is to run errands, deliver goods or keep warehouses. .

Running errands and delivering goods does not require looks, just be diligent and able to endure hardships.

From the beginning of work to the present, Bai Weiguang’s job is not to deliver water to people, but to deliver express delivery to people.

He has also done things like cleaning and housekeeping, but he didn’t do it for a long time. Bai Weiguang still likes to run errands, at least it belongs to the profession of walking hundreds of doors.

Bai Weiguang, whose hometown is in the countryside, knew from a young age that he should be classified as a craftsman when he travels through a hundred doors. When someone asked him where he made his fortune, Bai Weiguang would always avoid the truth and give a false statement, not to mention making a fortune, go to a hundred doors, and eat a meal.

This kind of answer with a hint of Jianghu gave Bai Weiguang a sense of accomplishment.

In a sense, Bai Weiguang’s work has completely sullied the two highly technical words “craftsmanship”.

A three-year-old can do errands.

Ning Weiwei’s son can help her make soy sauce. Could it be that he is also a craftsman? For this reason, Ning Weiwei and Bai Weiguang also had a joke, Bai Weiguang, your craftsmanship has someone else.

Under Ning Weiwei’s teasing, Bai Weiguang’s eyes had a hint of uncertainty.

Liu Chengxin doesn’t like rainy days, like most people. But Liu Chengxin doesn’t like sunny days at the same time, which is more or less incomprehensible, and has a bit of a maverick meaning.

There is no doubt that Liu Chengxin likes cloudy days. This hobby makes the employees of the company very uncertain. The employees who have no idea in their hearts have been pondering on Liu Chengxin for many years, but they still cannot grasp the joys, sorrows and joys on Liu Chengxin’s face. Weather terms – visibility is too low!

After Ning Weiwei joined the company, she did two public welfare activities, both of which were cloudy.

Many companies do activities and look forward to sunny days.

When it’s sunny, I do public welfare in the park, and it’s all about the nature of the park.

However, Liu Chengxin specially picked cloudy days, which is too unreasonable.

If someone is willing to let their thinking turn a corner and diverge a little, they can understand.

Cloudy days are more rare than sunny days. Rareness is the most precious thing. There are three hundred and sixty-five days in a year, most of which are sunny days, few are rainy days, and only a few are cloudy days.

Hehe, just relying on a handful of them is enough to prove that Liu Chengxin’s thinking is different.

Ning Weiwei should be the most distinctive one among the many people who visit the park.

She actually went around the venue for public welfare activities no less than three times.

The first back and forth, the first reaction in Liu Chengxin’s mind was that Ning Weiwei had lost something during the event and wanted to come back to find it.

The park has staff to clean up the site every day, aside from this, the endless stream of players may also pick it up.

But Ning Weiwei’s expression and steps quickly made Liu Chengxin rule out this judgment. There is no way to look away when looking for something. Ning Weiwei feels more like a runaway.

There is a difference from the runaway. Ning Weiwei always walks a few steps when there are many people, and when there are fewer people, she is completely strolling in the courtyard.

It’s baffling.

Liu Chengxin had no idea.

Women, who haven’t acted strangely yet.

Even if this woman is his subordinate, the boss doesn’t seem to have the right to know.

Besides, Liu Chengxin is here to treat his body, so there is no need to speculate on Ning Weiwei’s extraordinary move. He cannot have the right to know because he gave him a set of Versace.

It’s good that Ning Weiwei didn’t ask herself why she sent her Versace. As the person who has the closest contact with this set of Versace, Ning Weiwei has the right to know.

This kind of tacit understanding, in Liu Chengxin’s opinion, is very good.

When Ning Weiwei turned to the fourth lap, she accidentally saw Liu Chengxin.

Liu Chengxin’s childlike innocence came up.

Is Ning Weiwei measuring the perimeter of the venue for each activity? Besides, there is no more reasonable explanation. If this reasoning is true, Ning Weiwei should be extremely boring at the moment.

Only utterly bored people do this.

Liu Chengxin clearly remembers that in the middle school Chinese textbook, the Russian writer Vuchik’s famous book “Report under the Gallows” describes the long and boring life in prison. The window is still seven paces.

Would you like to play along?

There is nothing more relaxing than playing this game.

Maybe it could make the stagnant water in Ning Weiwei’s heart stir up ripples, that is a matter of infinite merit.

But do good deeds, don’t ask about your future.

Liu Chengxin suddenly appeared in front of Ning Weiwei.

Ning Weiwei turned in a hurry and didn’t see the person in front of her. By feeling, she knew that someone was blocking her way, so she habitually turned her body to the side, but that person also turned her side, and Ning Weiwei moved back. , the footsteps in front of him also move back, this is deliberately blocking the way, and a good dog is still in the way.

Ning Weiwei opened her mouth slightly, and just as she was about to blurt out these words, a familiar face burst into her eyes, and the indecent greeting died in her throat, without a chance to see the sun.

Are you counting? How many steps in total? Liu Chengxin asked with a smile in his eyes.

What how many steps? Ning Weiwei was startled.

You have walked around this venue for activities four times. I guess you must be measuring the venue. The corners of Liu Chengxin’s mouth raised, first of all to declare that you are doing things for the company voluntarily, and I will not pay overtime.

Ning Weiwei knew that Liu Chengxin was trying to dispel her inner concerns.

That set of Versace is wearing Ning Weiwei, Bai Weiguang is right, the fit is not important, the key is given by the boss, wearing it for the company’s activities, there is no psychological burden.

After marrying Ning Weiwei, Bai Weiguang has always had a psychological burden.

This kind of leak is not something that can be picked up at any time. It can happen once in a lifetime that the ancestral grave will smoke. Bai Weiguang does not expect to have a second time.

The problem is, Ning Weiwei picked up a set of Versace as soon as she went to work.

Bai Weiguang’s spirit instantly evaporated.

Economic status determines family status, which is universally applicable.

Earlier, the family’s source of income was his blood and sweat. Every time he paid Ning Weiwei’s living expenses, Bai Weiguang was full of pride and said that if you order Weiwei, it has increased by 200 yuan compared with last month.

This two hundred yuan is a little surprise that he has tried his best to make a living.

Not every month.

Sometimes foreign money. For example, he rode an electric tricycle to deliver water, and when he happened to meet someone who needed to deliver to the station, or someone who wanted to take a few steps, he could make a small income.

And save it from your own mouth.

Bai Weiguang eats breakfast outside, doing physical work, and the oil and water are heavy. The breakfast standard is generally a bowl of beef noodles and two meat buns. Bai Weiguang sometimes makes a small adjustment, a bowl of porridge, four meat buns or something. Over time, you can save a considerable amount of money.

After several calculations, two hundred yuan did not miss the opportunity to run into the book.

This is impressive, and to put it without perspective, it is very shabby.

Poor couples mourn for everything.

There are times when the words of the ancestors are biased.

Behind closed doors, Bai Weiguang and Ning Weiwei are not all mourning, and even have a happy side, because they are poor and lowly, they are very easy to satisfy, and the extra two hundred yuan out of thin air ran into Ning Weiwei’s heart and turned into a series of surprises. On such a day, don’t waste it, I’m really sorry for the blessing of God.

Know that every penny on them has its purpose.

Bai Weiguang knew that the occasional extra 200 yuan would bring tears to Ning Weiwei’s eyes. On the dinner table that night, there would be an extra pickled cabbage and a glass of wine, and even Ning Weiwei would be very suitable for the occasion. Take a sip with him.

Ning Weiwei’s drinking power was weak, and her face turned red as soon as she drank the wine, which meant she was too shy. At this time, Bai Weiguang was full and warm, and she couldn’t justify her lust without thinking.

One desires and the other desires, and it is inevitable to make some love heartily.

If Ning Weiwei misses their marriage, it is only the happiness brought by these two hundred yuan.

It has the same effect as picking up leaks.

Bai Weiguang knows this truth.

It happened that he knew this truth, and that Versace set made Bai Weiguang breathless.

Things that exceed expectations too much are often not pleasant surprises.

There is nothing to be courteous, and it is either a traitor or a thief.

Bai Weiguang’s heart hung up.

Side by side words gradually filled their lives.

The boss didn’t praise you today?

Praise me for what? Ning Weiwei didn’t notice anything in Bai Weiguang’s words, saying that she hadn’t seen him for a day.

To be honest, Bai Weiguang’s endless reverie, why, a set of Versace makes you miss the shadow of the boss?

Ning Weiwei didn’t care and said, “It’s useless for me to think about it. The boss doesn’t even glance at me.”

Maybe people are trying to scan you! Bai Weiguang pretended not to care, but men have a theory of three things.

Three on the theory? It was the first time that Ning Weiwei heard of it.

Most women can go to bed, and a few can go to their eyes… Speaking of which, Bai Weiguang deliberately paused briefly to see Ning Weiwei’s reaction.

Ning Weiwei’s reaction was really urgent, what’s more?

Bai Weiguang hated that iron is not steel, and some women can take care of it.

Ning Weiwei almost lost her temper, Bai Weiguang, you think too highly of your daughter-in-law, just like me, can the boss care?

When Ning Weiwei pierced the window paper, Bai Weiguang wilted instead. There are more beautiful girls in Ning Weiwei’s company than there are drinks in the supermarket. In the eyes of those young and beautiful girls, Ning Weiwei was a chicken standing among the cranes.

No matter how tasteless someone else’s boss is, he won’t care about a chicken in a group of cranes.

wait! Bai Weiguang, who has never understood reverse thinking, suddenly turned his head. He heard that this boss never takes the usual way of doing things. Maybe people just coveted the chicken in the crane group.

Haven’t heard such a word? More officers and soldiers are more valuable.

Then it’s okay to take two steps! Liu Chengxin learned the tone of jokes in Zhao Benshan’s sketch “Selling Abduction”.

She has nothing to do but take two steps with her boss. Ning Weiwei feels guilty. If she is to be seen by acquaintances and spread to Bai Weiguang’s ears, she must not live in dire straits.

I have reasons to refuse a work arrangement without overtime pay. Ning Weiwei responded lightly, and after she finished speaking, she looked around with a guilty conscience.

Misunderstood isn’t it? Liu Chengxin immediately said, I’m not so bored and want you to accompany me for two steps.

you mean?

Play an ant moving game, are you interested?

Ants move?

Yes, on such a gloomy day, it will rain sooner or later. Before it rains, the ants will rush out of the hole and move in groups. Thousands of small ants gather together to form a wriggling black line. The scene is very spectacular. Don’t you want to take a look? Liu Chengxin deliberately aroused Ning Weiwei’s curiosity. Ladies, who isn’t curious? There is a movie called “Curiosity Killed the Cat”, isn’t the protagonist a woman?

Ning Weiwei has seen ants move on TV and books. Ning Weiwei, who grew up in a reinforced concrete city, has to resort to winter in the snow when she sees an ordinary sparrow, not to mention a small one in the grass. The ants live in it.

Are you sure you can see the ants moving?

Provided you do what I say! Liu Chengxin shrugged his shoulders. Let me make a disclaimer first. This is not the boss who arranges the employees to do things. You can choose to refuse. Once the game starts, you cannot quit midway.

What if you can’t see the ants moving?

If you can’t see the ants moving within 200 steps, you can move half of our company away.

In other words, it is Liu Chengxin’s company, and Ning Weiwei can be half of the home.

Such a big bet? Ning Weiwei was startled.

Liu Chengxin said that the rules of the game are like this. We walk towards each other and draw a circle around the venue where the company usually does activities. We must squat down and pull in the grass, and we have to count our steps. Within 200 steps, we cannot get up or turn back.

Can’t get up is understandable, what’s the point of not being able to turn back? Ning Weiwei couldn’t help but ask.

I want to do it, summon ants to move to show you, what if you steal my spells?

Ning Weiwei was speechless.

Games start! Liu Chengxin said that this rule is not aimed at you, and I am also obliged to abide by it. Whoever violates the rules will be out.

After speaking, the two of them spoke back to back at the same time, 321!

After the order was completed, the two of them squatted down at the same time, and began to scrape the grass, counting silently, one, two, three…

The number of visitors to the park increased. A bald tourist quickly discovered the unusual behavior of Ning Weiwei and Liu Chengxin.

What are you looking for baby? Bald asked Ning Weiwei.

Ning Weiwei didn’t answer, the answer meant that the silent count would be interrupted, and she had to get up, or it was rude, and she would turn back if she didn’t pay attention, all of which were illegal. Ning Weiwei wants to win this game, she doesn’t really care about being half of his home, she wants to hit Liu Chengxin, she really thinks that being a boss can call for wind and rain, but she still does it, looking at what kind of demon you are in broad daylight, thinking that a woman has breasts Must be brainless.

If you don’t say anything, you want to keep it a secret. Things that are worth keeping are definitely worth a lot of money. Something that can make a woman in Versace sweat profusely scrabbling in the grass and murmuring to herself, tsk tsk, do you need to move your toes to think? ?

Some of the bald people are free to think and work, and quietly leaned down behind Ning Weiwei, followed the gourd and painted the scoop, and meticulously pulled it up.

There are idlers with crooked necks passing by, calling that bald head, what are they doing? It’s going to rain and don’t go home!

The bald man waved his hand lightly, and his mouth shush mysteriously, meaning not to make a sound.

An idler with a crooked neck becomes suspicious. This bald man is notorious for taking advantage of it when he sees it. Even if a needle falls in the grass, he has to turn on the lamp to look for it all night. Someone must have lost the baby this time. If there is no baby, he would have to work so hard? After thinking about the crooked neck, she rolled up her sleeves, tried her best to straighten her neck, squatted behind the bald head, and tugged in the grass, still imitating Ning Weiwei, talking.

The weather was getting hotter and hotter, and the clouds were building up thicker and thicker overhead.

A group of people who had finished exercising passed by, ho, two men and one woman were so serious in the grass, they lost their gold and silver jewelry or jewelry and diamond rings! “Walking three points profit, sitting and eating the mountain is also empty”, a large group of people quietly dropped the fitness objects, imitating the appearance of Ning Weiwei and others, quietly squatted down, opened their eyes wide, and swept the grass that had just been pulled in front of them. Pull it again.

The sky was still cloudy and sunny, stuffy and hot. I was squatting and pulling around such a large lawn, and I had to mumble and count. It was impossible not to be hot. But Ning Weiwei was serious, she really hoped to see one or two ants.

When it is to play a cross.

It doesn’t matter whether people travel to the insect world or ants travel to the human world, what matters is that there are fresh seasonings for lifeless days.

No one wiped the sweat, for fear that the moment when the sweat was wiped, the baby slipped away from the eyes. As the old saying goes, gold and silver jewelry are objects that can move around, and they should not be sloppy.

Some parents came out to look for their children to go home for dinner, and some aunts went to the park to find their old men after buying vegetables. Seeing this situation, they spontaneously joined the team in twos and threes.

After 100 steps, Ning Weiwei’s leg was numb, she tried to straighten her leg, and then slowly retracted it, she finally felt a little better, with awareness, even if it was painful, it was better than numbness.

When will Bai Weiguang let her hurt so clearly, it will be fine.

With awareness, Ning Weiwei moved her footsteps again. Judging by her familiarity with this route, she should meet Liu Chengxin soon.

Just like in a movie, the darkness before dawn arrived, Ning Weiwei’s wrist was sore, her waist began to swell and her eyes began to blur.

Forgot to tell everyone that Ning Weiwei’s eyes are shortsighted.

Dong Dong, the nearsighted Ning Weiwei collided with Liu Chengxin.

The Venus was scurrying in front of her, and she turned dazed and saw a long black line wriggling in front of her.

The legendary ant moved? Ning Weiwei opened her mouth in surprise.

Liu Chengxin clapped and laughed, and said, how did I do it?

Really played a game of ants moving house.

Willing to admit defeat, Ning Weiwei lowered her eyelids and said, you have won.

Win, at the same bet, I’ll be half your home! Liu Chengxin stared at Ning Weiwei, the boss’s expression climbed to his face, and he didn’t smile.

Ning Weiwei said, my home?

Liu Chengxin saw the doubts in Ning Weiwei’s eyes and said with a smile, “Yes, when you are half of a woman’s home.

Ning Weiwei was very nervous. Half of the woman’s home, soul and body, which half did he choose?

Do you know what it means for a woman to exist in this world? Liu Chengxin was in no hurry to choose.

Ning Weiwei shook her head, she didn’t want to hide her ignorance.

The meaning of women’s existence in this world is not to help men grow taller, but to add tenderness to the world. Liu Chengxin said, as a woman, you have contributed to a man’s glory, but you have failed to add tenderness to the world.

me, no?

you have not. Liu Chengxin clapped his hands and said, a woman who continuously circles the lawn, my reasoning can only be that you are measuring how many steps you have on the venue each time you do the activity, other than that, there is no more reasonable explanation, if this reasoning is true , you should be bored.

Only utterly bored people do this.

A woman who is utterly boring, certainly cannot add tenderness to the world.

A person is not only responsible for his appearance after the age of thirty-five, but also for the appearance of his life after the age of thirty-five. Don’t think that only people have looks. Liu Chengxin stopped clapping and patted Ning Weiwei on the shoulder. This is half of the home I want to be for you.

Does life have looks?

Ning Weiwei fell into deep thought.

When receiving the call from Ning Weiwei, Bai Weiguang was disturbed by the inexplicable mist. The Versace suit that Ning Weiwei wore when she went out in the morning was no longer hot to her eyes and heart.

She must be with the person who sent this Versace set.

No, she has to knock the mountain and shake the tiger. If she has a choice between her words, it proves that there is a ghost in her heart. On the surface, she went to the Wetland Park, but she wanted to kill the carbine halfway.

As if having a good heart, before Bai Weiguang’s number was dialed, the phone rang, and it was Ning Weiwei who called. Ning Weiwei couldn’t hide her joy and said, Weiguang, you are coming to Mochou Lake Wetland Park.

To Mochou Lake Wetland Park? Bai Weiguang didn’t believe his ears. It turned out that she was really in the park, and she misunderstood Ning Weiwei.

Yes, come to the park and I’ll teach you a game! Ning Weiwei was in high spirits.

what game?

Ants move.

Bai Weiguang looked at the sky, it didn’t mean it was raining, if it did rain, the sky would be clear.

Where can the ants move when it doesn’t rain? Bai Weiguang muttered.

Ning Weiwei smiled and said, I just met the boss, he taught me, it’s so fun, I’m sure you will feel so amused that you want to cry!

It’s so fun that I want to cry, and it’s so delicious that I want to cry. It’s Ning Weiwei’s mantra, but it’s just that this mantra hasn’t been said again since Wu Da died.

Bai Weiguang’s eyes were wet, and he was moved. Ning Weiwei revealed such an important piece of information inadvertently. She didn’t hide it, that is to say, there was nothing between her and the boss.

Clearing the clouds and seeing the sun, Bai Weiguang was full of interest, Weiwei, wait, I’ll call right away.

Go out and turn right to Mochou Lake Wetland Park.

Bai Weiguang looked at the sky before getting in the car, the smog was gone! Bai Weiguang had a happy expression on his face. He wanted to see how Ning Weiwei taught him to play the game of ants moving. Before playing, he had to make a bet.

Even if they are angry, they can make each other feel the pain.

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