Destruction of Germany was Hitler’s last wish

  Hitler has always been a mystery, and there are so many discourses and books about him, but there is rarely a complete and comprehensive description, and as for accuracy, it fluctuates over time. For Germans of that era, the “Führer” was unknown until 1933, the savior of Germany from 1934 to 1938, a genius admired by all, the great conqueror from 1939 to 1941, and the great conqueror from 1942 to 1944 was a failed hero, and the “Führer” after 1944 was a lunatic. This overview also seems to describe how people feel about Hitler today.
  Thanks to the Cold War, depictions of Stalin’s cruelty, totalitarian rule, and even demonization are now much more popular than Hitler and more popular in the West. In the media, Hitler’s image was either simply dismissed as a lunatic or a racist, or simply passed around in the name of a demon, as if no one wanted to talk about it. In the film and television works, Hitler was so shaken that he couldn’t move normally, and from time to time, he shouted hysterically and madly, and finally made a lunatic decision, like a mental patient, who can’t escape the art in “The Great Dictator” and “Liberation”. image. It seems that only by treating him as a lunatic can “civilized people” obtain psychological relief. In recent years, the verdict has become more and more popular, and it has become the responsibility of some art masters to give Hitler a “civilian” image, so Hitler’s frustrated hero, short-tempered and affectionate side has been greatly magnified.
  What is the contemporary image of Hitler? According to the current way of thinking, it can be put together as follows: He is a vegetarian, loves animals, hardly drinks or smokes, and has only two women in his life, one of whom is with him She became his wife before the last moment of her life, and her personal life was beyond reproach or fault. He was a soldier and a hero of war, earning his highest honor in the Great War, two Iron Crosses, in his humble status as a corporal (actually a private). He was a failed painter, but like almost all great painters, the paintings behind him became priceless. In the first 30 years of his life, he was almost unknown and worthless, but in the next 26 years he became a figure who dominated the fate of the world. He came to Germany with nothing, not even a German (Hitler was an Austrian), but he worked his way from the bottom to the top. He reorganized an obscure small party into the largest party. He rescued the collapsed German economy in the name of “National Socialism”. Some elements of it, like Volkswagen, still exist today. He tore up the unequal “Contract of Versailles”, regained the divided territories, and established national self-confidence. He started a world war that devastated mankind, occupied almost all of Europe, and lost the victory completely, until his own country was only a piece of scorched earth. He slaughtered 6 million Jews in a frenzy, along with a similar number of other ethnic groups, as well as political dissidents and elites. He is a political genius with an innate political acumen and a powerful ability to incite. Although he did not understand the economy, he was able to use excellent economic talents and implement policies to make Germany strong from the economic crisis. He only has the military experience of a corporal, but he is not only known for his acceptance of advanced theories in the military, such as Guderian’s armored warfare and Liangzestein’s blitzkrieg, which were implemented because of Hitler’s firm support, and their whims or inspirations It is often successful in the present. Until the end of the war when everyone thought he had lost his mind, he was still able to identify Normandy as the real landing site for the Allies. All that said, aside from his carnage that feels outrageous, it all adds up to a failed hero. As a result, his reversal of the verdict and deliberate touts have been vague since the end of the war. Until the rise of the right wing in recent years, the neo-Nazis in Germany, the skinheads in Russia, and even the extreme right-wing Nazi party in Austria almost formed a cabinet. Clear image, Hitler’s legacy still endangers the world.
  So what kind of man was Hitler? He was a lunatic, but he was definitely not lunatic, not even in the last years or even the last weeks of his nerve damage, and any argument that he was lunatic was just For the sake of simplicity and even excuse him. Hitler began to lack confidence in himself, which is why the first 30 years of his life remained unknown. However, once he gained self-confidence from political activities, especially mass activities, this self-confidence immediately swelled to the maximum. In Hitler’s eyes, he was a unique, irreplaceable figure with a worldwide mission. Everything else must act according to the role and script he has arranged, and anyone who violates this will be ruthlessly abandoned and destroyed, because all actions are based on him. Because he believes that he is irreplaceable, everything he wants to do must be completed in his lifetime, and he believes that he comes from a short-lived family, so all actions, whether brilliant or absurd, happen extremely quickly and fleetingly And sometimes even unreasonable.
  From beginning to end, Hitler had two programs in mind. The first is world domination, which sounds like something out of a cartoon bad guy is actually not funny. The Roman Empire once ruled the world in that era, Alexander the Great conquered the world, and Napoleon, as a modern executor, almost accomplished his goal, and the Soviet Union exported what the revolution was about to accomplish, and the United States relied on economic and military means in the world today. The capitalist world that we want to build under the banner of a flattened world and a globalized world can in fact be regarded as an attempt to dominate the world. And Hitler can only be counted as a failed conqueror at this point, his dream was shattered by the Russians in the winter of 1941, and since then he has only a second program left, the extermination of the Jews.
  This second goal is the root of evil and the scourge of all things, and even the first goal has become obscure and become a great disaster. Hitler believed that peace is not the purpose of war, on the contrary, war is the purpose of peace. Peace is preparation for war, and war is the appearance of conflict in which nations rather than nations compete for “living space”. Only the most powerful nation is qualified to be the “master” nation, the second-class nation is only “assistant”, and all other nations will be enslaved and ruled. The master nation in Hitler’s eyes is Germany, and the Jews are not even worthy of being ruled and should be eliminated. Peace is to prepare for war, and war is for the master nation to rule the world, and at the same time to destroy the Jews who spread the world’s conspiracy to corrupt and assimilate other nations. In this way, the original purpose of war, to obtain peace, is left behind. That’s why Hitler didn’t even think about digesting the empire he had built after the fact that he could become a European hegemon without a fight in 1938, or the fact that he created a European ruler after destroying France by force in 1940. Hitler’s wars were only to accomplish his personal goals in his lifetime, and the state was a concept that had been abandoned for him, so the Third Reich had no constitution, no heirs, no political and social structure, everything revolved around Hitler personal life. Hitler thought that if he died, no one could carry on his will, so nothing mattered. Even the German nation doesn’t matter, because that’s just the person he chose to be at the top of the national pyramid as the master nation. Once he fails to complete his mission, his value in Hitler’s heart will be almost the same as that of the Jews.
  The earliest victims of Hitler’s tendency were Poland. Poland was first listed as an assistant by him along with the Romanian, Bulgarian and other ethnic groups. However, in 1938 Poland refused to take up this role. This decision led to disasters for Poland in 1939 and the following five years. After knocking down Poland, unlike ordinary politicians who depended on military victory to continue their political philosophy, Poland, which refused to accept the assigned role, was mercilessly revengeful and abandoned by Hitler. Poland’s status was immediately reduced to that of Russia, which was arranged to be enslaved and a future “living space”, and Jews who needed to be purged. Another example is that in Hitler’s eyes, Britain should have always been an outsider, so Britain’s participation in the war and intransigence made Hitler extremely annoyed but never made him change his views. From the never-existing plan of the British landing battle to the bombing that resembled a terrorist attack, Hitler did not give up his plan to let Britain voluntarily give up the war until the dream of a military unification of the world was wiped out.
  As soon as Hitler’s conquest came to an end under Moscow, he went from full of self-confidence to despair, without even being overdone. The first goal was immediately abandoned by him, and Germany began to let him down, but there was still room to restore the Führer’s heart, that is, to fight to the end, buy time for the second goal of destroying the Jews, and finally become the Führer’s funeral. Until the last moment, the Germans played the role faithfully. From 1942, even Rommel’s glory in North Africa could not arouse Hitler’s fighting spirit, and all his energy was concentrated on the “cause” of destroying the Jews. In order to dispel his own concerns, he even declared war on the United States immediately after the attack on Russia was blocked, giving Roosevelt the chance to participate in the European war coveted by him. Apart from proving that he has given up political thinking and turned his full attention to the execution of the Holocaust to accomplish his other major purpose, it is really hard to have any other explanation for this action.
  Beginning in 1942, as all military operations suddenly lost the command of the original head of state, it became rigid and rigid, everything was prepared to delay time, and at the same time, the final solution for the Jews was passed. . The massacres were transformed from mass shootings to “industrialized” methods, with gas chambers, crematoriums and destruction camps becoming huge symbols. The targeting also expanded from the original Eastern European Jews to all of Europe, including Germany. Hitler’s proud “sense of accomplishment” in his final years actually came from the smooth progress of his killing plan. But in the end, Hitler was so disappointed by the collapse of Germany that he decided to abandon the nation. The last crazy plan included an overall defense plan, because it was found that the German people no longer wanted to be buried with him. This plan was replaced by the Ardennes counterattack that was like a death sentence. At the end of the empire, Hitler ordered the destruction of all production and living materials and equipment. , making the German nation completely unable to continue to survive. These seemingly crazy actions are actually in the same strain, and Hitler’s attitude and thinking have not changed from beginning to end.
  Hafner, the author of Cracking Hitler, said: “Whether we like it or not, today’s world is what Hitler created.” One came true as he had envisioned. He wanted Germany to rule the world and enslave Russia. As a result, Germany was divided up, the United States and the Soviet Union became two giants, and the colonial empire fell apart. He wanted to exterminate the Jews, and as a result the Jews got their own country. Yet this is Hitler’s influence, and without him neither of these two things, contrary to his original intentions, might have happened. And his Holocaust crimes throughout were slowly forgotten by the somewhat unsuccessful trial at Nuremberg and the ensuing Cold War ideological battles. Knowing Hitler begins with his thought throughout, not his apparent deeds. He was not a failed hero, but a madman with a fallacy.

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