Norway at a Glance

When it comes to Norway, do you think of the cold and humid virgin forests described by Haruki Murakami, and do you think of the world’s narrowest Sognefjord sailing through the waves? This summer, I took pleasure in exploring the country, and the beauty of its natural beauty is unforgettable.
  Wake up by the sun in the
  early morning I heard that Bergen was once the capital of Norway and the largest and most beautiful port on the west coast. It was past 11 o’clock at night when we flew from London to Bergen, and what surprised us was that the late night there was completely different from ours, the red sun was still hanging in the sky, just not as warm as the day, but As beautiful as the sunset. Under the reflection of the afterglow, this peaceful seaside city added a bit of mystery to the eyes of our group. Entering the hotel where we stayed, we were delighted that the room provided free Internet access. Compared with the high price of about RMB 230 for an hour to surf the Internet in London, it really allowed us to experience the high welfare of Norway.
  As if I had just fallen asleep, I was called by my colleagues. I looked at my watch and it was only 4 o’clock, but the sun had already come in through the window lattice. A colleague told me that the sun rose at 4 o’clock, and it was golden. This is the polar day phenomenon in this region.
  Bergen is located on the steep fjord line on the west coast of Norway, along the harbour and seven hills. Because Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway, it quickly became a center of foreign commerce and trade. Bergen’s main building tourist area is near the port, in the north there are many ancient buildings from the medieval Hanseatic League era, and in the south is a modern shopping street. Wandering the streets of Bergen, we see that there are not many pedestrians coming and going, and most of them are casual. Walking along the harbour in Bergen, we saw a few yachts docked in the harbour. According to local people, every few households here have a private yacht, and Norwegians who like to go out for vacation and leisure always like to drive their own boats to go out for fun.
  Looking at the harbour from afar, the sea is extremely blue and the blue sky is extremely blue. Looking at the harbor, I suddenly pondered whether those Viking pirates in ancient times set out from here and went to the unknown world?
  The majestic Sognefjord
  In fact, as long as you open the world map, you will see that Norway is just a narrow country, 1600 miles long, shaped like a tadpole traveling south. There is no other place in the world except Norway where the coastline is so fragmented that the bays that meander inland are called fjords. The next day, we arrived at Sognefjord, the deepest and longest fjord in the world.
  The Sognefjord reaches 1,200 meters at its deepest point, and Narler is one of its tributaries and the narrowest fjord in Europe. In Naral, the small cruise ship that greeted us can only take more than 20 people, and guests must make an appointment in advance. The cruise ship traveled between the snow-capped mountains on both sides of the strait, and countless seagulls flew around the ship, not afraid of people at all. The shimmering lake is deep and deep green, and the steep rock cliffs on both sides of the lake are pulled out of the water. The green mountains and fields are flowing water. From time to time, there are waterfalls pouring down from a high place, hanging in the mountains in different postures. Everything is shrouded in clean, fresh air.
  Whether you are swimming on the water by boat or chasing the fjords by car, the unique scenery around every corner is unforgettable. Climbing to the top of the snowy mountain, we saw an incomparably beautiful postcard-style scenery, with a panoramic view of the fjord landscape. The magnificent and wonderful fjord scenery composed of endless winding fjords and countless glacial relics is the wild and peaceful soul of Norway!
  The endless forest
  We got on the bus and drove from east to west. Along the way, the eyes are full of green. Every 5 minutes, I see a lake. The houses dotted with stars are dotted between the mountains and rivers. It is really a perfect Nordic rural landscape. Norway’s forest coverage rate is particularly high. There are endless forests all over the mountains and plains. There is also a stream or a waterfall that jumps out from time to time. Our mood is also ups and downs. No wonder so many people love Norway. forest. As early as the 1860s, the Beatles sang a song called “Norwegian Forest”, and later Japanese writer Haruki Murakami wrote a best-selling novel based on this song, along the way. The scenery is so beautiful that it makes people feel like a dream, often seeing the top of the mountain covered with snow, and the bottom is a lush green, the middle is dotted with waterfalls formed by melting snow, and the valley is dotted with small houses and clear water. mountain stream. Because there is no pollution, the whole scenery feels very pure.
  The ancient city is full of modern atmosphere.
  Oslo is another city we visited. It is a thousand-year-old ancient city and is now the capital of the Kingdom of Norway. Legend has it that Oslo means “God’s Lawn” in Norwegian, and it also means “God’s Valley”. In addition to maintaining the wildness and tranquility unique to Norway, Oslo has a little more urban modernity. Oslo is the political, economic and cultural center of Norway, with beautiful and pleasant harbor seascapes, as well as distinctive sculptures and buildings. The leisurely passers-by are full of the straightforwardness and boldness unique to the Nordics. There is also the famous Pirate Ship Museum, which displays two of the world’s best-preserved wooden pirate ships built in the 9th century AD… All this is fascinating. Today’s Norwegians seem to prefer pirates as a mythical fragment left on the shore, and enjoy today’s affluent life.
  The charm of Norway is everywhere, the simple countryside and bustling cities, towering mountains and steep waterfalls, as well as the fjord area where its soul is located, painting, sculpture and historical drama also add a strong artistic atmosphere to Norway, These made our trip to Norway unforgettable impression.

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