German city of witches

  Speaking of witches, people often think of unlucky words such as “witchcraft” and “devil”. However, the small town of Goslar in the Harz Mountains of Germany calls itself a “Witch City” and insists on performing witch dramas with different forms and rich contents every week, thus attracting many tourists.
  The small town of Goslar is known as the “Northern Rome”, with a population of less than 50,000, but there are 47 churches and monasteries. When you enter Decheng, you can see the century-old half-timber-structured houses listed in the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO, which are simple and exquisite. On both sides of the street, large and small shops have witch souvenirs for sale. Tourists can buy “signature souvenirs” everywhere – witch dolls with different expressions and funny looks. The price is not expensive, and the average tourist will spend about 20 euros (About RMB 200) Buy a few and give them to relatives and friends after returning home. However, the most famous in this small town is the one-of-a-kind witch museum in the world. In addition to exhibiting various shapes of witches and various tools used by witches, there are also many historical and legendary materials about witches. Interested tourists can buy a few volumes and take them back to study and study.
  According to the relevant data, women, especially those who pharmacy, practice medicine, and can read and write, have been highly respected by people in the Germanic cultural area as early as the Middle Ages. However, the rise and development of Christianity in Germany had an impact on this tradition. The missionaries believed that too much respect for women was not in line with Christian teachings, and that women should be absolutely subordinate to men. As a result, the social status of women gradually declined, and the church did everything possible to degrade women, and the image of witches that vilified women appeared. Women who were regarded as “witches” began to be persecuted, and some were even burned alive. In 1484, the priest Heinrich and Yekob jointly wrote “The Witch’s Hammer”, which listed many methods of identifying witches in detail, and launched the huge “European Witch Trial”, which wanted to annihilate the witches and uproot them in one fell swoop. remove. Witch trials have a very dark side, and most of the “witches” executed are innocent women. Although there are witches who are lucky enough to escape the disaster and continue to spread witchcraft, their popularity is far from the same.
  According to local guides, there is a more interesting “Witch Festival” in the Harz Mountains in Germany. Since ancient times, May 1 is the beginning of summer in the eyes of Europeans, and the night before the arrival of summer, according to the legend of the Harz Mountains, is the day when witches gather, so April 30 is called “Witch’s Day” by the locals . Therefore, in the early morning of this day every year, local residents put on fancy clothes, witch masks, and witch utensils, and gather from all directions to the streets of Goslar to start a grand parade ceremony. In the evening, people started drinking and carnival, dancing “witch dance” and singing “witch song” one by one to celebrate the arrival of summer. In addition to the witches played by everyone, there are also characters such as liars, musicians, dragons, unicorns and wolves participating in the dance. When it was nearly midnight, after people were tired of singing and dancing, they started to set off fireworks. All the witches also set off on their way home under the light of the fireworks, giving up the Harz Mountains to the goddess of summer. At this time, people in the city tied crosses and firewood to the door, whipped whips, and chimed the church bells, all said to resist witchcraft.
  According to another report, during the “Witches Festival” in 2003, Goslar City also held a “World Congress of Witches”, where more than 100 representatives of witches from all over the world gave speeches at this gathering, hoping to prevent natural disasters through witchcraft man-made disasters, and strive for world peace.

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