Tsunami Noodle House

  My grandma died the day the San Antonio Spurs won the championship. I was driving down the coastal road late at night in my new used station wagon. On this day, began to write absurd and true stories about myself, and I was living a reasonable and unreal life. This is a story about how we escaped before being devastated by the tsunami. The me in the story was the first to notice that a tsunami was approaching by idling around all day. This story can also be understood as the significance of idleness to life.
  At this moment, the sea and the road are very calm. It was my mother’s phone call that broke the calm. She asked me, where did you go so late? Celebrating the San Antonio Spurs’ championship, I said. Of course my mother can’t understand what the San Antonio Spurs win the championship, but if I put it another way, I bet on the San Antonio Spurs to win the championship and won 5,000 yuan. My mother who is all-powerful at the mahjong table will definitely say, thank God the Bodhisattva bless the San Antonio Spurs The team must win the championship.
  I bet on the San Antonio Spurs, and I often bet on some pheasant games, which is essentially no different from the mahjong game my mother loves.
  Late that night, I came back from the coastal road and happily ate a hamburger before continuing to say goodbye to my grandma. Grandma’s farewell ceremony lasted three days and three nights. In addition to our love and grief for grandma, we also relied on a few decks of cards during our vigil. When my mother knelt down and worshipped her grandma, she recited reverently, and I looked like I was blessed to win today. I have Green Day music in my earphones. I used a mobile phone of several hundred dollars to play the music of Green Sun to my grandmother. She felt that Yue opera ranked first in the world, and Green Sun ranked second. Later, I found that in my grandma’s eyes, all music except Yue opera ranked second. That night, my eldest grandma was very devout. She kept kneeling in front of grandma and reciting silently until she heard snoring, which made me think grandma was just asleep. During this time I remanded a Papua New Guinea League team whose name I can’t remember to win, and it ended up winning by the hundreds. If my grandma was still alive, I would take the winning money and walk through the long alley and line up to buy her favorite bean curd. When I lost the bet, I would also walk through the long alley. , Shihan asked Nuan for a long time and asked her to borrow money to continue betting on games on all continents. In other words, my grandmother also indirectly participated in betting on hundreds of games. Based on this, my relationship with my grandmother is very sincere.
  Two days after my grandmother died, Typhoon No. 1 was coming. The whole city entered a state of anti-typhoon and anti-typhoon. My mother was at the mahjong table, touching the mahjong tiles and guessing whether Typhoon No. 1 landed in Zhejiang or Shanghai. If you bet on the right typhoon, you may win more than mahjong. In my mother’s eyes, the World Cup is all guesswork. I don’t know who will win and who will win. I still have a clue about typhoons. I told my mother that it was because the Chinese men’s football team did not enter the World Cup again. My mother’s whole understanding of the World Cup is only two points, one is that the Chinese team will win, and the other is that the Brazilian team will win.
  In my true story, grandma doesn’t have to avoid this tsunami, but if grandma was still alive, I would definitely run over and tell her that the tsunami is coming. Grandma must have said with a smile, it’s good to come. I will tell her, follow me to the west, the terrain of China is high in the west and low in the east. Grandma would still say with a smile that she must follow China firmly. My grandmother and I have always communicated frankly and trusted each other. Even if I borrowed money to bet on a football match, I would tell her without reservation that I bet on a game between Tankisisle and Atlético Montevideo in the Uruguayan domestic league. Bet on Tanky Sisley to win. My grandma would definitely say with a smile, duck and chicken are all good.
  In that true story, I recorded it like this: That sunny afternoon, my mother and I talked seriously about the coming tsunami. I said, maybe tomorrow it’s going to be an ocean here. My mother touched the mahjong and said, “One tube, touch.” Then he turned his head and said to me, tomorrow? I bet the day after tomorrow, 1000 yuan, come or not? I said, if you win the bet 1,000 yuan, you will die if you lose the bet. My mother said that people can run first tomorrow, but I bet the day after tomorrow, right? I thought about it, sure enough. My mother waved her hand and said, let’s go, you run first, I’ll catch up after four laps. I said, then I’ll go first. My mother nodded and said, go home early.
  The above paragraph I wrote while eating in a dim seafood noodle restaurant. After writing, I found the noodle shop owner’s eight or nine-year-old son staring at my screen. The boss’s son usually takes bowls of noodles, and then he can watch whatever is on the TV. He feels that life is more boring than me. He was the only person in my illusory life who heard me talk about the tsunami. It was mainly because I drank a lot at that time, and he saw half of it on the news network. Both of them felt bored, so I told him about the tsunami vividly, I almost forgot about it the next day.
  I closed the computer, he told me, made a boat.
  I said, what’s the use?
  He said that if the tsunami came, you could escape.
  I said, ok.
  He said, do you want to take a look?
  I said, see it next time.
  I don’t know what to do next. Tomorrow is far away, and tomorrow’s tomorrow is even farther away. The day after tomorrow, I made an appointment with Lao Zhang to play cards.
  Lao Zhang is a technical literary man who can write a few lines of code and take a few photos. The last time I saw him was last winter. That day, he and I climbed up to an unfinished building in the city center. Lao Zhang said, with your back to me looking at the brightly lit city, I will take a picture of you. After the shoot, Lao Zhang asked me, what do you think is worthy of your photo?
  I said that the city is long and glorious, and the back is young and lonely.
  Old Zhang said, it’s a good sentence, but it’s not enough to match this photo.
  I thought about it for a long time and couldn’t figure out what kind of sentence would go with this photo. Two months later, in a local real estate magazine, I saw that this photo of me was used as the cover. The sentence on it was, Linjiang Dafu, with an average price of 45,000.
  At the moment I keep clicking the mouse, and the niche website I have recorded for five years of my life is shut down. This is also a social networking site made by Lao Zhang. Lao Zhang is determined to become “China’s Zuckerberg”, which is Lao Zha. Lao Zhang swore that he would be ligated if he did not succeed. Since the establishment of this website, I have been inviting friends around me to settle in. On this social networking site, you can experience social misery, the desolation of the world, and the death of people all over the world. Post a photo and write some text, occasionally there is a comment, click on the avatar is a beauty, and finally found that it is Lao Zhang’s vest.
  My first record is about that idle trip five years ago. I was on a plane to hot Southeast Asia and sat between two business men who exchanged things I couldn’t understand through me. They looked down and said, when we got to Oddo Meanchey, and then looked down again later, they talked about Mondulkiri, and I craned my neck to look down and saw only beautiful clouds and the surface. In Saigon, I studied art youth and the host of the hostel said that I came to find Margaret Duras. The boss asked me, is your friend lost? Twenty-year-old me nods phantomly in the harsh tropical sun.
  There’s also adolescent psychosis, such as biking from the eastern coast to Tibet, and modifying the bike as required. At that time my grandmother prayed in front of the Bodhisattva not to let me ride a bicycle to Tibet. As a result, when he first set off, the emergency brake first pressed the front brake. With the blessing of the Bodhisattva, the people and vehicles separated, turned twice in the air, and landed on their backs.

  There are also some food, drink, and fun, as well as some fussing, and some pretending, pretending that I can’t understand what I was posting at that time. The most important thing is that I have scolded a lot of people on it, and both familiar and unfamiliar people have scolded it again. The point of scolding someone there is not to let the other party know, but to know it yourself. There may also be some vague bits and pieces about love, but it’s not too sure.
  I was bored for two days and finally waited for the day to play cards with Lao Zhang. I just wanted to ask Lao Zhang whether the closure of this website will affect him, and whether he has been sterilized recently. I couldn’t wait to call and ask Lao Zhang, are you here yet? The old man asked, what’s the matter? I said, my house is playing cards. Lao Zhang said, what cards are the two of you playing, let’s talk about it when you have time. I said, isn’t it agreed to compare the size, one thousand yuan per round? Lao Zhang said again, that will come in two days. Lao Zhang said that for the past two days, I always twisted my fingers very seriously and thought that in two days, it would be the day after tomorrow. In fact, such important arrangements in my illusory life are always disintegrated into thin air in understatement.
  I opened a soap opera, laid out two decks of cards, and started comparing myself to myself. Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door, and I looked through the cat’s eyes alertly, and found Lao Zhang’s plump body lying across the door. I opened the door and said, can’t you tell me? Lao Zhang said, suddenly remembered, I really told you two days ago. I handed him the cards and said, come on, let’s compare the size, a thousand dollars a round. Lao Zhang said that this is too simple and rude, without any technical content, it all depends on luck. I said, by luck, I still have a 50% chance of winning, and by skill I lose 100%.
  Lao Zhang suggested to stop before the big and small things. He is going to create an app this time, which is a reading software with social attributes. I said, wasn’t that website closed last time, did you get ligated? Lao Zhang said, this is not your concern, this time, we are partners, you are the head of the comment department, you are responsible for commenting, you can play various people and make various comments. I said, just comment, why add a minister? Am I the only one? Lao Zhang went on to say, yes, you can play a hundred people and a thousand people by yourself and increase the popularity of comments. I said, for example, sexy young women, pure students, uniformed white-collar workers, big-breasted models? Lao Zhang said, don’t be so rude, and it’s not a small card, of course, this is a good way.
  I was a person who could eat, drink, and play alone for a week, but suddenly it was going to split into so many people. I always felt that this matter was going to be dirty again, so I couldn’t help but worry about asking, if I failed this time, do I need to be sterilized? Lao Zhang said, this time it’s your turn to get ligated.
  In my story, I mentioned Lao Zhang like this: I told Lao Zhang that the tsunami was coming. Lao Zhang asked me to keep quiet and send this news to that niche dating site, and he immediately put my homepage on top for half a month. I said, at this time, you still want to put the top page on the home page? Lao Zhang said that the publicity for ten days and a half months was ineffective. I said, the tsunami may come tomorrow. Lao Zhang said, can’t you tell me this news half a month in advance? I said, run or not? Lao Zhang said, quickly send a message. After I posted it, I waited until the next day, and no one knew about it.
  I also added a chicken leg to the seafood noodle that day. The boss’s son brought the noodle over and said to me, it’s coming next week, right?
  what did I say?
  Tsunami, he said.
  I said, not so soon, next month, or maybe next year.
  He said, I found out it was next Monday.
  I said why?
  He said, the day before school starts, do you believe it?
  I wiped my mouth and said, what you say is what it is.
  typhoon seasons have passed, but the fishing ban period is still without head, which makes people in the entire coastal area a little restless. For example, next to my house, the topic of a group of uncles and aunts has shifted. It used to be, what university did the grandson go to, what unit did the granddaughter enter, how much did the son earn, and what did the daughter buy for her. My mother was involved in it before, and when I thought about me lying in bed during the day, I basically couldn’t say anything. It’s different now, whoever gets the local seafood is the best. Last time, Uncle Wang came over with two bags of jumping fish. In the eyes of everyone, he was so faltered that he didn’t want to go home after walking an extra kilometer.
  I was sitting in a seafood restaurant and heard Da Qiang say that it takes courage to eat seafood during the fishing ban. Especially in a restaurant, when you eat all kinds of fresh seafood, law enforcement officers will come to the store to investigate where the seafood comes from. Purchased, and then traced back to find out which ship the seafood came from. Having said that, Daqiang picked up a swimming crab and said while breaking it. Then, the fishing boat was split in half and sank to the bottom of the sea on the spot.
  The swimming crabs during the fishing ban are much more powerful than Uncle Wang’s jumping fish. If I go out for a walk with two bags of swimming crabs, I will make my mother’s face brighter, and I will cooperate with law enforcement officers in the investigation.
  At this moment, although He Daqiang and the others are eating the same kind of seafood, I can’t speak. When I ate dinner with my former friends, we were talking about which school, what major, and which company I graduated from. At Daqiang’s desk, we were all talking about which prison committed what crime and who was hacked a few times after it came out. Regarding prison and crime, I can only think of “The Shawshank Redemption”, so I can only talk about how to escape from prison. In their “I’ll go to you uncle” look, I became the one who ate the most swimming crabs on this table. people.
  In the end, Daqiang said, we are different, we will eat swimming crabs during the fishing ban, and we will eat them in restaurants. After a pause, he said, by the way, I am a major shareholder of this restaurant, the owner you know, listen to me, eat with confidence.
  As soon as he finished speaking, two people in uniform walked in at the door and asked, “Where’s the boss?”
  Da Qiang said with a crab leg in his mouth, “Cook… kitchen.”
  One of the uniforms said, where did this swimming crab come from?
  Daqiang said, ask… ask the boss.
  When the two uniforms went in, Da Qiang and his three friends all went to the toilet outside. Later, the two uniforms came out with a few swimming crabs, and the boss said, “Dad, walk slowly.” I looked at the two uniformed officers with “Zhejiang Security” written on their backs and walked out the door with a big smile carrying a swimming crab. And just like that, I finished the rest of the swimming crab. I haven’t seen Daqiang until the end of the fishing ban.
  Although Da Qiang went to a far away place to go to the toilet, Da Qiang also helped me a lot. For example, when my electric car was stolen, he started all his friends to help me find it, and finally found an electric car that was similar to mine. For example, I was caught by a fishbone when I was eating. He immediately sent me to a gynecological hospital through various connections and told me that my life was not in danger, and then it took more than an hour to pull out the fishbone in time. For example, I was quarreling with a friend. He immediately gathered more than ten brothers and surrounded my friends. In the end, I bought four Chinese cigarettes and distributed them to the brothers to relieve my friends. For example, if I accidentally scratched someone while driving, I just wanted to take out 200 yuan, but Daqiang stunned the other party without saying a word, and raised the problem that could be solved by 200 yuan to 20,000 yuan.
  I wrote about Daqiang in my story: As one of my important friends, I approached Daqiang and told him that the tsunami was coming. Da Qiang ordered a table of dishes to entertain me, smoking a cigarette and saying, drink three glasses first, and then speak slowly. In order to let Daqiang understand the power of the tsunami intuitively, I said, have you watched “The Day After Tomorrow”? Daqiang said that he had not seen it. I said, have you seen “Doomsday”? Daqiang said that he had not seen it. I said, let me think about how to tell you. Daqiang raised his glass and said, don’t say anything, it’s all in the wine. Daqiang ate a cup of belly, hiccupped and looked at me blindly and said, “Have you seen “Railway Guerrilla”?

  After I finished eating seafood noodles that day, the owner’s son said that the tsunami will come tomorrow.
  I said why?
  He said, my mother is coming to pick me up.
  I said, where to go?
  He said run away.
  I said, let’s do it.
  He said, don’t you run away?
  I hiccupped and said, run away first.
  When the weather got cooler, I bought a few short-sleeved pieces at a discount on off-season clothes. On this day, I went to the doorman of the community to pick up a courier, and then I knew the latest strategic layout of the United States in Asia, and what methods China can use to deal with the US F22 fighter jets and B2 bombers. Although I didn’t understand most of them, I slightly corrected Uncle Wang’s pronunciation. For example, I served the daily chicken fighting and the other day bombing the chicken. Uncle Wang said that his local accent is indeed too strong, but it does not affect his judgment and analysis of the world situation. He asked me what I thought, and I fell into thinking while holding two unidentified Nike T-shirts I bought in a group.
  When I was about to leave, Uncle Wang grabbed me and said that he wanted to show off Chinese Kung Fu and teach me how to play Chia Family Boxing. He called several times and asked me if I could see clearly. After careful observation, I found that every time I played it was different, so I could only shake my head. Uncle Wang said impatiently, “Oh, go to enlightenment yourself. In Chinese culture, the most important thing is enlightenment. Do you know what “enlightenment” means? I still shook my head. Uncle Wang touched the Chinese pastoral dog in the guard and said, “What does “enlightenment” mean, you can only realize it yourself, and I also realized it. I said, what did you realize? Uncle Wang took a biscuit and said, “Prosperous wealth, eat it.”
  The only advantage of having a good relationship with Uncle Wang is that he will put your courier on the table, not on the ground where the mountains are piled up, although sometimes there are more couriers on the table than on the ground, which shows that Uncle Wang has a good relationship with everyone. all good. Uncle Wang proudly patted a courier and said, this is Mr. Wang’s, do you know it? I shook my head to show that I didn’t know. Uncle Wang said, why is it so uncultured? I don’t even know Mr. Wang, but the one with fair skin, wearing high heels and black stockings all the time, in his fifties, he looks like he’s only in his forties, with makeup on, he’s in his early thirties, and he twists and turns when he walks. ? I was forced to nod. Uncle Wang opened the drawer and said, “This is Director Chen’s, and Director Chen knows him. Every day the driver drives him in that shiny black car to pick him up.” I still shook my head. Uncle Wang said that the last time Wangcai disappeared, and it was useless for me to look for it. Just a phone call from Bureau Chen, and someone sent Wangcai back. I said, why don’t you just find a dog? Uncle Wang said, you don’t understand this, it shows that you have a wide network, a high status, and a strong ability. Uncle Wang also opened another drawer and said, “This is Boss Zhang’s. Has Hongtong Company heard of it?” I shook my head. Uncle Wang said, “Why don’t you have a little bit of knowledge? Culture, politics, economics, or any other field?” I shivered a little in my thin T-shirt.
  I was about to leave again when Uncle Wang suddenly shoved me a packet of a botanical mix, something like Goji berry and chrysanthemum tea. Uncle Wang said, this is called Bahecha, and it was when I was a correspondent in the Yunnan Border Reconnaissance Company…that…you know about this, right? I continued to shake my head while holding Bahecha. Uncle Wang lit a cigarette and said, “You young people don’t know anything about military affairs and history.” Uncle Wang took a puff of smoke and said, “What is this? When I was a correspondent in the Yunnan Frontier Reconnaissance Company, I had a comrade-in-arms who had a good relationship with me. This comrade-in-arms was shot three times during the mission. Second-class merit, the uncle of this comrade-in-arms has a son. Of course, this son is adopted. He is very smart and handsome. He married a very virtuous wife, and the virtuous wife’s cousin married one of us here. A native of Zhejiang, this Zhejiang and his younger brother contracted a large area of ​​the mountain for planting. As a result, the poor management lost more than 100,000 yuan. At that time, it was more than 100,000 yuan. You think, the house price was only a few hundred yuan per square meter… At this time , There was a sound from outside, Uncle Wang, open the door. Uncle Wang said, “Okay, remember to bring your card next time.” Then he went on to say, at that time, the house price was 600 yuan per square meter. Do you calculate how much the house you live in is worth?
  I held the Bahecha and said nothing.
  Uncle Wang said, “Okay, I won’t tell you about this. As for the Bahe tea, didn’t they lose hundreds of thousands of dollars? Later, they started marine aquaculture, and they still lost money, but Zhejiang people do it. The business does not believe in repeated failures, but only in repeated failures. In the end, through various relationships, I also helped a little during this period, and they returned to Yunnan. You know, although the economy of Yunnan is not as good as ours, but The mountains, the water, and the scenery are beautiful, my second-class comrade-in-arms, and a cousin, I didn’t mention this to you just now… At this time, a middle-aged man came in and said with a smile, “Master Wang.” When Uncle Wang saw it, he immediately got up and took out his cigarette and said, “Oh, Bureau Chen, come and pick up the courier in person. While offering the courier with both hands, he gave two bags of Bahe tea by the way and said, “Chen Ju, this is grown by my friend from Yunnan. If you have a taste, please ask me for it.”
  Uncle Wang has the ability to tell a sentence into several chapters, and in turn, has the ability to condense several chapters into one sentence. This kind of talent that can stretch and shrink is standard in the guard world.
  Uncle Wang kept sending Bureau Chen to a place more than 20 meters away from the guard, and then trotted back all the way to say, did you see it, this is Director Chen, do you respect me? Call me Master Wang. When Mr. Zhang sees me, he also calls me Uncle Wang. You are old Zhang Lao Zhang. They are neither big nor small. Do you know how much older I am than you? I said, that can never be called a king.
  Uncle Wang put out the cigarette and said, “Okay, take this tea back and try it. For 130 a pack, I will pay 90 here. If you ask me to buy it, I will give it to you for 75.” Only then did I leave the guard room with two of my fake Nike T-shirts.
  As Lao Zhang, who I see every day, this is how he appeared in my story: that day, he held me, and before he spoke, I said, Lao Zhang, the tsunami is coming tomorrow, we should run away . Lao Zhang was doing a non-standard stretching movement and said, “What are you afraid of? I haven’t seen anything when I was young. It’s like you play computer games every day, and you’re afraid of a tsunami.” I said that when the tsunami came, it all turned into an ocean. Lao Zhang took a sip of tea and said, “What’s the fear of changing the ocean? Isn’t that the American aircraft carrier that drove in directly?” I still drink tea and smoke and wait for them. I said, why are you waiting for them? Lao Zhang said, hit them, I tell you, each of us can drown them with a spit, this is the strength of unity. I said, I was talking about a tsunami coming. Lao Zhang said that if 1.4 billion people form a human wall, will it be unstoppable? I said, then I’ll go first. Lao Zhang glared at me and said, let’s go, 1.4 billion people are not worse than you, oh right, I still have 20 bags of Bahe tea here, do you want to sell it for 60 yuan?
  This day’s seafood noodles have a marinated egg. The boss’s son said, it’s for you.
  He said that when the tsunami comes, you will not be able to eat.
  I said, didn’t it come earlier?
  He said, wait a minute.
  I said, what are you waiting for?
  He said, wait until I get better,
  I said, what’s wrong with you.
  He said, let me show you?
  I said, just take care of yourself.

  5 On
  this day, I finally have the desire to make money, this desire comes from the fact that I really have no money. So I sat down with a boss in our small town, led by a friend. I hope I can give some sponsorship to Lao Zhang’s App. This boss has been active in charity, public welfare, local rich list and various speeches, and on the website that collapsed, I have been criticizing him as a treacherous capitalist, a hypocritical philanthropist, a local rich man who harms others and himself, and a low cultural level. The mentally handicapped chicken soup maker.
  Today is different. When the mobile phone bill can only be charged at 30 yuan at a time, I can only sit in front of him and say, “Mr. Li, I have been looking forward to it for a long time.” My friend doesn’t believe how I can live a life of “only 30 yuan for a one-time charge for mobile phone calls”, I said this is because the minimum charge is only 30 yuan.
  I hope I can feel the smell of copper at Mr. Li, and let myself remember the appearance of myself that I once hated. When I was about to introduce that sexy social app, Mr. Li told me not to talk about work for a while.
  I sat humbly at Mr. Li’s place and listened. I listened to stories about hard work, simplicity, diligence and thrift for most of the day. Since I was a child, I have worn a pair of broken shoes for several years, a piece of clothing has been repaired for several years, and a single steamed bun can be eaten all day. I think this is probably the opening line. To this day, he said that he sometimes only spends 10 yuan a day.
  I said anxiously, Mr. Li, be humble.
  Mr. Li waved his hand and said, not being modest. Then gushed with me about how to get through the day for 10 bucks. I got up in the morning to learn animals playing five animals, and then read Marx’s works, after reading handwritten reading experience, I would eat with employees in the company canteen at noon, only 10 yuan, write calligraphy in the afternoon, inherited Wang Xizhi’s brushwork, and then deal with the daily work of the company, Do not eat dinner at night, light fasting, read Buddhist scriptures before going to bed, self-cultivation.
  I thought to myself, how miserable, then smiled and said, simple and simple life.
  Mr. Li said, this is nothing, in the early days of my business, I ran business every day, two steamed buns a day, a pack of mustard and a bottle of water, and I didn’t need 5 yuan a day.
  After listening to this, my stupid friend clapped his hands over there and said, “Listen, this is an entrepreneur who serves the people, works hard for himself, and repays the society. You have to learn something.”
  I, a young man who “can only charge 30 yuan for mobile phone calls at one time”, finally understood how to spend only 5 yuan a day under the guidance of entrepreneurs.
  I motioned to my fool friend, we have to go first. Mr. Li continued to say, in fact, skipping dinner is good for health, and trying to eat less lunch, only two eggs and a piece of bread are enough for breakfast. People are dragged down by their own infinite desires. I used to be like you. I wanted everything. After more than 30 years, I realized that it is the best to let go of desires and be a pure and innocent self. important.
  After that, Mr. Li gave me a copy of “A Dialogue with God”. Because Mr. Li didn’t eat dinner, my fool friend and I didn’t even have a dinner together. When I came out, I tossed the book “Conversations with God” and said, “Tell me, isn’t it bad to play cards this afternoon?”
  The foolish friend took over “Dialogue with God” and said, “I invite me, but Mr. Li said that people are dragged down by their own desires, which is too reasonable.
  I said that I was dragged down by lack of desire.
  In my real story, Mr. Li is also indispensable. I wrote: I visited Mr. Li again. Mr. Li received me politely and treated me as his closest friend, but friends don’t talk about money or profits. I only care about life and death, so I told him, Mr. Li, the tsunami is coming tomorrow. Mr. Li said calmly that natural disasters and man-made disasters should not be deliberately avoided, but learned to accept and embrace. I said, Mr. Li, you are so rich, if you don’t leave, the money is really meaningless. Mr. Li said that an entrepreneur who is responsible to the society should be together with his employees, the city and the society, instead of going out of their way in the face of a disaster. I said, that person and the money will be gone together. President Li said, isn’t that the tsunami coming tomorrow? I said, yes, it’s too late if you don’t go now. Mr. Li said that even after ten minutes, the helicopter at my door would take off in time.
  I came to the seafood noodle restaurant with my stupid friend and I asked for a noodle with all the seafood.
  I devoured the noodles, the boss’s son watching TV and watching us now and then.
  I wiped my mouth and said, is the tsunami coming?
  He stared at me like he stared at the news network and said, tonight.
  I said, it has come. I pointed to my fool friend and said, he is called Tsunami.
  The boss’s son said that he didn’t look like him.
  I said, who else looks like a tsunami?
  The boss son said, you.
  6 On this day, I went to a concert. This ticket was given to me by my mother’s card friend who bought a car. No one wanted it, so I gave it to my mother. No one could give it to my mother, so I gave it to me. When the temperature was in the single digits, I was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt, a long-sleeved T-shirt, and a very short hooded sweater. The bottom edge of the T-shirt was exposed. My young Back then it was called bohemian punk, now it’s called off-season sales. I was stopped by the staff at the entrance and told me that milk tea is prohibited. I was shivering and sucking the milk tea I was reluctant to throw away when I saw Chen Xiaowei and her boyfriend walking towards the entrance.
  When Chen Xiaowei and I were in love, they never put on such beautiful makeup. I am very grateful to her current boyfriend for giving me the opportunity to see such a beautiful Chen Xiaowei. They went straight in through the entrance, and of course they didn’t find me standing beside the trash can desperately sipping milk tea. I finished one cup, rubbed my hands, and started to drink another cup of the milk tea that was offered.
  As soon as I entered the theater with the ticket, I looked for where Chen Xiaowei was sitting. The staff took a look at the ticket in my hand and motioned me to sit down here, only to find that my seat was at the entrance in the last row. The advantage of this location is that it is more convenient to go to the toilet.
  I sat in the most remote corner of the entire theater, and at the moment when the unintelligible music played, I remembered those romantic and vulgar past events.
  Chen Xiaowei and I have been together happily for a year and a half. Once we had a fight, and I was downstairs in her house playing and singing Taylor Swift’s love story. Her father said she would call the police. Neighbors said that the bomb will be splashed with water. My friend said it was too pretentious. Chen Xiaowei said it was too earthy, but she said she liked this earthy. Although I didn’t hear a good word, Chen Xiaowei’s liking made me satisfied. Most of the good times in my life came together in that year and a half. I said to Chen Xiaowei that although I seem to be slick and can talk a lot, I am not good at expressing my inner thoughts. I said, you heard it. Chen Xiaowei pressed against my chest and said, listen, you have no idea in your heart. I jumped up together and Chen Xiaowei kissed me. It was like acupuncture, which kept me immobile for a long time.
  In this way, in a year and a half, love flowed slowly, rushed forward bravely, galloped happily, stumbled forward, and finally converged into a vast river and sea of ​​nothingness. One day, I found out that Chen Xiaowei doesn’t like to ride in my car anymore. She said, you know what? You are not mature enough. What did I say? She said, I like the smell of Hermès Orange Wei cologne, and your car is the smell of Coke fried chicken and duck neck. I said, if you like this perfume, I can buy it for you. It’s a men’s fragrance, she said.

  This is a heavy blow to me who only know Liushen toilet water.
  I felt a little sad just thinking about it, and the people next to me thought I was immersed in the concert and couldn’t extricate myself. So I went out and went to a toilet. Five minutes later, I continued to think about those things in the corner of the concert.
  Later, I saw Chen Xiaowei’s name on the highest building in the city. There will always be some light slogans on this floor at night, such as forge ahead bravely, innovate and reach far, and, motherland, I love you. That time I played, Chen Xiaowei, I love you. I think this is more earthy than the story I played downstairs in Chen Xiaowei’s house. I called her and said that Chen Xiaowei written on the wall on that floor is not your Chen Xiaowei, right? Chen Xiaowei said, it’s me. I said, it’s too dirty. Later, I thought that Chen Xiaowei also told me that she likes this kind of soil.
  I thought a lot by myself, and the concert was over. When everyone left, I stood by the door and didn’t go out. I wondered where Chen Xiaowei was sitting and whether I could see her again. I waited by the door for a long time, and after I showed five or six middle-aged and elderly people where the toilets were, the whole theater was empty.
  As an important member of my youth life, I wrote this in my story: Although I know Chen Xiaowei’s contact information and home address, I can’t see her easily. So I had to run downstairs to her house and wait a day for Chen Xiaowei to come home. I said, I’m not here to get back together, I’m here to tell you that the tsunami is coming tomorrow. Chen Xiaowei was startled at first, and then said calmly, is there anything else? I said no, but what I said was true. Chen Xiaowei glanced at the phone and said, “Okay, I get it, let’s go. I said, won’t you go? Chen Xiaowei said, hurry up, hurry up. I said, we can go together. Chen Xiaowei said, if you don’t leave, my boyfriend will come and he will stop now. I said, but the tsunami is coming tomorrow. Chen Xiaowei said that tomorrow we will be engaged.
  This day’s seafood noodles were a bit bland. I thought for a long time in front of a shrimp and a little soup, and the owner’s son took away my tableware.
  I said, I haven’t finished eating yet.
  The owner’s son put the tableware and chopsticks in front of me and said softly, the tsunami came.
  I said, did the tsunami come with a bang?
  He said, how many times did it hit?
  I said, come and talk.
  He lowered his voice and said, he has come.
  I said, where is it?
  He said, come and see.
  I said, forget it.
  7 On
  that day, I was walking across the overpass alone and was stopped by the fortune-teller who set up the stall. I said I had no money, and he said he saw it. So I sat on his small bench and chatted with him at ease.
  He handed me a cigarette and turned the cardboard with the words “Fortune telling” written on it.
  I stared blankly at the cardboard.
  The master chewed his cigarette and hurriedly put away the cardboard and said, “I’m sorry, it’s closed today. We are very destined to make friends.”
  I said, hello, friend.
  The master said with a smile, this is out of the question. Is everything going wrong this year?
  I said, no shit this year.
  The master smiled and said, “Young man, live alone?”
  I wanted to guess correctly, so I said, several people together.
  The master said that the heart is still a person.
  I don’t know how to answer the master.
  You have learned to talk to yourself and your soul, the master said.
  I said, because there is no girlfriend to talk to.
  The master coughed a few times, asked my age and birthday, and started to talk to me a lot of professional terms. It probably means that I have committed Tai Sui this year, and the luck is not good, but I am lucky to be rich, and I will definitely improve next year. There will be a turnaround in my love career, but I need the help of nobles.
  The master said, stretch out your left hand for me to see.
  The master frowned and looked at it for a long time. I said, is the kidney deficient?
  The master said, don’t talk nonsense, it’s good fortune.
  I said, how good is it?
  The master opened a large black bag and took out all kinds of items such as warding off evil spirits, attracting wealth and seeking blessings, all of which were produced by Yiwu Small Commodity Market. ten times. I can’t help but feel the master’s ability to drive up prices. Seeing my hesitation, the master took out a pen and paper again, and wrote and drew me on the spot, saying it was worth 3,000 yuan. I looked at the few strokes, which were more expensive than LeBron James’ autograph.
  Last time I bought a LeBron James autographed jersey for 1,500 yuan on the Internet. I thought the price was slightly lower and it was fake, so I spent another 300 yuan to ask a senior to identify it, and he told me that it was a percent Eighty is autographed. I said I spent 300 bucks, can’t you be 100% sure? Veteran people told me that this is a serious and responsible attitude, and LeBron James is not 100% sure if it is his own autograph. I think about it, it really makes sense.
  The master said, don’t get me wrong, don’t talk about money, this character is for you, plus a Pixiu. I took the master’s item and stood up and bowed in gratitude.
  The master looked at me and said, if you are extremely peaceful, you will be rich and noble, and you will be fine.
  So, I bowed again to the master.
  The master said that among friends, I generally do not take the initiative to talk about money.
  I said, so am I. After speaking, he bowed again.
  The master pressed me down and said, no need to be more polite. Then he took out the QR code and said, don’t force it, just let it happen.
  So I swiped fifty dollars to the master.
  The master said, don’t you make up the whole?
  I told the master that from a mathematical point of view, 50 is an integer, even if 51 is an integer, but anything greater than 0 is called a positive integer.
  The master said that one hundred two hundred, one thousand two thousand is called the whole.
  I said, is that a piece of two dollars, ten dollars and twenty dollars a whole?
  The master said, what do you say?
  I said, are you from the Northeast?
  He said, don’t worry about it, get a hundred.
  I said, no money.
  He said, give the Pixiu back to me, take the characters away, fifty yuan, and be a friend.
  I handed the character to him and said, give me back fifty dollars.
  The master waved his hand and said, “It’s good to gather and let go. After he finished speaking, he took out the piece of cardboard, glanced at it and turned to the “fortune-telling” side.
  When I got home, I stuck the characters on the right side of the bed as the master meant, and on the left hung LeBron James’ signed jersey. I don’t know if they are real or fake, and it doesn’t hurt if they’re fake because it doesn’t do any good if they’re real.
  In addition to acquaintances in my story, I also wrote about the one-sided master. I wrote this: Although I met the master only once, but with 50 yuan, we hit it off instantly and became close friends. I deliberately ran to the overpass and said to him, Master, the tsunami is coming tomorrow. The cardboard in front of the master was blown away by the wind. The master said that when things are extreme, they will reverse, which is an auspicious omen. I said, we may not survive the “reverse” time to die. The master said, must not lie, how do you know the tsunami is coming? I say, scientific judgment. The master said, you and I talk about science? I said, there are always things in this world that you can’t guess. After hearing this, the master immediately picked up the black bag and ran away. I said, Master, slow down. The master turned back and shouted, slow down, uncle, the city management is here.
  On this day, I walked into the dimly lit noodle shop, and the owner served me hot seafood noodles. After I finished eating, the boss came to collect the dishes. I asked, are you here today?
  The boss said, what’s up?
  I said, what about your son?
  The boss said, what about your son?
  I said, where did my son come from?
  The boss said, where did my son come from?
  I said, what about the son who has been collecting bowls of noodles for you before?
  The boss said, do you have it?

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