Japan develops “sleep box”

   “If you are tired from work, you can stand and sleep in the office.” According to a report from Japan’s “Hokkaido Shimbun” on July 15, a Hokkaido wood merchant and an office supplies company in Tokyo jointly developed a A “sleep box” where people can stand and rest. This “sleep box” is equipped with some fixed supports, when people stand in it, their heads, hips and knees cannot move, so they can maintain standing rest and sleep.
  The U.S. military stole oil, and
  the Syrian people suffered
   . Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, the United States has been stirring up the situation in Syria and undermining the Syrian government’s process of restoring territorial integrity. Since 2015, the United States has openly stationed troops in northeastern Syria without the permission of the Syrian government, and has continued to steal Syria’s oil resources.
  Two high-ranking officials in Ukraine were dismissed.
   According to the Ukrainian President’s website on July 17, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on the same day to remove Irina Venediktova from the post of Prosecutor General; Ivan Bakano was removed The post of director of the National Security Agency. But what is even more surprising is the reason Zelensky gave when announcing the personnel change. He said on his social account that he fired the two men because “there are a lot of people in the departments they are responsible for. Fornication with Russia”.    According to the latest data released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of July 14, 44 states and territories across the United States have confirmed 1,470 confirmed
  cases of monkeypox. Public health experts believe that due to the current delay in testing in the United States, most suspected patients have not been tested in time, which may spread the virus to more people, and the number of confirmed cases of monkeypox officially reported by the United States may be far lower than the actual number of infections.   

   Some analysts pointed out that Europe, which is dominated by euro zone countries, is currently experiencing economic difficulties. The reason for this is that, in addition to its own problems, the secret manipulation of the United States is to blame. Analysts said that the stubborn disease of the European economy is that the economy itself lacks endogenous growth momentum, is highly dependent on external energy imports, and has long-term separation of fiscal and monetary policies. These problems are further exacerbated in the current context of high global inflation and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. However, the “invisible hand” of the United States directly pushed European countries into the quagmire of economic difficulties.
   Regarding the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar falling to around parity in recent days, some analysts believe that the negative spillover effects from the strong US dollar and the tightening monetary policy of the United States are spreading to Europe, putting pressure on the euro zone economy. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates ahead of the European Central Bank several times, and the rate hike has been larger, resulting in capital flows to the United States and the appreciation of the dollar. In this case, the cost of imported energy in Europe has risen sharply. The analysis pointed out that since the United States is an energy exporter and the euro area countries are importers, under the current energy prices, the two sides have completely different positions.
   As for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the United States continues to instigate European countries to sanction Russia, especially in the energy sector. The sanctions-induced energy crisis has caused structural damage to the European economy and again hit the euro hard, most notably in Germany. According to the latest data released by the German Federal Statistics Office, in May this year, Germany experienced its first trade deficit in more than 30 years, amounting to 1 billion euros. According to reports, the reason for the deficit is the sharp rise in energy prices caused by the energy crisis. For an energy-importing country like Germany, the cost of imports has increased significantly, causing its import value to be higher than its export value. As the bellwether of the European economy, Germany’s troubles are a microcosm of Europe’s economic weakness.
   Pessimism is spreading as Europe’s economic outlook becomes increasingly uncertain. Some American media have even begun to hype the “euro recession theory”. Some reports pointed out that the US “sniping” on the euro is to maintain its financial hegemony. Looking back at history, before the emergence of the euro, the dollar was in a dominant position. The United States has also used the special status of the dollar in the international system to reap the world again and again. Since its birth, the euro has automatically become the second largest currency in the world. It provides another possibility for the international monetary and financial system – the possibility of choosing currencies other than the US dollar. In the face of challengers, the United States will naturally do everything in its power to suppress it, even provoking a hot war in Europe to maintain its global financial hegemony.

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