The truly powerful people turn their lives into “minimalist mode”

  Someone on the Internet asked: “What kind of person do you envy most?”
  A high praise replied: “I envy most people who are not burdened by the world, who are simple in material, stable in emotions, and clean in their hearts.”
  Indeed, those who truly live exquisitely People have set their lives in “minimalist mode” because they know that the simpler it is, the happier it is.
Emotional simplicity, no internal friction

  When a person becomes more and more rational, it often starts with adjusting their emotions.
  Susan, a South African psychologist, used to be emotionally out of control. The electricity was cut off in her apartment, she missed the subway, and she was not invited to a party. Little things like sesame and mung bean would make her explode. Even sometimes when people were talking next to her, she would rage, thinking they were deliberately interfering with her.
  Gradually, her once close friends left one by one, and her work and life became a mess.
  After the tutor learned about her situation, he and her analyzed the reasons for her emotional out-of-control in the past six months. Susan found that 80% of the time, she didn’t lose her temper over a specific little thing, but rather about the bad environment around her.
  The tutor told her: “When you look at the bigger world, you will understand that all the oversensitivity is just because you are powerless to the environment in front of you.”
  After this, Susan devoted all her mind to psychological research and strived to improve herself professional level. With the continuous advancement of study and work, Susan found that there were less and less unpleasant things.
  Today, Susan, now a professor of psychology at Yale University, said in a speech: “We are the masters of our emotions. When our intelligence is in harmony with our inner feelings, and our actions are consistent with our values, we create Emotions are the way to our best selves.”
  In life, things happen that make us emotionally out of control. It is instinct to have emotions, and it is the ability not to be kidnapped by emotions. Instead of being forced to be sensitive and vulnerable by anger and resentment, it is better to practice calmness in calmness. Place good and bad emotions and free yourself from the shackles of emotions, and then you will have a good life.
Life is minimalist, do not follow blindly

  Many times we are unhappy, not because we have less, but we are always working hard for the irrelevant 70% and miss enjoying the most important 30%.
  In 2014, Taiwanese aesthetic master Jiang Xun moved from the Taipei metropolis to a small village in Taitung, Chishang. He didn’t bring a mobile phone, but only carried pens, ink, a few favorite books, and simple luggage. Apart from the dining table, desk, and bed, he had nothing extra at home.
  Jiang Xun walks 10,000 steps every morning and evening, wandering in nature. He records rural life with text, audio, painting and photography. Later, he compiled a book called “Chishang Diary”.
  He said that “sounds of nature” can be heard in such a quiet place, and the so-called “sounds of nature” may be the voices in our hearts. The land, the years, the four seasons, the spring ploughing, the autumn harvest, and the flowering and fruiting of the neem tree at different times all slowly flow out from his poetic words and voices, forming an unrepeatable background of life.
  Those who truly love life can live the richest lives even in the most humble places.
  There is a sentence in “Banshan Anthology”: When you are young, if you don’t allow yourself to experience prosperity, you will owe yourself. As you get older, you may owe your life if you don’t allow yourself to get back to simplicity.
  When life becomes refreshing, life will move forward lightly. Adjust your life to “minimalist mode” and live the way you like!

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