Tangled, has become a song

  Inexplicably like this film, I like the romantic atmosphere and blues style in it; I like the dark blue water under the British cold gray sky; I like the light music floating in the cold air; I like her wearing a dark corset dress, dignified and beautiful, He has a firm expression; likes his clear eyes and melancholy expression; likes the delicacy and subtlety of Victorian emotional expression; likes the warm warmth and deep love under the light of the fire…
  An interview In a
  dim room, the lights are beating. The firelight reflected her young, delicate face: quiet and sad.
  Not far from the opposite side, a man was in the dark and asked her through the mouth of an old woman. A lattice window blocked her view, and she couldn’t see his face…
  After a few questions, he chose her.
  This is the prologue part of the film “Heartfire”: similar to the screening of an interview.
  The purpose of the interview is to give birth to a child.
  The story takes place in the winter of 1838, in a small English seaside county. Charlie, a young British nobleman, secretly recruited a woman who could give birth to a child in order to inherit the family; Elizabeth, a Swiss woman, came to apply for the job in order to pay her father’s debts. A deal was struck, and three nights of skin-to-skin kisses followed.
  3 nights In
  a seaside hotel, they secretly spent three nights together… On
  the first night, the man put down his glass and said awkwardly, “It’s time to start.” A deal went on silently. She was as cold as ice, just turned her face sideways, and there was no trace of passion in her sober eyes. There was still her corset between them.
  In the early morning, in the face of the man’s guilt and contradiction, she said seriously: “We are not here for lust, so we are all right.” On
  the second night, the woman quietly fell in love with this melancholy man, and repeatedly suppressed it. Addicted a few times. After Huan Ai, she caressed the sleeping man beside her, burst into tears, and whispered softly: “I don’t know your name.”
  Early morning, by the sea.
  ”I really want to shout out,” she said.
  The man said, “Then just call.” There was a light flashing in his gentle and encouraging eyes.
  She opened her mouth and made a low, hoarse voice, unable to let go of her suppressed emotions.
  On the third night, in the warm bath, they removed all restraints and became intimate and passionate…
  The two people who had never known each other spent three nights together, from indifference, attachment to ecstasy. 3 different postures and expressions convey the process from transaction, attraction to acceptance between them. After that, she gave birth to a girl. According to the agreement, the two sides will never have anything to do with each other and will never see each other again.   7 colorful pictures
  after 7 years , omitting 7 years that may have been difficult for each of them, especially for her.
In the gorgeous and elegant paintings and the meaningful handwriting, there are endless thoughts for her daughter. As time passed, the daughter who was taken away immediately after giving birth and the crisp cry became the biggest concern in her heart. For this, she kept searching.
  It’s been 7 years since we met again. By chance, she was employed as a teacher by a British noble family, and the student was her biological daughter!
  The little girl’s name was Louisa. withdrawn, autistic and rebellious. Has a pale face and blue eyes. There was a hint of unease and stubbornness in his eyes. The little girl knows that the woman who is sick in bed is not her biological mother, and that she lacks maternal love, so she has a virtual mother in her heart, and Huxin Xiaozhu is a paradise for her to get along with the mother in her heart. She hides in a small building in the heart of the lake all day, refusing to communicate with others, except to pamper her and love her father. And the father’s love could never fill her longing for mother’s love. Therefore, when she was young, she was lonely and sensitive. What prompted all this to change started with the appearance of the female tutor.
  Seeing each other again, Elizabeth suppressed her inner ecstasy and walked slowly to Charlie. He was stunned by the sudden reunion. In the past 7 years, how could he ever forget the woman in front of him who had spent three nights with him. Dark feelings, face-to-face encounters. There is nowhere to hide and nowhere to hide. In the face of a family that exists in name only, and the responsibility and morality he bears, how should he handle himself…
  The metaphor of “fire”
  ”Fire is like magic, it can make time stand still. When you turn off the lights, you don’t have to stick to the rules. You can do anything and say anything. But when the lights come on again, time flows again. What you do, I forgot what I said. Not only did I forget, it was like it never happened.” By the
  fire, she and her daughter mentioned the metaphor of “firelight”. The faint tired look and the faintly sentimental words touched the unspeakable feelings in my heart inadvertently. There is no publicized and intense emotional catharsis, and everything seems to be clear. In the Victorian era, which was famous for advocating moral cultivation and humility and politeness, the moving part of emotion was precisely the delicate hesitation in the restraint, the secret turbulence that kept on speaking and became more and more intense. The fire that burns silently in the cold night is undoubtedly endowed with these appropriate metaphors. When the daughter conveyed the metaphor of “fire” to her father, it ignited the dark flame that had been buried in his heart for 7 years. It was also under the reflection of this cluster of flaming firelights that he and her embraced tightly once again, and their souls and flesh became one.
  The next morning, she walked lightly to the lake. The long-suppressed emotions were released, she opened her heart, and finally cried out. The lightly rotating body, the slightly raised chin, and the shallow smile are full of happiness and satisfaction. The surging emotions spread out little by little in a gentle rhythm, like a flower blooming slowly. Around her, the clear lake water, the flying snowflakes, the misty mist, the clean and hazy air, and the soothing and lingering music. The whole picture is exquisite and beautiful, like a dream.
  ”I’m not a servant, I’m a prisoner. It will be the same when you grow up. The doors around you will be closed to you just because you are a woman! If you are married, everything you have will be your husband What you have. If you don’t get married, the doors of all professions will be closed to you; except for one, and this job will humiliate you and leave you alone for life. It will keep you, Louisa! But there is one door they do Can’t close. They can’t imprison your mind! That’s why I teach you to read, I want you to have your own life”!
  Facing her daughter’s rude remarks, she was shocked and angry. She splashed blue ink on her daughter’s face and then red ink on her own. He started the above-mentioned enlightenment education for his daughter in a short and hasty manner. Tell your daughter what really matters as a woman.
  The daughter is perverse and unruly, and it is not difficult to imagine that such teaching is difficult, but she has never flinched. She locked her daughter in a room and confronted her; she refused to eat together with her daughter who protested on hunger strike; she solemnly discussed with her daughter a plan to commit suicide and kill herself… With her wisdom and selfless maternal love, she finally opened up The door of her beloved daughter’s long-closed heart.
  I still remember the thrilling scene: the little girl saw him sleeping with her, turned around and closed the door, and then walked barefoot on the frozen lake in a thin nightgown. Terrified, Elizabeth cried out, but her daughter did not stop when the ice shattered and her daughter fell into the lake. She beat the ice with all her might and dived to the bottom, desperate to hold her daughter tightly in her arms. Back in the room, I wrapped my daughter in a thick blanket. Under the fire of the fire, she looked at her sleeping daughter, kissed her cheek, and promised softly: “Dear daughter, I will never leave you.”… Every bit of care and love warms her heart cold and lonely mind.
  Once, my daughter came to her room, saw the beautiful picture book, and understood everything. Throwing herself into her arms, she whispered, “Mom, mom…” She was so excited that she wept with joy. The faint and soft light shrouded her and her daughter, which was quiet and warm, making people inexplicably moved.
  Unbreakable Faith After the funeral –
  she: “Did you do it?”
  He: “Yes…I think that’s what she needs. But I can’t know exactly what she needs. I have to live with this sin all my life. ”
  She: “Me too, living with this sin.”
  He: “You? You didn’t do anything.”
  She: “No, I did. I want you and Luisa, all in my mind, in my heart , in the will, for 7 years. This belief of mine destroys all obstacles in the way of my belief – including your wife, your family, your world…I never thought about the power of belief There is so much”!
  She was shocked by herself, by the power of belief. The audience was shocked by her, her thrilling words, and her invincible belief. There is no pretense and hypocrisy in such a confession, only frankness and frankness. She looked so tough and beautiful, she was astonished. to keep this belief. For 7 years, she has paid too much. In the face of torment and pain, she does not avoid or expand, and has been silently enduring it.
  Back then, she came by boat, wearing a black coat, standing beside the boat. Sell ​​your body in three nights, and sell your flesh after 10 months. Thinking of this, under the calm and indifferent expression, how miserable and sad it must be. She just stared silently at the misty and cold sea. The sea breeze blew the corners of her clothes, and her long hair fluttered in the wind. In the cold air, fog filled the air.
  Although she came from a humble background and was dependent on others, she still had a straight back and firm eyes. Because of her dignity and arrogance, she is fearless. She straightened her spine, like a cold flower, blooming quietly in her own way, secretly incense. Her perseverance, determination and courage, with irresistible charming style, fascinated him and made him admire.
  Breaking Taboo
  Charlie , a man with a dilemma. His beloved wife was turned into a vegetative state in a car accident 10 years ago. Since then, the manor has become empty and lonely, and the host Charlie has become introverted and gloomy. For the sake of the family’s reputation and the need for succession, he approved the transaction of childbirth. For 10 years, he took good care of his bedridden wife and pampered his pampered daughter. Deep in my memory, there are bits and pieces of spending three nights with that woman. Although he was an aristocrat, he refused to live a luxurious and decadent life. He is restrained and clean, not indulging, not giving up, and bearing. In the eyes of his romantic father, he is “inhuman” and “incomprehensible”. With light and decent courtesy, he refused the invitations and temptations of others. Guard your inner misses and keep silent.
  He is kind, but not pedantic. After thinking for a while, he finally made a final decision: put out the fire, open the window, and lift the blanket over his wife. Kneeling beside the bed, unable to restrain herself, she burst into tears. Guilt and relief. It is a benevolent help for a patient who has been bedridden for 10 years, and it is better to die than life.
  I still miss that warm and touching scene: by the blue lake, he walked slowly behind her, hugged her gently in his arms, rubbed her warm neck with his face, and whispered in her ear: “I know, we’re all pretending, when you come in, I have to pretend I didn’t pay attention to you, and then I’ll stare again, in fact, the whole world is you…” He hugged her tightly, his eyes as clear and soft as water , Nostalgia and love naturally revealed. The music flows quietly and warmly.
  Happiness is spreading Before
  leaving manor, she looked back, her eyes warm, bright and moving. The family of three left in a car, and the gray and cold castle was getting farther and farther behind them. The snow-covered world is silent. A group of carriages moved slowly, and the snow marks run over by the wheels were deep and shallow, winding and stretching.
  The snow is still falling, clean and beautiful, like a fairy tale.

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