James Lovelock when 1% becomes 0

  Scientist James Lovelock did not live to be 104 years old. On his 103rd birthday, he passed away under the watchful eyes of his family. “To the world, he was the most famous scientific pioneer, climate seer, and conceiver of the Gaia theory; to us, he was a loving husband and wonderful father of boundless curiosity, mischievous A sense of humour and a passion for nature,” the family said in an obituary the next day.
  Lovelock is indeed an old urchin-like scientist. Born in England in 1919 and a graduate of Harvard University, he invented the electron trap in the 1950s and detected that the atmosphere was full of leaking Freon. In the 1960s, he participated in NASA’s Mars life exploration program as a meteorologist. Although he did not detect any major results, he came up with another shocking theory – the Gaia hypothesis. Lovelock believes that the earth is a self-regulating, living organism that can maintain a moderately stable state and allow life to continue to exist, relying on living organisms and the natural environment – including the atmosphere, oceans, polar ice caps , the interaction between rocks.
  When the theory was first proposed, it was questioned by many scientists, but as time went on, more and more people began to recognize Lovelock’s exposition-especially in recent years, the ecological problems of the earth have become increasingly serious, and the Gaia hypothesis has even been regarded as a An important rationale for many environmental movements, as Jonathan Watts, environment editor of the Guardian, said: “Without Lovelock, the global environmental movement would have started later and would have taken a completely different path.”
  In recent years, despite his advanced age, Lovelock has not removed the armor of the “Green Guard”. He does not have a university teaching position and is not affiliated with any research institution. He constantly warns mankind by his own power: if the abuse of the environment is not stopped as soon as possible, when the earth passes a certain critical point of climate change, human civilization will suffer Doomsday. To that end, he has been working diligently and never even planned a comfortable retirement.
  At the age of 90, he published “The Disappearing Gaia: The Last Warning”, reiterating his point of view, and at the age of 101, he published a new book “Nova”, in which he proposed as a futurist that “human beings are the main force of the universe”. The supremacy of the understander is rapidly ending.”
  In his later years, he is still energetic and active in thinking, and has participated in many social activities after the publication of the new book. In an interview with Jonathan Watts, he talked about a lot of what’s going on in the world, the new coronavirus, the locust plague in Africa and South America, and the fact that the temperature in the Arctic circle exceeded 37.8 degrees Celsius for the first time. Watts asked him if he had the pleasure of being a scientist when his predictions were confirmed, and whether, as a human being, he was increasingly disappointed with the state of the planet. Lovelock replied: The so-called prophecy is actually already obvious.
  That is, in this “final interview”, Lovelock denied his identity as a scientist, saying that he was just an inventor or a mechanic, but the scale involved was very large. He praised the earth system for making everything on this planet orderly and suitable for the existence and development of life, but at the same time, he was worried as usual: “The earth’s biosphere has reached the last 1% of life.” Only this time, he was in Add an “I” after “Earth biosphere”.
  On July 26, 2022, 1% eventually became 0.

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