The winter in S City in the south is like the spring in the north: blue sky, white clouds, warm wind, green trees, flowers…
  ”Pick up the baby, grandma?” An old lady who spoke from the back of her nose with her tongue up asked Grandma Hu.
  Grandma Hu was sitting on the steps next to the gate of the Red Star School, waiting for her grandson to finish school. She looked at the person who called her “grandma”. She was stunned for a moment, and then her eyes widened in surprise. The old lady was full of white hair, bared her front teeth, and shredded meat residue was embedded between her teeth. Grandma Hu felt that the two were of similar age. This old lady called herself “grandma”.
  She replied according to the habit of the north: “eldest sister, I’ll pick up my grandson. What about you?”
  ”Are you from the north? Judging from your face, you suffered a lot when you were young.” It sounds like a “hoo, hoo,” ending sound, although it sounds awkward, but Grandma Hu can still understand it.
  Grandma Hu has an opinion, unlike other old ladies, she would “pour beans in a bamboo tube – shake them all out” of the mess in the house when they met. She is always praised when she sees people, her son and daughter-in-law are filial, and her grandson and granddaughter are obedient, so she is very satisfied. She has never been like her peers. When she was young, she suffered more than anyone else…
  When she was young, her husband went to college at the age of twenty-nine, and the two children were two years older and six months younger. Her husband, who is in his 60s, is frail and sickly, and she still grows more than ten acres of responsible land.
  I can’t forget that year, it was a drought, and after the Grain Rain season, a piece of land was still empty. She tied her younger son to his back with a cloth sheet, and bent over to fetch some water on the dry well platform. Everyone who saw it was shocked: “Sister Hu, be careful, don’t drop the child into the well water…” She wiped away her tears and said, “It’s fine.” I
  can’t forget that year, when my eldest son had a sore throat and it was raining. She went to three houses to borrow a few yuan, and walked through the mud to Dongtai Temple, eight miles away, to get medicine. When I came back, it was almost dark, and the rumbling thunder exploded overhead, and the pouring rain came on my face. She fell over several times along the way and got muddy all over her body… When she got home, she just gave her eldest son medicine for his throat. When she saw that her husband was incontinent again, he was busy scrubbing him. When she was done, she hurried to the kitchen to cook. The old man and the two children were eagerly waiting for dinner.
  I can’t forget that year, when my one-year-old son had a fever and cough, and in the middle of the night he was stuffy with his mouth open and gasping for breath… She panicked, hurriedly knocked on the door of the agency, borrowed ten yuan, and called a brother of her husband. , went to Chaji Hospital overnight. The doctor said it was acute pneumonia. Fortunately, it came early, otherwise her life would be in danger… When
  she thinks of these things, she wants to cry…
  ”Grandma, why are you here?”
  She said lightly: “Show the child to my younger son…”
  ”Aren’t you angry?” She
  couldn’t tell outsiders when she was angry. The eldest granddaughter was not disciplined at school, the teacher complained, and the eldest daughter-in-law had a good temper and did not care much about the child. The teacher told Grandma Hu again, and she replied, “My eldest daughter-in-law won’t be in a hurry, she can’t control the child…” As soon as she entered the house in the morning, the eldest son had a livid face and pointedly roared: “What nonsense are you talking about outside? Now? How glorious is it for you to speak ill of your daughter-in-law…”
  She couldn’t take it anymore, thinking to herself: She worked so hard to raise her son, but she was reluctant to eat it, so she bought food for her grandson. My son never gave me a dollar, and never gave me anything delicious. Sometimes he would carry a bag of things from outside, and the eldest son would keep arguing with her with a blushing face. She couldn’t bear it any longer: “What am I talking about? You all had some delicious food when you were young, and I gave it to your grandfather first. What did I do wrong in serving the elderly and raising offspring?”
  On the phone of my wife who was teaching outside reprimanded the eldest son. The eldest son made an apology to her and said, “I’m just this mother. When I’m so mad, I won’t have a mother anymore…”
  ”Are you used to coming here?” asked the tongue-tied old lady.
  She asked what she meant, wiped away her tears and said, “I’m used to my youngest son who never spoke to me out loud. My youngest daughter-in-law is willing to let me eat and buy me clothes…” She was telling the truth, the youngest son and his wife are indeed filial. , but… She was still troubled. That time, she wanted to eat with her granddaughter, but she could see that her granddaughter shook her head, trembling all over, and didn’t move her chopsticks. She asked, “What’s the matter?” The granddaughter said, “I don’t want to have dinner with my grandma…” At that time, her heart felt like two hammers had been smashed into her heart, she never thought it would be like this. At home, she wanted to see her granddaughter in a big city every day, but she didn’t expect her granddaughter to even eat with her. Are you dirty? She bathes every day and washes her hands many times a day. Also, the granddaughter doesn’t eat the rice she cooks, not even the eggs she boils. She was sad and felt useless. She told her younger son, who disagreed: “Isn’t this a trivial matter? If she doesn’t want to eat, she won’t eat it, she wants to develop her child’s personality.” She felt that life was boring…
  ”School time is up, teacher, you guys Hard work…” The horn of Hongxing Elementary School rang, and the students lined up and left the school gate.
  Only then did Grandma Hu think of asking the old lady Qiaotonggener: “Old eldest sister, why do you call me grandma?” The
  old lady Qiaotonggener smiled: “We call adults according to our children. My children call you ‘grandma’, so I will call you you. ‘Grandma’.”
  Grandma Hu asked, “Does your daughter-in-law call your son’s father?”
  ”Of course.” The sound of “la” was long drawn.
  Grandma Hu thought to herself: People here still value their children, and even their names depend on the next generation.
  The old lady’s grandson came out. He pointed to the old lady and said, “Buy me a matcha fish!”
  ”Is it okay to go home and eat rice?”
  ”No! No! Dirty old lady, unreasonable!
  ” With a slap-“, the old lady with her tongue raised slapped her grandson’s buttocks.
  Grandma Hu held her back: “eldest sister, you can’t beat your grandson, you need to develop your child’s personality…”
  ”The child doesn’t know how to respect the old and love the young, has a strong temper, and does a lot of evil…”
  A few years later, my wife died, and Grandma Hu did not eat or drink. The day after burying her wife and children, Grandma Hu did not open the door for a day. At dinner, the eldest daughter-in-law called her to eat, but she did not respond for a long time. The eldest son opened the door, and she lay quietly on the bed, cold all over…

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