It was obviously winter, but Xiao Yu, who was standing on the starting platform, saw a bird.
  It was a fiery red bird, rolling down in the snow for some reason. Xiao Yu looked at it from a distance, the bird slowly stood up in the dazzling white snow, shook off the white snow on her body, and fluttered her wings –
  that smear of red just soared into the sky.
  Xiao Yu looked down at the clothes on her body, which reflected bright red in the sun, and the flag inlaid with five red stars in the distance was particularly conspicuous in the crowd. Xiao Yu smiled, stepped on the snowboard, and jumped down. The blue ring of the sun shrouded Xiao Yu. In the high sky, everything around was twisted and rotated like a kaleidoscope. Only the sound of the wind was so firm. When she saw the birds were level with her, Xiao Yu couldn’t help reaching out and grasping the small ball. Small shadow.
  The shadow of the tree outside the window flickered, and a dark shadow brushed over the branches and made the green branches collide. The noise outside the window startled Xiao Yu who was doing her homework. Xiao Yu stretched out her hand and slowly circled her fingers into a circle. Through the focused light, Xiao Yu saw them flying higher and higher until they disappeared into the distance. This is the south, and the heat and the mixed sound of cicadas and the outside air conditioner combined into summer. She reached for the water glass, and when she opened the lid, she was scalded. The water boiled in the morning has not cooled down yet. Xiaoyu suddenly thought of something, ran to the kitchen with slippers, opened the corner of the refrigerator, accompanied by the aroma of vegetables, the cold sticking to the skin, Xiaoyu stuffed the water glass into it.
  Xiao Yu did not close the refrigerator door, but looked at his water glass through the narrow gap, and the wall of the water glass was quickly coated with a layer of frost. Xiao Yu took it out and couldn’t help but touched the inner wall of the refrigerator, a strange cold and tingling sensation spread. Xiao Yu looked out the window. Today is a good day. Soft white clouds float in the sky, like snow covered in winter.
  Snow! Feather stroking the ice crystals in the refrigerator thought of the birds flying in the sky outside the window. Born in the south, Xiao Yu rarely sees snow. There may be snow at my grandmother’s house, but I can only go back every New Year, and my stay is very short.
  There was a sound and the sound of a key coming from the entrance hall. Xiao Yu was taken aback and pulled out his water glass, and turned off the refrigerator with a bang.
  ”Xiaoyu, why are you playing with ice again?” Mom carried a big box.
  ”It’s too hot, I think…”
  Mom looked at the water glass in Xiaoyu’s hand, and said a little reproachfully, “I told you not to drink cold water, and you’ll have stomach troubles later…”
  ”I know.” Xiaoyu went. I took the big box in my mother’s hand and placed it on the coffee table in the living room.
  ”Xiaoyu, where are your snacks, take them out later and put them on the table to share with your classmates.” Mom took out a few more bags from the cabinet. Seeing Xiaoyu spelling out a piece of paper in the big box in confusion, her mother took it over with a smile, made a crown, and put it on Xiaoyu’s head.
  ”Today you’re a birthday star. Be more enthusiastic when the children come.” Mom said.
  Today is the last day of July 2015, and it’s Koba’s eleventh birthday.
  After dinner together, friends gather at home early. Mom turned off the lights, the candles flickered in the shadows, and everyone clamored for Xiao Yu to make a wish quickly. Xiao Yu put her hands together, and the picture of birds flying across the sky flashed in her heart.
  ”I want to be a bird on the snow.” Xiao Yu put down a soft seed in her heart.
  The candle flame disappeared with a puff, and Xiao Yu blew out the candle.
  ”Happy birthday to Xiao Yu!” Everyone said together.
  The background sound of the TV was mixed with the children’s singing: “The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics bid is successful!”
  ”Oh, wait, what did you just say on TV? The Beijing Winter Olympics bid was successful?” An uncle opened his phone. , “Really! Xiaoyu, today is really a good day!”
  ”Xiaoyu, do you want to be a skier in the future?” Susu asked Xiaoyu, “I often see you draw ski figures.”
  ” Oh, there’s no snow in the south.” Mom interrupted them, “Xiaoyu, cut the cake and share it with everyone.”
  ”Let’s eat cake together!”
  After the friends left, Xiao Yu and her mother opened gifts together. “Your aunt gave you a princess dress.” Mom opened the package and called Xiao Yu to stand over and compare her, “It’s so pretty, your aunt knows what you like.” Mom saw Xiao Yu holding her hand. the keychain, and asked: “That was given to you by Susu? What is it?”
  ”It’s a snowboard keychain.” Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed.
  Mother looked at the snowboard for a while, and suddenly remembered something, “Baozuo” ran to the room, “I forgot my mother’s gift, and my mother also prepared a gift for Xiaoyu.
  ” The neck is decorated with a big bow, “Cute, right?”
  ”Cute, thank you mom.” Xiao Yu took it and held it in her arms.
  Before going to bed, Xiaoyu put the princess dress back in the closet, piled the teddy bears into the box, looked at the snowboard keychain Susu gave, and fastened it on the schoolbag.
  The first snow had already fallen in this northern city, and a thick layer of snow had accumulated in the snow field, reflecting dazzling white light under the sunlight.
  In the training ground, Xiao Yu stepped on the snowboard and rowed to the diving platform, took off, spun, and the whistling wind blew past her ears. When he was about to land, the heart-piercing pain came from his calf, and Xiaoyu’s leg fell softly into the snow and rolled a few times.
  ”Are you alright!” Yaya, Xiaoyu’s friend in the distance, ran over.
  ”It’s okay, it just fell.” She tried to get up, but found that she couldn’t use her strength on her feet, and fell again.
  ”Hey! Look at this…” The medical staff helped Xiao Yu to the nearby medical office.
  After the inspection, Xiao Yu, who was sitting beside the bed, held the hot water that Yaya gave her, and watched the white mist rise from the water. Xiao Yu’s eyes were reflected in the small cup. covered. Yaya pushed open the door and came in. Seeing Xiaoyu, she said, “The doctor just said that you are fine, but the previous injury has not fully recovered.”
  Yaya found a stool and sat down, “You too, you know you haven’t fully recovered yet, and it’s almost New Year’s Eve, why are you rushing over to train again…” Yaya suddenly stopped, “Are you planning to go home for the New Year?”
  Xiaoyu shook her head and said, “My grandma is also in this city…” The
  phone rang suddenly, Yaya saw this and said to Xiaoyu, “I’m going to training first! Answer the phone first.
  ” Looking at the caller ID, Xiao Yu picked it up: “Hello… Mom.”
  ”Xiao Yu.” Mom’s voice came from the other end of the phone. The signal at the ski resort was a little bad, and her mother’s voice was covered in fog. “Are you healed? Did you go to training again?”
  Xiao Yu lowered his head and said “um”.
  Xiaoyu said: “Some special circumstances have occurred this year…Maybe I won’t be able to accompany you to celebrate the New Year this year.”
  ”It’s fine.” The mother over there smiled, “I’m going to training again…is it about to race?”
  ”Yeah!” Xiaoyu He replied, “I want to stand on that…world stage. I don’t want to regret my choice.”
  ”Come on, Xiaoyu! It’s definitely possible.” Mom encouraged, “You have always been doing your best, and along the way, you have never I have no regrets.”
  Before the new year, Xiaoyu took the time to train, and after the end, Xiaoyu took a car to go to her grandmother’s house. At this time, there were no pedestrians on the road. In the darkness, only the street lights were flickering, and the warm yellow light was embedded in the window. Xiao Yu saw the water vapor on the glass, so she couldn’t help but take off her gloves and put it on the window of the car. After drawing the appearance of the five rings, he sighed again, watching the pattern slowly disappear.
  What does snow feel like? Memories are like fragments of a kaleidoscope, scattered in my mind. Perhaps it was the small ice crystals that the eleven-year-old summer felt four years ago, and the strange and tingling feeling along the way came over like this. There were quarrels, injuries, and tears in the corner at night, but it was more about the precious, happy memories of Snow — something she loved.
  Pushing the box and getting out of the car, Xiao Yu saw the figure waiting at the gate of the community from a distance. Xiaoyu happily called “grandma” from a distance and ran forward, the hot air exhaled through the mask slowly disappeared into the night. The hat of the down jacket slid down from his head, and a few snowflakes stuck to Xiao Yu’s hair.
  Grandma smiled, “Xiaoyu is back, let’s go, go upstairs!”
  When he entered the house, Xiaoyu saw a box that was close to a person’s height and had not been opened. Grandma saw Xiao Yu staring at it and told her to dismantle it.
  ”This was sent to you by your mother some time ago. She said it was… a gift for you.”
  Xiao Yu took the scissors and slowly took it apart. It was a red snowboard with a large bird pattern on the board. .
  ”Oh…and this, your mother said that it was a birthday present for you before. You are training abroad and preparing for the competition. You haven’t been home for so long, so your mother sent it here…” Grandma Another cardboard box was taken out.
  Xiao Yu opened it, and the first thing that appeared was the smiling face of Little Bear, wearing a big bow.
  In the evening, Xiaoyu carefully moved the snowboard into the room, put the bear on the bed, and sent a text message to his mother: “Thank you mom, I like the bear and the new snowboard very much.”
  The wind whistling in his ears stopped, Xiao Yu fell firmly to the ground. There was silence for a while, and then there was a burst of cheers. Xiaoyu couldn’t believe her performance either. She squatted down and let the snow touch her cheeks. The unique aura of ice and snow and the feeling of being pierced by thorns were transmitted to her whole body.
  Surrounded by friends from all over the world.
  In the distance, the bright five-star red flag is fluttering.
  Seeds germinate here.

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