Details determine life and death

  Roy and the other five got lost. This vast green sea is like a huge ecstasy, making them dizzy when they are exhausted. For forest exploration, getting lost is the most terrifying thing, and despair and terror are quietly pervading everyone’s heart like miasma.
  They were an expedition from Europe, divided into two groups of five people each. The group headed by Roy departed from Kinshasa and went upstream along the east bank of the Zaire River. The other group, led by Vincent, departed from Ilebo and traveled north through Salonga National Park. The two groups agreed to meet in Mbandaka. And now, seven days after entering the rainforest, the mysterious path marked on the map has escaped without a trace.
  There is always a way out. They stumbled upon a small log cabin perched on a tall okame tree. Every year, zoo botanists and rainforest ecologists from all over the world venture into this dangerous forest to explore the mysteries of life and nature. This cabin is left by these respectable people. , it has become a station for scientific research and explorers. There are some items in the wooden house, which are fastened with plastic bags and hung on the wooden wall. There are matches, medicines, gauze, compass, nylon rope, bottled water, etc., as well as a ballpoint pen and a notebook. Roy opened the notebook, which contained records of the visits of scientific expedition teams and expedition teams from different countries at different times, what urgent items they took here, and what spare items were left for later people, one by one, remember Slightly upset. Yes, there is a customary rule in the cabin, that is, the visitor only takes the required amount of the urgently needed items, and at the same time takes the initiative to leave the extra part of the items brought in case others need it. In the depths of the uninhabited jungle, they can feel the care from the same kind. Roy and the others are really emotional!
  The last page of the notebook records a hand-painted map, which is clear and detailed, and tells the lost how to get out of the confusion. This is a real lifesaver for Roy and the others! Roy carefully tore off the map and put it in his pocket. They took a box of matches, a small roll of gauze, and three bottles of drinking water. According to the map, it is about 30 miles from the town of Bikoro, and it is estimated that it can be reached in less than a day. They didn’t have much left, two bottles of snake medicine and a box of compressed biscuits. Roy made a record and found that the oil of the ballpoint pen was almost exhausted, so he left his own pen. When he got down from the tree, he found that the rattan ladder was loose again, so he tied it with nylon rope. Roy is such a caring person!
  A day later, Roy and the others arrived at Mbandaka first. However, Vinson’s group has not arrived yet. In fact, they took a closer route. It was not until three days later that Roy realized the seriousness of the problem and asked the international rescue team for help.
  It turned out that after Vinson and the others crossed the Salonga National Park, they entered the near-river rainforest area, and they also lost their way due to the surge of the river. Coincidentally, they also found the magical hut. This is what the international rescue team saw from the record book Vinson left: God forbid, we came to this explorer’s sanctuary unexpectedly, and got the water, biscuits, medicine, and matches we needed– Our matches got wet. But unfortunately, we still don’t know the way out of the forest! According to the compass, we can only continue to go north, because the only thing we can know for sure is that Mbandaka is in the north!
  Roy and everyone’s hearts are completely cold! Because not far from the chalet to the north, is the swamp area called “Devil’s Bath” by the Bangara people. Once you enter, the hope of survival is extremely slim. Nine times out of ten, Vincent and the others strayed into the swamp.
  Roy was the most distressed, because he tore up the life-saving map! In fact, he should have redrawn it and left the original map for the later. Now Roy remembers a detail, that is that the notebook has been torn out seven or eight pages, no doubt used to draw the road map, they all know the importance of this original map – it is equivalent to life! Always be careful However, Roy ignored this detail and inadvertently ruined the lives of five teammates, one of which was Roy’s younger brother Nordiman, who had just graduated from University, and the other was George, his best friend for six years.
  It is human instinct to survive in danger. If you can keep calm during this period, think about others, and consider the details carefully, you can often not only save yourself, but also save others.

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