Who released the frog?

  ”Mom, I’m worried about the ‘back roll,'” my 6-year-old son Jack said, looking at our little aquatic frogs. It was floating aimlessly in the glass bowl.
   “Why?” I asked.
   “He hasn’t grown at all, and I’ve fed him a lot.” Jack put a handful of food on the tip of his finger and dipped it in the water. The ‘back roll’ came out of the dark water, swallowed the food, and floated back down to the little plastic tree on top of a pile of blue stones.
  We’ve been feeding the “back tumbling” for three years and it hasn’t grown much at all. I thought this was normal. “It’s probably only about this big,” I said.
  Jack disagreed. He said: “I feel like it’s sullen. It’s sitting there all day, and as soon as it sticks its head up, it hits the glass. I see it like it figured out that we should throw it in a pond or a river.
  ” Throwing it into the pond was no doubt a death sentence. Turtles will swallow it, I think. But in order not to frighten Jack, I didn’t say it. “Oh, maybe we can find someone to adopt it,” I suggested.
  Jack agrees, because he does think Back Roll is very unhappy.
  I have a few friends who also have aquatic frogs because a quirky friend gave each of them one as a gift. I asked around and my friend Cindy said she would “roll over” for adoption. We took the “back tumbling” to Cindy’s house and poured it into her large container. “Wow, it’s like a palace to it, with a water filter,” I said.
  Her vessel was nearly ten times larger than our glass bowl, and the water was crystal clear. There are also some realistic statues in the container, such as a pirate ship and a large seashell. Jack’s eyes lit up, he knew we had found a good place for “back roll”. When our little frog made friends with the other frog in the container, we said goodbye and went home.
  A few weeks later, Cindy called me: “You’ve got to come and see ‘Back Roll.’ You won’t believe your eyes.”
  I drove to her house. The Rollback has changed amazingly – it’s grown into a big man! It’s at least six times heavier. Its legs were round and fat, there were several layers of fat under its chin, and its olive green skin, which had once been slightly earthy brown, was now a vivid emerald green.
  As I drove home, I knew I needed to experience life outside of my little world too. My “big container” includes – expanding my circle of friends, serving my community, or discovering something new to try and experience. It may be hard to find time to do this when the kids are young, but it’s worth it, because doing things that are good for me can make me feel healthier and happier, so I must will be a better mom.

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