Before the magic of time, I’m relieved

Some time ago, my sister-in-law had a fight with my parents. The reason is that my sister-in-law threw a lot of “rubbish” that my parents hoarded when she cleaned up the house. My sister-in-law said that there is a book about “breaking away” that says that if an item is not used for two years, it should be disposed of, not only because it takes up space, but also because the abandoned item will generate “resentment”, which will affect the situation. to the physical and mental health of the owner.
  This statement lacks scientific basis in the first place, and the elderly will obviously not agree. They have their own opinion on this. For example, grandchildren’s toys are treasures in the eyes of the elderly. Although the children have already gone to college, but seeing those toys is like seeing their cute appearance when they were young, how can the elderly be willing to throw them away? The “junk” in our eyes, the sweater that my mother knitted for my brother, the umbrella that my father repaired… These are their memories, a familiar moment in the past. These things, whose value we do not understand, are full of traces of their past. In fact, the elderly may not like to hoard, but they are reluctant to let go of the “past”.
  I said to my parents, “It’s inconvenient for my sister-in-law to tell you the truth. If I were to say it straight–‘These things are more valuable these days, but the house where the things are stored!'” Then I deliberately changed the subject , ask them to accompany me to see the room. My intention is to let them take their attention away from those old things, look forward, and get in touch with the pulse of this era, and at the same time let them know what I am worrying about all day long.
  I drove them to a real estate. The real estate consultants turned around us enthusiastically and introduced the whole community like a tour guide. My dad was very motivated to see the house, but his focus seemed to be a little off. He kept asking the real estate consultant: “How deep should the foundation of this house be?” : “Uncle, I’m not into engineering…” I was listening, and I didn’t laugh out loud. My dad is really a “clear stream” among homebuyers. Today’s home buyers are very skilled, and they often ask professional questions such as “how much is the plot ratio”, “how much is the land auction price”, and “how much is the record price”. These are all within the knowledge of the property consultant. I guess he has never met anyone. Like my dad, ask questions that are only asked at project review meetings. The real estate consultant changed the subject and told us that there was a clinic in the community and an activity center for the elderly. My dad, a mechanical engineer, didn’t care about this at all. He had already taken up his role in the workplace decades ago, and he seriously told the young man: “Please ask the engineer, how deep the foundation is laid, and then come back to the young man. I’ll answer.” The attitude was unquestionable.
  My mother’s reaction was the exact opposite. The real estate consultant vigorously introduced the planned subway and commercial facilities near the real estate, but my mother muttered: “It’s better not to develop it!” She didn’t know the law that the appreciation of real estate depends entirely on the surrounding facilities, but she felt that it was empty and vast. The nature is the most beautiful, and it would be a pity if it was destroyed by any commercial place. Later, she fell asleep leaning on the couch in the sales department.
  All in all, my parents have no interest in buying a house. As soon as they heard the house inspection was over, they were relieved and said cheerfully: “Then let’s go to the mountain to pick persimmons?” I said, “I’ll play with you”, but I was thinking nervously: If I buy the real estate just now, How far is the down payment… I suddenly felt that this scene was very familiar. When I was playing with my parents when I was a child, I also saw this kind of impatient expression on their faces. Although it was reluctant to play with me, but It was obvious that they were absent-minded and preoccupied.
  When climbing the mountain in the afternoon, I kept sending WeChat and the real estate consultant to discuss the cost-effectiveness of the two properties. My dad kept urging me: “Stop playing with your phone, go pick persimmons.” For a moment, I suddenly felt that my dad He turned into a child and was about to stand on his hips and quarrel with me: “If you don’t play with me, you are a bad guy!” I really wanted to have a theory with him: is it more important to buy a house or pick persimmons? However, the words were withdrawn from his lips, and then he thought of his childhood again. If I heard those “righteousness and strictness” words back then, I would definitely be full of frustration, but I also yearn for being an adult in my heart.
  Now that the roles are reversed, I have become the adult who is busy with “important things”, and my parents have become children who complain that I don’t play well with them. Unlike children, they may not feel guilty, but feel that they are right to complain: “Why do you care so much about playing? You are half-hearted in such a fun game, it’s boring enough!” Or, Their mood is also a bit like when I was a child, and they were envious of me. They felt that being an “adult” with a heavy burden, that kind of responsible and powerful attitude is also very beautiful.
  At this age my parents have become both fearful and yearning for physical fitness and strength. They are especially keen to exercise and proud of their ability to insist on getting up early. They declare war on time in their own way, just like me as a middle-aged person. , trying to use investment to gain a sense of security. We clearly know that these are futile like Sisyphus pushing a rock up a mountain, but no one can deny that the process of these inputs is meaningful.
  As we grow older, our parents grow smaller, and time works its cruel magic on us. When I replaced the role, I was relieved. In the face of time, we are all fragile and insignificant, what is the big deal? Is there anything bigger than being with your loved ones?
  I ran up the hill and felt full of power. When he turned around, his parents fell behind and were struggling to catch up. I stood there waiting for my parents and decided to stop paying attention to my phone. I shouted to them, “Don’t worry, take your time, I’m here!”

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