The sunset glow turned bright red against the milky white clouds, which was very beautiful.
  After dinner, “Li Dabei” got dressed and walked to the full-length mirror to start self-appreciation: fashionable dress, well-proportioned figure. Not to mention, he’s in his 60s, and he doesn’t even have a wrinkle on his face. He’s really pretty.
  In fact, “Li Dabei” is called Li Dahua. She has loved to dress up since she was young. In addition to her tall stature, she is nicknamed “Li Dabei”.
  It has been more than five years since his wife passed away, and “Li Damei” has been living in her daughter’s house. People say that the daughter is the mother’s little padded jacket, which is not true at all. In the past few years, “Li Damei” has lived very comfortably in her daughter’s house, and her uncle will also have troubles. The little granddaughter is well-behaved and lovely, and the family life atmosphere is happy. Shopping and square dancing are her hobbies.
  That’s not it, just after dinner, “Beauty Li” began to groom, put on her favorite goose yellow dress, and then put on the pale pink scarf, wearing purple half high heels on her feet Leather shoes, go straight to the community square to dance the square dance.
  The dance music of “Lovesickness Peach Blossom Rain” is pleasant to the ear: “Lovesickness rain, falling in the peach blossoms, all the peach blossoms are you, you are more beautiful than the peach blossoms…” “Li Damei” is intoxicated by the music… The dance music is over, everyone They all sat on long wooden chairs around the community square to rest, waiting for the next song. “Beauty Li” saw that no one was sitting next to Brother Ma, so he walked over and sat down. She and Big Brother Ma met through square dancing for more than two years. Brother Ma is called Ma Shitu, 72 years old this year, a retired bank cadre. It’s been ten years since my wife passed away, and now I live alone. Both sons work in other places, the eldest is in Guangzhou and the youngest is in Xiamen. Both sons took him over to live for a period of time, but due to the large gap between the north and the south, language and living habits were not suitable, he came back without living there for a month.
  ”Big brother, you didn’t go to my son’s house?” “The eldest son called me again to urge me. I don’t want to go. It’s better to be at home. It’s all old neighbors downstairs, and it’s easy to talk. You can dance square dance in the morning and at night. It’s refreshing, listening to the dance music is in a good mood, and I can exercise my body, what a joyful day.” The dance music sounded again before we chatted a few words. “Beauty Li” and Big Brother Ma joined the square dance again…
  The square dance was over. The stylishly dressed uncles and aunts were talking and laughing, wiping away sweat and walking home.
  ”Li Dameiren” is a person who loves to talk, laugh, and has a cheerful personality. “Sister Wu, shall we go home after having a quick meal outside?” “Okay.” Sister Wu and “Damei Li” are neighbors, and they are also good sisters who often dance together. The two walked into the small restaurant while talking, ordered whatever they liked to eat, and ate while chatting.
  ”‘Big Beauty’, how far have you and Big Brother Ma developed? I think Big Brother Ma is a very good person and has good conditions. He’s more than 70 years old, and he’s quite graceful. Don’t miss this opportunity, I think He means something to you…” Sister Wu didn’t say it clearly, “Li Damei” also understood what Sister Wu meant. “I haven’t told the children about this. I don’t know what the children think.” “I think your daughter is very sensible and won’t interfere in your affairs.” “My daughter is sensible, will she object? I have no idea. Haven’t you heard of Mrs. Yu from our community? Someone introduced an old man, and she was very satisfied, but the children were unanimous. In the end, the children said: If you find the old man, they will cut off ties with her. For your sake, what can you do?” The old sisters went home after they finished eating.
  ”Li Damei” came home and was about to do laundry when the phone rang. “Hey, it’s Sister Wu, what are you going to do? Go to the karaoke hall to sing? Okay, okay, wait for me downstairs.” “Li Damei” put down the laundry that was going to be washed and went downstairs.
  As soon as “Beauty Li” came to the karaoke hall, he saw Brother Ma adjusting the volume of the microphone. He saw “Big Beauty” and Sister Wu coming, put down the microphone and let them order songs. “Sister Dahua, you sing us a song first, and let us enjoy it.” “Li Damei” is not easy to dodge, so she bluntly ordered a song “Not Enough Love”. “I think you will always find a reason for yourself, but when you say you are beautiful, you disrupt the rhythm… You said that the wild geese flew south and walked with me. I know this is the biggest reason you gave…” “Li Dameiren “It sings so eloquently and intoxicatedly. Brother Ma and Sister Wu couldn’t help applauding. You are a song, I am a song, the interest is not exhausted. Before I knew it, it was almost half past ten, “Li Damei” said to Brother Ma and Sister Wu, “It’s too late, shall we end?” Brother Ma looked at his watch and said, “It’s getting late, today we Just here, someday I will invite you to sing.” After speaking, Big Brother Ma sent “Li Damei” and Sister Wu to the gate of the community. “Thank you eldest brother.” “Beauty Li” waved goodbye to Brother Ma.
  ”Li Damei” returned home and saw that her daughter had rested, so she gently washed and returned to her room.
  The night was already very deep, and “Li Damei” did not have a trace of sleepiness. Through the beautiful thin curtains, she watched a bright moon roaming in the sky, and the melodious cicadas chirped like a crisp little song, composing the unique charm of the night! “Li Damei” reminisced and chewed… She has loved beauty and dressing since she was young, and she has heard a lot of rumors – “You look at her dressed in a demonic spirit, how old is she, and she still dresses so brightly. , she dressed like that just to find the old man.” Thinking about it, what Sister Wu said rang in her ears again: “‘Beauty’, you are right to live like this, we are not living for others to see, now that living standards have improved, people are living longer, why are you happy? How to live. Haven’t you heard people say, ‘Fifty is not a sixty wave, seventy is on the wave, and eighty can still make a wave.'” The more she thought about it, the more excited she became, but she didn’t feel sleepy at all. Yeah, isn’t that how you live your life? The beauty is beautiful, the waves are waves, whoever likes to say whatever, has his own way of living.
  Before “Li Damei” got up in the morning, the girl went to her mother’s bed: “Mom, are you worried? I seem to hear that you didn’t sleep well last night.” “No, I slept well. .” “Li Dabei” is hard-mouthed, she obviously didn’t sleep well, she just doesn’t admit it. The girl whispered mysteriously: “I think you and my Uncle Ma are very compatible.” “Li Damei” said, “We met through square dancing.” The girl smiled and went to work.
  ”Beauty Li” went straight to the community square before her daughter and son-in-law got off work and simply finished eating.
  The afterglow of the setting sun dyed the sky of the small town red, the breeze blew, and the fragrance of flowers and plants was refreshing.
  ”Li Dabei” came to the community square very early like every day. I don’t know if it was because she was in a good mood or the melodious dance music, but she felt very refreshed after dancing. Just sitting down and resting for a while and preparing to go home, Brother Ma came over and sat beside her. The dance partners all went home one after another, and neither Ma and “Li Damei” meant to go home. You and I were talking nonsense without a theme. While talking, the girl walked over with a convenient bag. “Li Damei” was stunned: “My daughter is here.” She got up and introduced to Brother Ma, “This is my daughter, who is a teacher in elementary school.” She turned around and introduced her again: “Your name is Uncle Ma.” “Uncle Ma.” Good!” The girl smiled brightly, and put the convenient bag of fruits next to her mother and said, “This is the fruit I bought, I don’t know if Uncle likes it?” After speaking, she smiled sweetly: “Uncle, you guys Let’s chat slowly, eat slowly, I’m going home.” After the daughter left, “Damei Li” looked at Brother Ma, and Brother Ma looked at “Damei Li” and laughed heartily. “Beauty Li” carried the fruit bought by her daughter, and the two chatted and laughed as they strolled to the tree-lined path outside the community square.
  The breeze was blowing gently on the fluffy shawl hair of “Damei Li”, and her slightly shy cheeks were rosy and shiny. She couldn’t help holding Brother Ma’s arm… The
  sunset is even more brilliant!

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