Love, let the deceased go well

  ”The Undertaker”, a person who sees off the deceased. Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Academy Awards; Best Film of the Year at the 2009 Japanese Film Festival; the highest award at the 32nd Montreal International Film Festival; Japan Film Awards at the 63rd Mainichi Film Awards; the 32nd The Japan Academy Award, which includes 10 awards in 13 units including best film, director, and leading actor; the 30th Yokohama Film Festival for the best film and director, Hirosue Ryoko and Yu Guimei both won the best female Supporting Actor Award. This is a Japanese film about human nature, love and beauty.
  Plot: Dawu Kobayashi, played by Masahiro Benmu, returned to his hometown after losing a job in a band in Tokyo, and became an mortuary by accident. In Japan, maybe in any country, this is an industry that is not understood . Because this is a profession dealing with death, he was a little repulsive at the beginning, and his wife’s opposition and his friends’ disgust made him even more shaken. But with the understanding of this industry, he slowly understood and fell in love with this industry, and the people around him gradually understood. More importantly, he finally forgave his father who abandoned him when he was a child.
  Details: Japan is a nation that pays attention to details, as can be seen from a ritual event such as burial. Every step of the funeral procession reflects the respect and care for the deceased. Scrub your body with disinfectant → shave → dress → make up → put it in the coffin. Every step is the embodiment of the details. The most important thing in the industry of the mortuary is to respect the dead. They must protect the privacy of the deceased, and carefully observe the portrait of the deceased, so that the deceased can return to the most beautiful appearance in his life under his own hands, so that the cold person can be revived, and let him bring eternal beauty. , to another world. The mortuary must be careful, he knows: the bathhouse owner’s favorite scarf, so he tied it to her; the old lady who was dying wanted to wear the stockings of her dreams, and finally got her wish when she was entombed; the serious and even strict grandfather, At the time of the burial, he received a kiss of love from the whole family. A cafe, a vinyl record, a bumpy stone, a child’s cello, and a vague face constitute all Dawu’s memory of his father. The portrayal of these details plays a finishing touch on the plot development and thematic performance of the film.
  Relationship: father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife, all misunderstandings can be resolved when people face death. The father finally understands why his son pretends to be a woman. It turns out that when he laughs, he is as beautiful as when he is a man, because he is always his own son; the son finally understands in front of his mother’s body why his mother has to run the business all his life. Such a small bathroom with no profit, because the mother is reluctant to stop working, the work enriches her, makes her feel valuable, makes her feel that she is always so important to the people around her; the rebellious daughter dyes her hair When she became golden, her mother never accepted her rebellion, but in the end, in the face of her daughter’s death, her mother could no longer pretend to be strong; the husband never noticed the beauty of his wife before her death, because she sacrificed her youth and appearance for the whole family, But when the mortuary hand returned youth to the deceased, the silent and even tyrannical husband gave birth to tenderness in his heart, and he bowed deeply to the mortuary; when Dawu found the small stone in his father’s dying hand, all childhood memories Everything became complete, and the face of my father, who had been separated for more than 30 years, gradually became clear. Dawu finally forgave his father who abandoned him back then, and understood why he didn’t go home for so many years. Because of his shame, he could only die alone. Dawu shed tears silently while helping his father in the funeral. His father’s face when he was young gradually became clearer, and at the same time, Dawu’s hand worked hard to restore his face at that time.
  The mortuaries faced different deaths, and they used their respect and love to let the different deceased embark on a new journey in the most suitable way. So as the president Sasaki said: This is a travel-related company.
  Dialogue: On the bridge, Dawu watched the fish that went upstream to die one by one. He didn’t understand why: It
  makes me feel sad. I work hard
  for death, and I die in the end. It’s okay if I   do   n’t
work so hard   . Theorem of nature,   they are born like this   . When Dawu finally decided to take up the profession of mortuary, it was because he was full of respect for this profession, because of them:   to bring people who were already cold back to life.

  Give her eternal beauty.
  It must be calm, accurate,
  and with tender emotions.
  At the moment of parting, say goodbye to old people
  . Quiet, all actions are so beautiful.
  Dawu resigned from the president because of pressure. Dawu’s thoughts:
  that was my wife who died 5 years ago, the
  husband and wife will be separated because of death one day
  , the people who are left are very painful, make
  her beautiful and send her away,
  she is my first Guest, I started doing this job after
  she died
   (pointing to the puffer fish meat)
  I want to say the same thing.
  Creatures eat other creatures to survive, right?
  They are different. If you don’t want to
  die , you can   eat
  them.   It
‘s   delicious, it’s   delicious , it’s embarrassingly delicious.   As the old lover of the proprietress of the bathhouse, the old employee of the funeral home reluctantly sent her away, closed the window of the coffin for her, and pressed the button of cremation, as usual Same. His understanding of death is so profound and thorough:   after sighing,   he begins to recall the past little by little   . Death may be a door. The   passing away not the end,   but the transcendence   to the next step.   Just like the door,   I am the gatekeeper.

  Many people have been sent away here. They
  said , be careful on the road, and you will always meet again.
  Music: A good movie is more perfect because of the background of music, and “The Undertaker” is no exception. The addition of Hisaishi has made the film much more colorful, whether it is fueling the plot, or the meticulous portrayal of the characters’ psychology, or the added luster to the details. Hisaishi’s cello music is indisputable. The stream of consciousness of the male protagonist playing the violin in the grassland is truly a stroke of genius, lyrical and pleasant, and extraordinarily romantic. The episode of eating chicken on Christmas Eve emphasized that you can only enjoy life if you get rid of the shadow of death.
  Humor: This is a movie about death, but through the control of director Yojiro Takita, the film is emotionally long and slightly comical. Masahiro Benmu’s cuteness occasionally revealed in the solemn gaps makes people cry and laugh while watching.
   “Nothingness is the ultimate beauty”, “Death is the ultimate nothingness”, “Death is the ultimate beauty”… The nation of Japan has an aesthetic understanding of death, so there are so many talented literary artists in the theme of death. Going forward and succeeding: Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Mishima Yukio, Kawabata Yasunari…
  The mortuary dresses up not only with the last dignity and nobility of life, but also a stalwart figure left by a soul when it is gone. He allows the dead to take away the last glory of their lives, and leaves a permanent respect for the dead to the living. Death is not scary, the important thing is to let the deceased embark on a new journey with peace of mind, and the mutual understanding between the living and the dead, and the melting of contradictions. The deceased will embark on a new journey, so they must go clean, beautiful and full of respect; when the living face death, either sadness or resentment, but in the face of such a ceremony, all emotions are It becomes nothing, and there is only love left. Love can make the dead go well, and it can make the living work hard to live.

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