Hope, it’s just a bowl of fried noodles

  Under the influence of the global economic crisis today, “Kim’s Crusoe” gives people hope in the way of new wine in old bottles. Judging by the simplicity of the title, we’d think this is nothing more than a modern Korean version of Robinson Crusoe, or a re-interpretation of Tom Hanks’ Remaining Island. So I watched it with very low expectations, but after reading it, I found that the screenwriter is still very good, and it is really not easy to play something new on such an old theme. It took a year from planning to script, while the shooting took only 3 months. Once again, a good story and screenplay are necessary conditions for a good movie.
  The island, a must-have location for Crusoe A man from the Kim family who
  owes tens of thousands of dollars was chased by the bank and abandoned by his wife. He failed to commit suicide by throwing himself into the river and drifted to an isolated island on the Han River. He tried various ways to get out of here, but his mobile phone was out of power, he couldn’t swim, he gestured to the passing cruise ship for help, others thought he was waving goodbye… So he continued his quest for death, but the salvia flowers were sweet The taste made him realize that he actually had a desire for life.
  The lonely island has become a paradise for him. He builds his simple new life by relying on the garbage on the island. He searches for food and builds a nest for himself with a broken duck boat. Gradually, he has fully adapted to life on an isolated island. When there is only one thing left in life to “live”, it turns out to be so simple.
  Kim’s woman, a super house girl who hasn’t been out of the house for 3 years, her room is her island, and all the focus of her life is online. In the online world she is beautiful, varied and striking, but in reality she is scrawny, disheveled, with disheveled hair and a scar on her forehead. She has only 3 ways of contacting the outside world: one is her mobile phone, which sends a simple one-word text message to her mother; the other is a computer, where she collects pictures of beautiful women and designer clothes on the Internet, uploads them to the cyberspace, and creates a bright network for herself. Image; The third is the digital camera with a telephoto lens, which generally only captures images of the moon at night. However, there is one exception, that is, every 20 minutes on a certain day in spring and autumn every year, the whole city suddenly becomes empty from noise due to civil defense exercises. At this time, she will open the curtains and carefully observe this “ideal” through the lens. “world.
  From HELP to HELLO, the connection between the isolated island and the isolated island
  In the empty “ideal” world, the Kim woman suddenly discovered the Kim man and the HELP he wrote on the beach, so the moon was no longer her only shot Target. Kim’s man’s life and struggle has become a compulsory course for Kim’s woman, who regards him as an alien visitor and has been paying attention to his world. Gradually attracted by his world, she felt that she should have some communication with him, so she walked out of the house for the first time in 3 years, and brought him a simple greeting through the drift bottle: HELLO.
  Two people who were originally unrelated, but had similar life situations, unexpectedly developed a warm connection on their separate islands. The loneliness of being in a crowd or the feeling of being alone on an island, which is more unbearable? We are accustomed to living in the online world, and we no longer have anything to do with people when we turn off the computer. What kind of contradiction lies behind the desire for connection? If one day, we are alone in this world, will we live in peace? Or do we still yearn for another sincere attention?
  Hope, it turns out to be a bowl of fried sauce The appearance of the image of the
  fried sauce noodles is a highlight and clue of this film, and the humor of “Kim’s Crusoe” is also based on the fried sauce noodles. Jin’s man has never eaten fried noodles in his life. Maybe he thinks that there is always a time to eat fried noodles. So, when he was a child, his mother begged him to eat it, but he would not eat it; when colleagues had dinner, everyone ordered fried noodles Noodles, he insisted on ordering spicy noodles. At this time, when he was on an isolated island and faced the remaining small bag of 12 grams of jajangmian seasoning buns, he established the biggest ideal in his life, that is to eat a bowl of jajangmian made by himself. When a person has lost everything and the purpose of life is to fill his stomach, when he can experience “perfect boredom” anytime and anywhere, it is really necessary to establish a simple ideal for himself. So he cleared the land, searched for seeds from bird droppings, planted cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, and stumbled across corn. He moved forward step by step towards his dream of jjajang noodles.
  Kim’s woman saw the man’s efforts from the camera, and learned about his boundless desire for Jajangmyeon. She wanted to help him because it was too easy for her. She asked for the take-out of jajang noodles, and bought various flavors of jajang noodles for them to deliver. At the request of this strange female employer, the delivery staff, in line with the store’s purpose of “delivering the goods to the ends of the earth”, embarked on a duck pedal boat to deliver the goods to the stranger “savage” men on the island. When the man saw the ready-made noodles, he decisively refused. The woman then learned that what the man wanted was not just a bowl of fried noodles, but the wish to get noodles. He got the Jajangmyeon through his own efforts, and in the process of this effort, he could feel the existence of hope strongly. Hope is a bag of jajang noodles seasoning; hope is a corn seed; hope is a drifting bottle with greetings picked up by accident; hope is a sprout that appears on the land that oneself cultivated; hope is made from nothing Fried noodles.
  Dreams have no distinction between high and low. Dreams are the driving force for people to move forward. When human beings are in the most impoverished and most embarrassed times, they can often exude more tenacity and stronger vitality than imagined. When everything returns to its original nature, life becomes simple and beautiful, and the mood naturally becomes relaxed and open. Therefore, the Kim man who has lost everything has found the most important “hope”, and it is the Kim man’s pursuit of dreams and hope that invisibly triggers the Kim woman’s desire and courage to communicate.
  Courage, let her run
  Due low self-esteem, she lacks the courage to communicate with others, and can only decorate herself with “stolen” photos on the Internet. Netizen’s thread is one of her communication with the outside world. She is afraid of crowds, afraid of the sun, but eager to communicate with people. So she hid behind a high-powered camera to observe the every move of the Kim man, and sent her greetings with a drift bottle, which was the most suitable new way of communication for her. From “HELLO” to “HOW ARE YOU!” to “FAN, THANK YOU, AND YOU?” He is working hard day by day, and she is changing little by little. She tried to walk out of the room and said the first words to her mother in three years: “I want to grow corn.” She had only 1/6 of her life, but gradually fell to the ground. She began to face the sun and began to have joy. Feeling sad and happy, he began to try to express his true feelings to the people around him, he began to walk out of the house, and finally rushed to the street desperately, facing the strange eyes of people, and ran happily and freely under the blue sky with the moon.
  Return and regain confidence
  When the man’s bus card makes a “di” sound, it really means that he has returned to the real world of reinforced concrete from the paradise he cultivated. In fact, when the island was hit by a storm, the Kim man was fully equipped with the ability to resist all difficulties: he bid farewell to his duckling house gracefully; after being discovered by the management staff, he “rescue” out of the isolated island, even though he felt helpless, But one has to accept this reality, but the trampled scarecrow makes people feel a little sad, because in the eyes of others, he is a “madman”. However, some small details at the end revealed the director’s true intention: those little robots stayed quietly in the administrator’s house, they witnessed the whole process of the house girl coming out; A cluster of small yellow flowers emerged, which are also symbols of tenacious vitality; the garbage bags contain the debris accumulated by women in the house for many years, and their destination means the end of the “house”; of course, there are new growth in those flower pots. The sprouts that came out were also full of endless hope.
  The director told us such a sobering fact: escape is only temporary, and reality still needs courage to face. However, we should believe that the Kim men and women at this time are no longer the “suicidal men” and “inferior women” they used to be, and they have all come out of despair. Even if there are still difficulties in the future, there is nothing to be afraid of.
  This film has nothing to do with love.

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