Find my fault

   Derek was talking on the phone with his lover, when Sheriff Locke came in and stood in front of him. Derek stood up in panic: “Sheriff, I’m checking the information with the client and I’m going to report to you.”
   Sheriff Locke waved his hand, as if he didn’t want to hear the case. With a sullen face, he walked around the room twice, sank into the chair, and said to Derek, “You’re looking for trouble with me.”
   Derek said nothing. Sheriff Locke repeated: “You, find fault with me.”
   Derek said: “Sheriff, I am indeed an asshole, but I dare not find fault with you. I don’t do well, let you scold me. , you can play.” After that, Derek turned around and pouted.
   “No, I’m not interested.” Sheriff Locke leaned into Derek’s ear and said, “You, stop what you’re doing now, and find fault with me at this moment.”
   Derek said, “What’s wrong with you? In my heart, you are the eternal god, and I will never learn anything from you in my life. I can’t open my eyes and talk nonsense, people who lie will go to hell.”
   “Not everyone understands me like you do. Don’t you Didn’t you hear someone talking about me behind my back?”
   “My God, who would dare to act so boldly! Those wicked men have long since been put in jail. All I heard were praises for you!” Derek laughed Say.
   Sheriff Locke said: “I just ask you, in the police station, you really didn’t hear much talk?”
   Derek patted his chest and said, “Who dares to object? I passed the investigation of your promotion. I’m angry, I’ve also inquired about it, and everyone’s satisfaction with you is 100%.”
   ​​Sheriff Locke said, “I don’t believe that ghost is satisfied. I want to know what is the reason for dissatisfaction with me.”
   Derek said: “Okay. Yes, sheriff, I will try again immediately to see how long those people can hold their tongues.”
   Sheriff Locke said, “You were drawn by me, and I have been with me the longest. I only trust you. You find fault with me. .”
   Derek said: “Sheriff, do you have to find fault with me? You sometimes arrive late and leave early because you are handling cases in the field; you are lazy in physical management because you are diligent; you do not pay attention to your image because you are considerate of your subordinates… Sheriff Locke said: ”
   Is it still in the image? At breakfast today, I saw Superintendent Marshall. I greeted him respectfully, and he ignored me. He must be dissatisfied with me…”
   “Are you sure he is Police Marshall ?” Superintendent?”
   “Sure. Although I forgot to wear my glasses today, I know Superintendent Marshall even if he turned to ashes.” Sheriff Locke said, “Also, I know him very well, and if I have an opinion on anyone, I’m ready to dismiss him. He ignores who he is, and leaves him to reflect on himself. What did I do wrong? I can’t think of it, how could I have made a mistake? Derek, what do you think? But Superintendent Marshall is not satisfied with me, so I will I must have made a mistake. What’s wrong? I asked a bunch of people just now and no one told me. So Derek, please, you have to help me, even if I’m wrong, you have to help me find fault! I You can’t lose my job.”
   Derek roared suddenly: “Locke, you bastard, I’ve had enough of you! You are so sinful. I have long hated you, waiting to see what happens to you.”
   At this time, the door was pushed open again, and Miss Sally, the secretary, came in, looked at Sheriff Locke, who was sitting on the ground, and said, “Superintendent Marshall just called. , when will the case be closed? Please make it an iron case.”
   Sheriff Locke trembled: “When will Superintendent Marshall have the result?”
   Sally said: “He will come back. Superintendent Marshall went the day before yesterday. Rokuo has a meeting and will be back in three days.”
   Sheriff Locke said, “Superintendent Marshall is not in the city today?”
   Sally said, “Yes, he went to Rokuo the day before yesterday!”
   “Oh, so I am today. It wasn’t Superintendent Marshall who I met…” Superintendent Locke stood up, patted his straight uniform, turned around, glared at Derek, who was trembling, and said, “Wait, Derek, you dare to find me. Stubble, look back and see how I clean up you!”

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