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    Anna’s Sadness

      ”Anna” is the work of the famous Soviet director Mikhalkov. Based on the background of the history before and after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, he recorded the growth process of his daughter in the past 13 years. A documentary with historical document significance.   In 1980, when Anna was holding a thick book and pronouncing the childish pronunciation of “ANNA” to herself, 6-year-old Anna said that she most wanted a carp as a pet and hated drinking borscht. , most afraid of witches. In the eyes of this innocent and lively Anna, the “most afraid” and “favorite” people are in a pure world and a longing for the world.…

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    Paintings by Alma Teidema

      Alma Teidemar was born on January 8, 1836 in the Netherlands. In 1852, he went to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium; in 1863, he married the French girl Prina and moved to Paris: in 1869, his beloved wife died, and he left Paris and came to London. After the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War, he stayed in London; Royal Academy of Fine Arts; became a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1879; was awarded a knighthood of the United Kingdom in 1899; was awarded the Morlett Medal in 1903; in 1906, he was awarded the Gold Medal of Architecture by the Royal…

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    Stand on the side of peace

      At the end of June, Adrian’s sea and sky are clear and blue, peaceful and far away, with occasional showers of rain on a clear day, followed by a pleasant rainbow. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Europe more than two years ago, we have developed the habit of going to campsites in summer to escape the heat, but this year we left Hungary and went to the seaside in Slovenia.   Camping days by the sea are simple and comfortable. The campsite is like a United Nations. From the license plate, it can be seen that there are half European ethnic groups gathered here, many from neighboring countries such…

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    Sanofi leads the way, Hengrui, Baekje, Roche, and Merck are deployed, and “organoids” have become a must for global R&D!

    Organoids, as the name suggests, are simulations of real human organs and physiological systems. As one of the important achievements of stem cell research, they are of extraordinary value for clinical precision medicine (developing individualized treatment plans for patients) and preclinical drug research and development; therefore, they have also become TOP A stronghold that pharmaceutical companies must win. In this future field where Pfizer, AbbVie, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Merck, Novartis, BMS, Sanofi, GSK, AstraZeneca, Takeda and other global TOP20 pharmaceutical companies are competing for layout, there are already companies out Get the top spot. Recently, the FDA approved the world’s first new drug (NCT04658472) based entirely on “organoid-on-a-chip” research…

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