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      The 20th century just passed can be described as an “extreme age” where miracles and disasters coexist. On the one hand, productivity and science and technology have developed rapidly, and human material civilization has reached its peak in history. At the same time, the problems of large-scale revolutions, wars, massacres and poverty have become more prominent than ever. The originator of the term “era of extremes” was the famous British Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm. He took Marxism as his creed throughout his life, actively engaged in academic research and various social activities, and won a wide international reputation. Hobsbawm is known in the Western world by various titles, such as…

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    William and Jung’s Views on Eastern and Western Cultures

      ”In Memory of Richard Wilhelm” is a eulogy written by Swiss psychologist Jung after the death of German sinologist Richard Wilhelm. It not only spoke highly of Wilhelm’s lifelong achievements in sinology and his contribution to cultural exchanges between China and the West, but also The main thing is to expound on his own views on the compatibility of Chinese and Western cultures and the creation of a common culture for mankind. These views still have positive and far-reaching cultural significance to this day.      Who is Jung? Who is Richard William?   In fact, they are all outstanding representatives of Westerners who dare to face the East, learn from the…

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    Camus’ rebellious thinker

      Camus (1913~1960) has been away from us for half a century, however, his thoughts and creations still have positive significance and value for us today. After experiencing the tide of postmodern deconstruction, people have lost their ultimate value and purpose. The loss or dissolution of meaning is not only the reason for our present life, but also more and more the goal that people chase after. The loss of meaning is absurd, and the absurd is meaningless, and people cannot live in a world without meaning. Therefore, suicide is a problem that every person who is anxious, painful, and even desperate for the loss of meaning must face. Sure enough,…

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