Excellent parenting is the key to success!

  Dear Child:
  In my last letter, I talked to you about good parenting. In addition to understanding the purpose and meaning of good education, I think you also need to know the inadequacies and inconveniences of having no education. Good parenting can have a positive impact, while no parenting can only have a negative impact.
  You can take a deep look at your own situation and see if your good culture has earned you the respect of others. I can tell you unequivocally that everything is as the saying goes, respectful exchanges. How one treats others, others respond in the same or stronger way. If a person is indifferent to others, others will also be indifferent to him; if he is negligent to others, others will be negligent and negligent; if he is rude to others, others may treat him even more rudely. In short, a person’s behavior is not educated, it is easy to fall into the quagmire.
  I often sketch your current appearance in my mind. When I look at you according to the knowledge you have mastered in ancient times, modern times, Chinese and foreign, or practical or interesting, I can’t help but be excited that you will have a great future. . But if the image in front of me is of you who is uneducated, vulgar, unmannered, and absent-minded to me, I will be in a terrible mood, as a great painter once painted a veil on a father, and I too He could only cover his angry face with a piece of gauze.
  I’m sure you already have a solid knowledge of architecture. You must know that of all architectural styles, Tuscan architecture is the strongest and most supportive, and at the same time, it is also the roughest and most awkward. The Tuscan architectural style can make the foundation and ground floor for a grand building, so that no one can see its rough side, and it can play its supporting role well. However, if the whole building is in Tuscan style, then its roughness will certainly not attract the attention of passers-by, and no one will want to visit. One would only take it for granted that a building with such a rough exterior must not be any better on the inside. But if we only use Tuscany on the foundation and the rest of the upper floors in Doric or Ionian or Collins, then its harmonious appearance, beautifully decorated, will make distracted passersby Stop and watch. If the building were to sell, there would be a scramble for buyers. I can compare you to such a grand building, most of yours are in Tuscan style at the moment, not Collins style, so you have to groom yourself from start to finish, otherwise, not at all Someone asked. In the process of decoration, you should pay attention to elegant and easy-going behavior, natural and excellent upbringing, pleasing speech, personable demeanor, euphemistic and gentle expression and words and deeds, generous and decent temperament, fashionable clothes, and All the other good things a young man should have. Only in this way can you shine and attract people.

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