Douyin suffers from content crisis

  Douyin is undergoing a major change. In the long run, this change may even affect the ecology of the entire platform, and even its life cycle! This is the content crisis that has already begun to emerge. Specifically, the current e-commerce power of Douyin has greatly increased, but the grass-growing power is showing signs of decline.
  We can get a glimpse of the recent big moves from Douyin.
Cancel the support for basic playback of new videos

  Douyin canceled the 500-playback support for newly released short videos.
  This may seem like a small action, but in fact it has a very significant impact.
  In the past, after each video was released, Douyin would give a basic amount of playback, so that all short videos had the opportunity to participate in the horse racing mechanism of the platform algorithm. If the first audience of short videos has good feedback, the platform will continue to recommend it to a larger traffic pool. This initial recommendation is initially for unfamiliar tourists and new accounts.
  Later, Douyin launched the iron fan system, and the 500 views were turned into recommendations for fans who follow the account first. This adjustment is essentially to remind accounts that have accumulated a certain number of fans not to “rely on the old and sell the old”, but to create more high-quality content to enhance the stickiness of fans, so as to build a stronger impact on commercialization. content firewall.
  Now, Douyin has directly canceled the basic playback support, which makes it even more difficult for new videos to become popular. Why does TikTok do this?
  The reason behind this is that Douyin’s traffic has peaked.
  Douyin’s daily active users have basically stopped growing after over 600 million. If you continue to support each new video traffic, the traffic will not be enough. Moreover, after the commercialization of Douyin, the top KOL (Key Opinion Leader) accounts are also buying traffic frantically in order to maximize the benefits after tasting the huge dividends, hoping to use leverage to leverage higher ROI (return on investment).
  Obviously, the traffic of Douyin is already in short supply. Moreover, those KOL accounts that originally generated traffic for the platform through high-quality content, after tilting towards monetization, the quality of the content often drops significantly. If things go on like this, the river of traffic on the platform will dry up day by day.
  In order to maintain the overall and long-term interests of the platform, Douyin can only give up the GSP traffic support and concentrate traffic on those high-quality content, thereby breaking the survival of low-quality accounts that only rely on the number of releases to gain platform traffic. space.
Launched an independent grass planting APP

  On July 8, Douyin quietly launched a grass-growing app, Ke Song, that imitated Xiaohongshu.
  This is an independent APP, but it supports one-click login of the Douyin account. Content, fans, and data can be exchanged, which is equivalent to a complete connection with Douyin. Croissant’s style obviously copied many of the characteristics of Xiaohongshu. For example, the navigation bar of Ke Song is “Home”, “Search”, “Creation”, “News”, and “Me”. It locates the community of graphic and text content, and displays a double-column waterfall stream. Users can see the recommended content of the platform on the home page. If you don’t pay attention, you will think that you have opened the little red book.
  Why does Douyin imitate Xiaohongshu?
  The most fundamental reason is that planting grass is equivalent to the organic combination of high-quality content and commodity marketing, and it is an inescapable link for e-commerce. The pursuit of planting grass is subtle and silent. After all, it is very difficult for consumers who have been educated in e-commerce to sell directly.
  In fact, Croissant is already Douyin’s second attempt on the grass-growing track. As early as 2018, Douyin launched a grass-growing app—Xincao, which ended in failure.
  The reason why Douyin continues to strengthen the grass-growing track is to deal with the content crisis that has come. If there is a lack of a content diversion platform like Xiaohongshu, not only will it not be able to guarantee the supply of its own high-quality content, but also a large amount of traffic from the platform may be sucked away by Xiaohongshu.
  At present, the monthly active users of Xiaohongshu are close to 300 million, and the growth rate is as high as more than 50%, and the user stickiness has increased significantly. According to Huxiu, a business technology media, Douyin’s 7-day short-term ROI is good, while Xiaohongshu’s 30-day long-term ROI is higher than that of other companies, and the cost per thousand people (CPM) is also very cost-effective. These data show that Xiaohongshu has become a rival of Douyin.
  For Douyin, which is fiercely commercialized, it is impossible to sit back and watch Xiaohongshu become a threat on the side of the couch. More importantly, if Douyin can’t firmly grasp the entrance to the e-commerce business of planting grass, it is very likely that the over-development of e-commerce will cause serious damage to the traffic ecology of the entire platform.
Douyin begins to build its own logistics

  At the beginning of 2022, Douyin launched the express delivery service “Yin Zunda” to solve the problems of unconnected, door-to-door, and poor service attitude in express delivery, and to reduce the high return rate caused by logistics, which was later cancelled due to poor results.
  Today, Douyin has launched a courier service called “Zhou Da”. There are two main points of focus on Speedway: one is the timeliness, it must be fast; the other is stability, and the promise will be fulfilled. At present, Jisuda has completed the docking with mainstream express delivery companies such as SF Express,, and Tongdatu, which can realize the same-day delivery of goods in the same city and the next-day delivery of surrounding cities. Jisuda’s service also covers the same-city delivery of fresh vegetables, which belongs to the field of instant delivery. If more product categories are opened later, Douyin can also carry out community group buying and other businesses.
  Why did Douyin, which once claimed that it would not be involved in the logistics business, did so?
  Obviously, Douyin is making great progress on the road of e-commerce, and it will definitely continue to grow bigger and stronger, and will never stop its pace.
  Through the above three events, we can understand the development strategy of Douyin logically, and on this basis, make a preliminary judgment on the development direction of KOE (Key Opinion Employee).
KOE ushered in the best opportunities and space

  Douyin will inevitably continue to power e-commerce, and this is harmful to the platform ecology that started with content. If users open Douyin and see all videos with goods and live broadcasts with goods, the possibility of being disgusted and switching to other platforms will increase. On Douyin, KOLs who have achieved a first-mover advantage have increasingly relied on live broadcasts to bring goods to their monetization methods. This has caused KOLs who started their careers with content to gradually lose their motivation and creativity in content. There are many such examples. In the face of huge profits, few KOLs can resist the temptation and continue to produce high-quality content carefully. If this situation is too much, it will lead to a situation of depleting the pond and fishing. Obviously, this is what Douyin doesn’t want to see.
  This provides KOE with the best opportunity and space.
  According to the “Taobao Live 2021 Annual Report”, Taobao created nearly 1,000 live broadcast rooms with sales of over 100 million yuan in 2020, of which the number of merchant live broadcast rooms accounted for more than 55%, slightly higher than that of Daren live broadcast rooms. It can be seen that there is still huge room for the magnitude of Douyin brand self-broadcasting accounts, both in terms of quantity and revenue.
  Some leading accounts on Douyin often go silent after a period of prosperity. A big factor is that the supply chain is not strong.

  For example, “Beautiful Girl Hi Go Go” pioneered “Bundy Live Broadcast”, and with this new gameplay, it has become the most popular live broadcast room in 2021, but in early April this year, “Beautiful Girl Hi Go Go” announced its official disbandment. In the “beautiful girl hi go” comment area, many netizens expressed their “dissatisfaction” with their selection. One of them wrote: “I think it’s because of the goods. It’s too simple. Lao Luo’s live broadcasters are not good, but their goods are always suitable for me.” Lao Luo refers to Luo Yonghao, and Lao Luo’s live broadcast explanation is actually far away. It’s not as exciting as his speech at the Hammer mobile phone conference, and it’s not as lively as the live broadcast rooms that other popular anchors (such as Rainbow Couple, Big Wolf Dog Couple, Mr. Dong, etc.) tried their best to render, but his selection supply chain is improving. And the newly popular selection of the East, if it cannot keep up with the construction of the supply chain, it may greatly hinder the entire account.
  Fortunately, brand self-broadcasting can solve the above problems more thoroughly, and there are reliable guarantees and flexible adjustment space in terms of product selection, after-sales, price, customization, etc.
  On this basis, the brand’s own KOE has room to show its talents, which may become an important force to save the content crisis of the Douyin platform.
  To do this, KOE must learn from excellent KOLs the ability to grow content. Let’s take the beauty brand Cocochi Cosme as an example.
  A new product of Cocochi Cosme, the smear-type AG anti-sugar mask gold can (referred to as “little gold can”) quickly became a hit on Douyin. A short grass-growing video “Dinner with a Drop of Oil for Japanese Women” by KOL “Wang Fried Couple in Japan”, a leading KOL, has more than 1.3 million likes, more than 60 million views, and 71,000 comments after its release. Obviously, this played a key role in the detonation of a new product.
  This grass planting video is not only explosive, but also has strong staying power. A year later, the video had 1.67 million likes, nearly 100 million views, 78,000 comments, and nearly 100,000 reposts.

  It should be said that this product and this account complement each other. The effect of people carrying goods and goods carrying people appear at the same time. After the short video of “Wang Bang and his wife in Japan” was detonated, its live broadcast room was also detonated the next day, and the number of people online at the same time increased several times. Today, a year later, the account has gained more than 2 million followers.
  On the other hand, Cocochi Cosme’s own official blue V account has only 135,000 fans so far, which is not too small, but the number of likes for short videos is in the single digits. As of July 13, the account has published a total of 449 videos. The number of likes is only 40,000, and the one with the most likes is 67 likes. When the account is live broadcast, there are only more than 10 people online at the same time.
  What is the difference? What is the reason? An explosive product has been popular for more than a year, the market demand is huge, and the consumer experience is very good. Why can’t it drive the data and influence of the Blue V account?
  If you look carefully at the short video “Japanese Women’s Dinner with a Drop of Oil”, you will know that the key lies in the ability to grow grass. The ability to plant grass is essentially the ability to tell a story, pursuing the realm of combining daily life and product marketing.
  Judging from the overall situation of the brand’s self-broadcasting, the ability to plant grass is generally scarce, and there are not enough successful cases. KOE anchors like Dong Yuhui selected by Dongfang can be found but not sought after.
  But this is not to say that there is a lack of talents with rich knowledge reserves like Dong Yuhui in KOE, but because the development of live broadcast is not long, everyone is exploring and moving forward. After the former show model became the original paradigm, most people still do not Get out of this rut. Now, Dongfang Selection has opened a new beginning, and KOEs can see the possibility of a new paradigm. In the near future, there will definitely be an outbreak of a new paradigm.
  The Douyin platform has provided a broad space for KOE to try a new paradigm, which will likely become an important force in saving Douyin’s content crisis.

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