Anna’s Sadness

  ”Anna” is the work of the famous Soviet director Mikhalkov. Based on the background of the history before and after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, he recorded the growth process of his daughter in the past 13 years. A documentary with historical document significance.
  In 1980, when Anna was holding a thick book and pronouncing the childish pronunciation of “ANNA” to herself, 6-year-old Anna said that she most wanted a carp as a pet and hated drinking borscht. , most afraid of witches. In the eyes of this innocent and lively Anna, the “most afraid” and “favorite” people are in a pure world and a longing for the world. Her perception of the world stems from her life experience, and this experience is more from a family-centered life. Maybe it was during a family reunion that Anna developed a mysterious interest in the mysterious crocodile, maybe the taste of borsch was unacceptable to the young Anna, maybe in the stories that adults told her before going to bed each time , Witch lacks pity and sympathy, so she has such extremes.
  When the individual exists in this social reality, it means that the individual’s actions cannot exceed the reality of his existence. “I can’t pull my hair and pull me away from the earth,” and I can’t hold my hands together with my twilight years ahead. But Anna is happy. Her father has preserved the traces of her growth in an image way, so that she can still see yesterday’s self even in adulthood. Even though it cannot reach the future, it can maintain a close connection with the past, painting the adult world a precious childhood gift. Anna, who lived in the 1980s, could not escape the reality of this country. The various crises and conflicts that the Soviet Union has experienced since the Cold War were reflected in her young Anna. Russian citizens have a strong sense of morality, even a young Anna has this awareness in the eyes and ears. When her father’s camera turned on her for the second time, she had learned to worry about this world and this nation. “The most fearful thing is war”, when this sentence came out of Anna’s mouth, we already wondered if this was the world that a 7-year-old girl could understand, bear, and the heart she knew?
  From “witch” to “war”, this extreme of fear has moved from family life to social life, Anna’s vision is also broadening, her ability to perceive and project the world has far exceeded the scope of our understanding. Yes, apart from the innocent fantasy of childhood and the world constructed by the mysterious myth of witches, we can no longer restore our innocent perception of the world, and Anna begins to be sad. This kind of sadness is not something that Anna can freely choose. It is this society and this special era that gives Anna a sense of social and historical mission. The fear of war haunted Anna until she finally appeared on our screens at the age of 17.
  Anna not only witnessed the death of her relatives, but also watched the collapse of the Russian people’s idol. Although Anna is still praying for peace and fearing war, the war is still consuming the lives of countless individuals. Replaced by icy tombstones. The confrontation between hope and non-hope tests a person’s inner ability to bear and whether his understanding of the world is accurate enough. When constructing a social ideal, what we usually think of is nothing more than “equality, freedom, and fraternity.” People’s vision of an ideal society is always full of idealistic plans. When the Soviet government was established, even the literati and politicians who had been hostile to it in the West could not help but shine. After all, the framework of this social construction was unprecedented. The question is, how long can it last? Anna may not have thought about taking on too many historical responsibilities, she just used her own eyes and experience to experience the existence of the Soviet Soviet government and the changes in this government brought her of sadness.
  When Anna returned to the countryside again, it had been 12 years. After 12 years, Anna will be leaving Russia for Switzerland. Her footprints are about to cross the border, and Anna’s world will become wider. But Anna’s feelings for the land are deep, maybe she can’t express her feelings for the Russian land in words, maybe she can’t find the right words to express her thoughts and feelings. In the end, she could only say goodbye to her Russia with a line of crystal tears. In such a world of images, it seems that we have a rich experience of the Russian spirit including literature, music and other arts.
  What are people most afraid of? Maybe not the war, not the witch, not the death of a relative When she felt her true feelings, not only Anna was sad, but the world was also sad.

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