Variety of New Year’s Foods

  To celebrate the New Year, every country in the world has its own traditional food.
  The United States is a country where various ethnic groups gather, so the auspicious foods for the New Year are also varied. Among the descendants of German immigrants in Ohio, traditional New Year’s foods are pickles and pork. They believe that chickens are struggling to survive by digging the soil for food, but pigs are different. If they eat pork in the New Year, they will be like pigs without worrying about food and drink this year, and they will be more fortunate and rich. Black people in the United States like to eat the green leaves of cabbage during the Chinese New Year, because the leaves of this vegetable are similar in color to the US dollar bills, and they can make a fortune by eating them. Residents of the southern United States eat steamed rice and black-eyed peas for the first time during the Chinese New Year. It is said that eating them can save you from hunger this year. Many Americans eat a bit of herring, because the fish often migrate in groups and symbolize prosperity for the family. The fish is always roaming, and eating it will surely keep moving forward in the new year. On most American tables, cabbage, herring, sardines, salt, honey, etc. are the main food items, in order to seek a prosperous year.
  When the Greeks celebrate the New Year, they always make a big cake at home and put a coin in the cake. The host cuts the cake into several pieces and distributes it to family members and visiting guests. Whoever eats this coin will be the luckiest and richest person in the year.
  In Spain, on New Year’s Eve, people gather in the most lively square in the center of Madrid, waiting for the clock to strike at midnight. Everyone prepared a bottle of champagne and 12 grapes in advance. On New Year’s Eve every year, the big bell in the square strikes 12 times as usual. This is the time when people are the most nervous. Because according to the rules, every time the bell rings, one grape must be eaten. After about 5 seconds, the bell rings for the second time, and then the second grape is eaten… 1 minute later, the bell rings, and the 12 grapes in hand The grapes must be eaten just in time. If they are eaten early, or they cannot be eaten within the stipulated time, it will indicate bad luck in the coming year. Because there were too many people in the square, there was a lot of noise everywhere, so the bells could not be heard clearly, so people later switched to watching TV broadcasts at home and eating grapes.
  In Italy, lentils are eaten first in the New Year. It is like an ancient coin. Eating this kind of beans will make money all over the world. Some people make flour into the shape of lentils, roast it and then mix it with honey as a New Year’s food, which means to pray for a rich life and a sweet love life. In the Portmont area, eating a chicken-and-onion-flavored rice simmer, accompanied by melted cheese, means a lot of children. Roman friends exchanged fried figs soaked in honey as a symbol of friendship.
  Celtic people in Ireland always serve visiting guests a large piece of pastry with different things in it for New Years. If an unmarried woman eats a ring, it means that the wedding day is coming; if she eats a button, it means she will still be a bachelor within a year; if she eats a thimble, it means that she will not be able to get married this year; fortune.
  Iraqis wake up early on holiday mornings to eat porridge cooked with meat and oil, heralding a good harvest.
  The Indian New Year food “Appam” is a home-made snack made with flour, milk, cocoa, palm resin, etc. Appam is also supplemented with milk fudge, mango, hot and sour soup, curry broth, etc., all five flavors. Eating these things in the new year reminds people that in the new year, life will be complicated, with joys and sorrows, and to welcome everything that will happen in the new year with an optimistic attitude.

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