Lady Braine’s Bracelet

  Mrs. Braine, who had just transferred to Orlando Elementary School, stood at the front of the classroom and lied to the class in her first class: “I will love everyone in the class equally!”
  But it’s impossible , Brian noticed a little boy sitting in the front row of the classroom, his name is Kevin Charles. His hair was messy, his clothes were dirty, and his face was not washed. For an entire class, Kevin didn’t interact with the other kids at all. When the get out of class was about to end, he fell asleep on the table. Brian frowned every time he saw Kevin’s homework, used a red pen to draw a striking red cross on the topic, and wrote a big “F” at the top.
  A few weeks later, Brian, as requested by the school, checked the student’s growth file, and she pulled out Kevin’s file and put it at the end. She was taken aback when she saw Kevin’s file. On the first grade card, Brian saw this record: “Kevin is a smart kid, his homework is always neat and tidy, and he is very polite. Bring joy to those around you.” The second grade card reads: “Kevin is an excellent student and is well-liked by his classmates, but he has been very sad recently because his mother is very ill.” And the words on the third grade card, Makes Brian distressed: “The death of his mother made him depressed. He tried his best, but his father didn’t care enough for his child. If no measures were taken, the family would have an adverse effect on him.”
  Brian had expected fourth grade . The comment on the card: “Kevin is withdrawn, not interested in learning, has few friends, and sometimes sleeps in class.” Brian felt sour and guilty.
  On Christmas Eve, students brought gifts to Brian. These gifts are wrapped in bright confetti and tied with pretty ribbons. Kevin was the last to stand, holding a heavy brown kraft paper bag that had been torn from an old grocery bag. Holding the gift carefully, he walked towards Brian, and the classmates began to whisper. Brian took the gift with a smile, and took great pains to open it.
  It was a crystal stone bracelet with a few crystal stones missing, and a bottle of cheap perfume with less than half of the perfume remaining. Seeing this, the children started to laugh at Kevin. Brian put the bracelet on his hand and said to the class, “What a beautiful bracelet!” The laughter of the class stopped. Brian turned on the perfume again and rubbed some on his wrist.
  After school, Kevin waited for a long time at the school. After the classmates left, he said to Brian, “Teacher, your smile and the smell on your body are the same as my mother used to.” Brian’s eyes were wet, She touched Kevin’s head and sent him out of school.
  From that day on, Brian began to pay special attention to Kevin. Although she said she would love all children equally, Kevin became her “darling”. Brain helps Kevin learn, his mind becomes flexible, and the more he is encouraged, the faster he reacts. By the end of the year, Kevin was the best kid in the class.
  A year later, Brian found a note under the door: “You are the best teacher I have ever met in my life.” Six years later, Brian received another note: “Teacher, The first to tell you that I graduated from high school with the second place in my grade, and you are still the best teacher I have ever met in my life.”
  One day, Brian received a letter from Yale University: “Bray Mrs. En, thanks to my teachings, I got my MD. My father passed away last year, would you like to be my relative to attend my graduation ceremony next month? Anyway, you are still the best I have ever met in my life Teacher.”
  On the day of the graduation ceremony, Brian wore the bracelet that was missing a few crystal stones, sprayed on the perfume that Kevin’s mother had used, and arrived at Yale University. Kevin hugged Brian and whispered in her ear, “Thank you, Mrs. Brian. Thank you for letting me know I can make a difference.” With tears in his eyes, Brian whispered, “Kevin, you Wrong. You gave me the most beautiful gift in the world, and only then did I know how to be a teacher. Thank you!

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