Politicians: Ex-wife haunts, please be careful!

  Politicians have three fears: one is a sex scandal, the other is a divorce, and the third is that their ex-wife will make trouble at a critical moment. Ex-wives are like time bombs around politicians that will explode at any time; ex-wives are the people politicians fear most, especially when they do something wrong.    American
  ex-wife: tripping you down Republican presidential candidate Gingrich recently learned the power of his ex-wife.    Gingrich filed for divorce from Marian in 1999. Marian asked if there was a third party, but he did not say anything at the time. Later, when the couple had marriage counseling, Gingrich admitted that he and congressional assistant Kalista (current wife) had already 6 years relationship. Marianne revealed that Gingrich actually asked her if she would like to share a man with Kalista, and she was shocked and refused immediately. When she was at home in Georgia, Gingrich often took Kalista to the couple’s Washington apartment to make out. Gingrich would call her at night, saying “I love you” before hanging up, and Kalista was by his side.    In fact, Marian was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few months before the two were preparing to divorce. When Gingrich was present, the doctor specifically explained that she should not be stimulated. What made Marianne unbearable was that, 48 hours after filing for divorce, Gingrich spoke to women’s groups about family values. Perhaps Marianne felt that this did not show Gingrich’s snobbery and ambition. She said that Gingrich planned to run for president when they divorced, and told her: “Kalista will help me get elected.”    Wolf ambition , empathy, hypocrisy and evil, Marianne’s vivid description of the presidential candidate immediately attracted the sympathy of public opinion, and some American voters suddenly realized that Gingrich was a duplicitous guy. So they turned their votes to Gingrich’s opponent.    It is not without precedent in the United States that ex-wives come out to disrupt a politician’s election campaign. Many divorced American politicians fell into the hands of their ex-wives. The bright career of former South Carolina Congressman John Jenritt was planted in the hands of his ex-wife Rita.

   The two married in the 1970s, but when John and his wife divorced, Rita revealed to the government that she had found a sum of money in John’s shoes, which an official investigation later found was a bribe that John received. . In 1981, Rita posted a nude photo of herself in Playboy magazine under the title “The Emancipation of a Congressman’s Wife,” in which Rita revealed her ex-husband John’s alcoholic habit, and how they were in the Capitol. The inside story of sex on the steps. At this point, John Jenritt has to wait for the next life if he wants to get up again in American politics.
   The Kennedy family is undoubtedly a heavyweight in American politics. But Senator Robert Kennedy’s son Joseph (President Kennedy’s nephew) collapsed under his ex-wife’s pomegranate skirt. Joseph was a Massachusetts congressman, but his ex-wife Sheila Kennedy published a book in 1997 alleging that Joseph had used intimidation to get her to agree to a divorce. Joseph Kennedy was the most popular Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts at the time, but a comment from his ex-wife soured his reputation that he could only declare that he would quit politics altogether.
   Jack Ryan of Illinois, the United States, was the Republican primary candidate for the Illinois Senate race in 2004, but a divorce document between him and his ex-wife Jerry completely ruined his dream of being a congressman. The divorce documents reveal that Jack Ryan turned out to be a pervert who repeatedly tricked his wife Jerry into sex clubs in New York and Paris, asking her to perform sex acts in public. Under the pressure of public opinion, 44-year-old Jack was forced to withdraw from the Senate race. His political dream can be said to be completely ruined by a divorce paper.
   Taiwan-style ex-wife: fighting the stinky fight
   For Shi Mingde, a politician, his ex-wife is definitely the most terrifying person in the world. In 2006, when Taiwan’s “Bianbian Movement” was in full swing, Chen Lizhu, the ex-wife of Red Shirts leader Shi Mingde, suddenly broke the news, exposing his past. His other ex-wife, Elinda, added fuel to the fire, saying: “Our two ex-wives are here, with the explosive power of an atomic bomb.”
   Chen Lizhu, who once disclosed that Shi Mingde begged Jiang’s family for mercy, was Shi Mingde’s first wife. In 1962, Shi Mingde was sentenced to 15 years in prison for plotting a military coup. In order to rescue her husband, Chen Lizhu went to the “Presidential Palace” to sit in a petition, knelt down to the “National Congress” for help, and even set herself on fire to save her husband. However, after Shi Mingde asked a released cellmate to take care of his wife and daughter, he did not expect his wife to fall in love with the cellmate and filed for divorce from Shi Mingde. After Shi Mingde launched a campaign against the flat, his ex-wife Chen Lizhu jumped out to accuse him of being “ruthless” and took her daughter to be flat.
   Shi Mingde also has an ex-wife – American girl Ilinda. In 1978, Shi Mingde desperately needed an American passport to get out of jail, while Ilinda wanted to be a “Taiwanese daughter-in-law” to avoid being kicked out of Taiwan. In 1995, the “political marriage” that lasted for 17 years came to an end, and the two also became a pair of “resentful couples”. After the inversion movement started, Ilinda publicly came out and accused Shi Mingde of being bought by the “pan-blue camp”…
   Shi Mingde, who had experienced the power of his ex-wife, joked in his heart: “When I treat women, I take ‘no way’. The ‘Three Nos’ policy of taking the initiative, not rejecting, and not being responsible.”

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