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The allure of diamonds

  Detective Hire Detective
  Matt is a private investigator. This morning, a man with a thick cast on his right leg found him.
  The man took two cards from his jacket pocket and handed them to Matt. Matt took it and took a look. One was a business card that said Irving of the United Detective Agency, and the other was a room card for the Diamond Hotel.
  The man said: “I’m Owen from the United Detective Agency. I recently received a commission to follow a person and report his whereabouts to the commissioner on time. But I accidentally hit my leg by a car yesterday, and I don’t want to take this case. I lost it, I just wanted to ask for your help…”
  Matt said, “Okay, Mr. Owen. This is the first time I’ve accepted a commission from another detective. Let me talk about the specifics.”
  Owen handed Matt another one The photo, said the person being followed is named Scott, who is currently staying at the Diamond Hotel. Owen has reserved a room for Matt across from his room, and Matt can live in directly.
  Matt took the prepaid commission, sent Owen away, drove to the Diamond Hotel, found his room 305, and quietly put his ear to the opposite door to hear the sound of a woman crying.
  Matt walked into his room, put down his backpack, took off his coat, and watched the movement on the other side through the cat’s eye on the door.
  After a while, a tall red-haired beauty in a black dress opened the door and left.
  After a while, Matt checked his watch and it was noon, and Mr. Scott on the opposite side neither went out nor asked the hotel to deliver his lunch.
  Matt pretended to pass by again, and listened carefully against the door of the opposite room. There was no sound inside. Suddenly, he saw bright red blood seeping out from the crack of the door, staining the carpet in the corridor red.
  Matt hurriedly shouted: “Come on someone!” The
  waiter and security personnel rushed over, opened the door with the spare room card, and found Scott lying not far from the door, with a dagger in his chest ,already dead.
  Matt found the dead man with his left hand clenched and his index finger pointed, pointing under the sofa in the room.
  Amid the screams of the waiter and the noise and panic of the security’s walkie-talkie contact, Matt walked to the window and opened it to let in air. Then, he “accidentally” bumped the sofa and saw a key under the sofa. When no one was looking, he picked up the key and slipped out of the room.
  When the police arrived, Matt was questioned about the circumstances of the discovery of the deceased and took a note. Because the door of the deceased’s room was locked, Matt was not under any suspicion.
  Matt went back to his room, took out the key he got from under the sofa, and saw a sign on the key that read “Central Station 0331”.
  Matt thought for a moment, took off the tag on the key and tucked it under the mattress, only hiding the key on his body, and left the hotel.
  The accident caused by the key
  Matt came to the parking lot, and just opened the door, suddenly two burly men walked behind him, put a gun on his waist, and whispered, “If you want to live, be honest.” He grabbed the car key in his hand, and the other let him sit in the back. As soon as he bent over to get into the car, he was hit hard on the head and passed out.
  When he woke up, he found himself tied to a chair. Looking around, he guessed it was an abandoned garage.
  When the two strong men saw Matt awake, they pressed him where he got the things. He said he didn’t know, and the result was a series of punches and kicks. Matt gritted his teeth and said nothing.
  Seeing that the strong man couldn’t ask anything, he took out his wallet from Matt, only the business card with the address of the detective and a set of keys in it, he kicked him hard on the head again, and Matt and the chair fell to the ground together.
  After an unknown time, Matt woke up and the strong man was not in the garage. Matt twisted the ring on his hand, stretched out the small saw blade hidden inside, sawed off the rope, struggled to get up from the ground, retrieved his wallet and keys, then slammed into the garage door and escaped from inside come out.
  Matt returned to his detective agency and saw that the house was turned over in a mess, and all items and documents were scattered on the ground. Matt smoked a cigarette and sat in the swivel chair rubbing his swollen cheeks.
  At this moment the door opened, and a red-haired woman came in, the same woman who had left Scott’s room at the Diamond Hotel.
  The redhead said, “My name is Maggie, and I think you took something that didn’t belong to you.”
  Matt put his hand on his forehead and said, “It seems like you all know what I did better than I do, and what the hell is this? What’s going on?”
  Maggie sat down in a chair and said, “There used to be three fat boys growing up in an orphanage. When they were kids they were always bullied and called the three little pigs of the orphanage. They Gradually growing up, he decided to change his fate by violence, and then he made a name for himself in the underworld, and gained some territory and subordinates, so he began to call himself the Little Pig Gang.”
  Matt listened with wide eyes and did not interrupt.
  Maggie continued: “Two years ago, the Southwest Jewelry Company was robbed, and a batch of jewelry was robbed. It was done by Scott, the third child of the Little Pig Gang. Scott was quickly caught by the police, and the jewelry was also found. back, but a shipment of diamonds worth $10 million was missing.
  ”Scott, the eldest, was jailed for robbery and wounding. He was recently released on parole. Everyone thought that he had swallowed the diamond worth ten million yuan. Matt rubbed his sore neck and asked, ”
  Then who do you work for?”
  ” I was Scott’s girlfriend, and I made an appointment with him to meet at the Diamond Hotel, but he was dead by the time I got there,” Maggie said . Maggie stood up ,
  looked at Matt, whose face was scarred and stained, and said, “I’ll take you home to take a hot shower and change your clothes.” ”
  Matt came home, took a hot bath, and changed into clean clothes. When he came to the living room, Maggie took a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet and poured herself a glass. At this moment, she was drinking while drinking. Looking casually in the room.
  Matt also took a wine glass and walked to Maggie’s side. Maggie smiled and poured wine into Matt’s glass and said, “Can you tell me where that thing is? Matt took a sip of
  wine, took out the bunch of keys and said, “The key is in the keychain.”
  Maggie laughed. Matt followed suit ,
  and with a smile, his eyes began to blur, and then he lost his mind. Going
  deep into the piggy gang
  It was noon the next day when Matt woke up, and of course the keys and the redhead were gone. Matt is at his detective agency again.
  He put the papers on the table and the floor into the cabinet, and put the garbage in the bag. At this time, he saw the business card Owen gave him on the ground, picked up the phone and called the number on it, but no one answered.
  Matt called a taxi and followed the address on the business card to the United Detective Agency.
  This is an old two-story office building. Matt came to the detective’s office on the second floor and heard someone talking loudly inside. He knocked on the door, and it suddenly became quiet inside. Matt knocked on the door again, the door opened a small crack, and Irving showed half of his face and said impatiently: “You don’t come again next time! I told you many times, we don’t need manpower, now Business is sluggish, you can go!” After speaking, the door was slammed shut.

  Matt felt that something was wrong, so he went downstairs and quietly went up to the second floor from the fire escape at the back of the building. Through the open window, he saw the two strong men who had kidnapped him before, one sitting on the sofa and the other threatening Owen with his fists.
  Matt slammed into the room through the window, and slammed the head of the strong man beside Owen into the wall with all his strength, and the strong man suddenly fainted.
  Before the other strong man took out his pistol, Matt had already pounced on him and scuffled with him. In the end, Irving, who had a broken leg, joined the battle, and the two men subdued the strong man together.
  The two sat on the floor panting, and Owen said to Matt guiltily, “I’m sorry for getting you into this trouble.”
  Matt shook his head and said, “I have a personal grudge with the two of them. By the way, I haven’t asked who you work for yet.” Owen thought about it and asked: “Have you heard of the Piggy Gang?”
  Matt’s eyes lit up and asked, “Do you work for the boss or the second?”
  Owen said : “I worked for the second child, Moore, and he also suspected that the third child, Scott, had swallowed the batch of diamonds, so he sent me to follow him since the third child was released from prison.”
  Owen pointed to the two strong men who were bound.
  Said : “They are the subordinates of the boss Barry. I guess they killed the third child, but they couldn’t find the diamond, so they went crazy looking for it.” You have to choose between the eldest and the eldest! So, can you introduce me to Moore, your boss?”
  Under Owen’s arrangement, Matt came to Moore’s company. Moore, in a suit and leather shoes, greeted Matt with a smile on his face.
  Matt recounted some of his own experiences, but not the keys to Grand Central and the redhead Maggie. After listening to Moore, Moore said, “I can see that you are very courageous. Well, I’ll hire you to find this batch of diamonds for me, and if I find them, I will give you one hundred thousand dollars. How about it? Are you interested?”
  Matt lowered his head and thought. Wanted to say: “Deal.” Moore shook hands with him happily.
  Matt said, “Trust me in my work ethic. I won’t reveal it to anyone. Can you tell me about the jewelry company robbery?”
  Moore leaned on the sofa and recalled, “I did it. The plan is for Barry to start a dispute with another gang in the city, the kind that gathers a lot of people, but it’s not a real fight, the purpose is to attract the police in the whole city. Scott has an insider in that jewelry company, as long as He ran away along the highway with the jewelry, and at the intersection, there would be someone from me who would exchange cars with him, wearing the same clothes as him, and driving his car along the highway, leading away the police who might catch up But somehow the news leaked, Scott was surrounded by the police as soon as he got on the highway.”
  Matt asked again: “What kind of person is Scott?”
  Moore shrugged and said: “He is the same as when he was a child, Simple thinking, childish.”
  Matt got up to say goodbye, and when he reached the door, Moore stopped him again. Moore said, “I’ll say hello to Barry and say you’re working for me and keep his people away from you.”
  It didn’t take long before Matt’s stolen car was taken back to the detective agency.   Because
it has been two years since the jewelry robbery case, and there are relatively few introductions to the case on the Internet, Matt did not find any valuable information, so he decided to go to the Southwest Jewelry Company to investigate in person.   The manager of the Southwest Jewelry Company is a small middle-aged man. When he learned that Matt was the detective, the manager shouted: “I just lost my diamond, and the police caught the robbers and didn’t get my diamond back. I deserved the insurance money. Damn it. Don’t endlessly look for detectives to investigate the insurance company!”   Matt hurriedly stated that he had nothing to do with the insurance company, and he just wanted to find out the truth and retrieve the batch of diamonds.   The manager finally calmed down and told Matt about the situation.

  The jewelry company had just opened its doors that day, and there were still no customers. There were only the manager, a female clerk and a male clerk in the store. Suddenly a masked robber came in. He pointed a gun at the manager’s head and told the clerk to put all the jewelry into a purse. At this time, the male clerk wanted to press the alarm, but was shot in the leg by the robber. The robber suspected the female clerk was slow, grabbed her by the hair and threatened her loudly, and shot her twice not far from her head. The female clerk burst into tears and hurriedly put all the jewelry in the store into the robber’s purse. The robber ran away with the bag, but I heard that he was caught by the police soon after.
  The injured male clerk was taken to the hospital, and the frightened female clerk, who had been in a state of hysteria, was also taken to the hospital.
  After the manager finished speaking, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “It was terrible, it was a mess.”
  Matt thought about it and asked the manager, “Are those two clerks still working in the store?” The
  manager said: ” Maggie resigned shortly after the incident, and Leonard was still in the store.”
  Matt asked, “Do you have a picture of them?” The
  manager returned to his office and took a group photo after a while. Matt recognized the red-haired Maggie at a glance. The manager pointed to a tall and thin young man and said, this is Leonard.
  Matt looked at the photo and asked, “Do you have Maggie’s phone number and address?” The
  manager said, “Her number is not available, you can ask Leonard, he has been in a relationship with Maggie, and may know Maggie. Qi’s address.” The
  manager called Leonard.
  Leonard is not very talkative, saying basically the same situation as the manager said. When Matt asked him Maggie’s address, he hesitated for a long time, but he still wrote the address to Leonard.
  Although Matt felt that the warm and cheerful Maggie was not suitable for the gloomy and autistic Leonard in front of him, he still asked casually, “Have you two dated before?”
  Leonard nodded and said, “She later Hanging out with a little bastard.”
  Matt found Maggie’s home according to the address. Unexpectedly, her home was in a beautiful residential area. Maggie was a little surprised to see Matt, but let Matt inside the house anyway.
  Maggie said, “This house was left to me by my grandfather, and some inheritance. Tell me, how did you find me?”
  Maggie handed Matt a Coke, and Matt took it but didn’t drink it. In the spacious living room, he said as he walked: “Recently, I talked with Moore, the second child of the Piglet Gang, and your previous colleagues in the Southwest Jewelry Company, and learned something.”
  Maggie said: “Definitely That stalker Leonard told you.”
  Matt nodded and continued, “Moore’s plan can be said to be very thorough, and the Scott he mentioned should be you, right? Scott hasn’t left the car yet. He was caught by the police and he didn’t have time to hide the diamonds. I think those diamonds were in your hands at the time, because you pretended to be extremely frightened and went straight to the hospital for treatment. You have the opportunity to bring them with you Diamonds leave.”

  Maggie listened in silence, then whispered, “At first, Scott heard Moore’s plan and approached me. But I persuaded Scott to change the plan a bit, so I’ve done this. Tickets, Scott and I can get out of here with diamonds, away from the city and the Piggy Gang.”
  Maggie burst into tears. “Scott and I made an appointment to meet at the Diamond Hotel and leave together, and he said he was going to surprise me. But he was dead when I went. Those bastards from the Piggy Gang must have killed him.”
  Matt He looked at Maggie and said, “Give them the diamonds, or you’ll have an accident sooner or later.”
  Maggie nodded and said, “I can live well without those diamonds. Those diamonds were me and Scoo. It’s specially used to start a new life.”
  Matt stood up and said, “I’ll make arrangements and return the diamonds to them tomorrow. Did you get what Scott left you?
  ” Furious: “I thought it was the key to the small safe at Scott’s house, but it couldn’t be opened at all.”
  Matt said: “Well, I’ll trade this for diamonds with you.”
  Matt was about to leave, When he reached the door, he suddenly turned around and asked Maggie, “Have you told anyone about your plan to rob a jewelry company two years ago?”   Maggie
  shook her head and said, “No.” I was wondering how the piggy gang’s robbery plan was known to the police, and who killed the third child, Scott. He always felt that there was a thread connecting these things together, and suddenly a light flashed in his mind.   The meeting was arranged at a bar in the second Moore.   Moore, Matt, and Maggie sat at the table. Maggie took a small bag from her bag and placed it in the center of the table. Moore reached for the small bag and opened it, full of sparkling diamonds. He smiled slightly, and beckoned his subordinates to take a suitcase and hand it to Matt, “This is your one hundred thousand reward.”   Matt said, “Don’t rush, wait a second.”

  At this time, there was a commotion outside the door, and Barry, the boss of the Little Pig Gang, rushed in aggressively with a few of his subordinates.
  Barry sat down at the table carelessly: “Second child, if I don’t get the inside information, these diamonds will be swallowed by you, right?” Just as
  Moore was about to explain, Barry said aggressively: “At first, the third child wanted to take it for himself. , now it’s you. It seems that you don’t take my big brother seriously.”
  At this moment, Matt suddenly burst out laughing.
  Seeing that everyone was bewildered by the sudden laughter, Matt stopped laughing and said, “Don’t worry, these diamonds are fake.”
  ”Ah!” Maggie exclaimed, “What are you kidding? I’m vouching for my life, this is the bag of diamonds I took from Southwest Jewelry, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it!”
  Matt shrugged and didn’t speak.
  Moore picked up the diamond and threw it back to one of his men. The subordinate took the diamond and examined it carefully. After checking seven or eight pieces, he raised his head and said to Moore, “It’s fake!”
  Maggie was so frightened that she kept saying, “How could it be fake? How could it be fake?
  ” Rui suddenly stood up, took out a pistol, pointed it at Moore and said, “I know you are tricky, don’t play tricks.”
  Moore sat still and said calmly, “Damon (the man who checked the diamonds just now) said the diamonds are fake. It must be fake.”
  Matt crossed his shoulders and said sarcastically: “Maybe Southwest Jewelry Company has no real diamonds at all, as far as I know, they got a large amount of compensation from the insurance company.”
  Barry said : “Impossible! Those diamonds that I got from the third child are real!”
  Moore stood up abruptly, staring at Barry and said, “Have you seen the third child’s diamonds? The third child is you Killed?”
  Barry loudly defended: “He first planned to take the diamond for himself.”
  Moore said: “The three of us swore that no matter who was killed, the living one must avenge the dead one!”
  Barry angrily put the gun to Moore’s head and said, “So what?” There was
  a bang. Maggie exclaimed “Ah”.
  I saw a bullet hole in Barry’s forehead, and he fell down.
  Immediately, Moore’s men took out guns and pointed at Barry’s men, controlling the scene.
  Moore waved to the fence on the second floor, only to see Owen standing up with a sniper rifle.
  Matt patted the suitcase full of $100,000, sighed and said, “It’s a pity I didn’t help you get those diamonds back, so I can’t take your money.” Then he pulled up the terrified Maggie. He went out, and when he reached the door, he said to Maggie, “You haven’t been here at all today, have you?” Maggie kept nodding and said, “Never been here! Never been here!” , Moore did not stop.
  Matthew left the bar with Maggie and drove to Central Station. Found number 0331 in the rows of luggage lockers. Maggie opened the cabinet door with the key, took out a beautifully packaged small box, opened it, and found a dazzling ring inside. Maggie picked up the ring, and a piece of paper slipped out of the locket with the words “Forever Love You Scott” written on it. Maggie burst into tears when she saw it.
  ending : A house with a small courtyard, not far from the city center, suddenly thickened with smoke. The owner of the house happened to be driving back from the outside. Seeing that the house was on fire, he hurriedly stopped the car and rushed into the house in a hurry. He ran out with a small bag.
  At this time Matt came out of the shadows behind the house: “Diamonds are hard, but they are made of carbon, and they will burn when the temperature reaches 800 degrees Celsius. Am I right? Mr. Leonard.
  ” , It was Leonard, a staff member of the Southwest Jewelry Company, who was stunned there.
  Matt said: “I’ve been wondering who told the police about the piggy gang’s plan to rob the jewelry company. Later I found out that you were dating Maggie, and Maggie called you a follower. I thought you might be pestering Maggie a lot. And so perverted that she installed a bug in her house. Maggie has never touched the diamond in her hand, but it takes a real diamond to attract Barry. You can use the opportunity at work to wrap real diamonds with fake diamonds. So everything makes sense.”
  It turned out that after Maggie broke up with Leonard, he dated Scott again, and Leonard never forgot Maggie, believing that Maggie was taken away by Scott, so he kept going. Grudge. When he eavesdropped on Maggie’s and Scott’s call and learned of their plan to rob the jewelry company, he found an opportunity to use fake diamonds to wrap real diamonds, and then reported to the police, which resulted in Scott’s arrest and imprisonment. And he took the blame for stealing the diamond for himself.
  Scott shot Leonard during the robbery, and Leonard hated him even more. After Scott was released from prison, Leonard learned of his room at the Diamond Hotel by wiretapping his phone with Maggie. So, Leonard anonymously sent some of the diamonds in his hands to Barry, the boss of the Piggy Gang, saying that he got these diamonds from Scott, and the rest of the diamonds were on Scott, and he took Scott The hotel told Barry, and then sent some diamonds to Scott in the hotel.
  Unexpectedly, Barry’s men clashed when they asked Scott for diamonds, killing Scott. Barry’s men only found a few diamonds sent by Leonard in Scott’s room, thinking that the rest had been taken by others, so they frantically searched everywhere.
  After telling Matt the address of Maggie, Leonard continued to eavesdrop on the conversation between Matt and Maggie, knowing when they would give the diamond to the second child Moore, he told Barry the news again. Matt plays the game, quoting Barry about getting the diamond from Scott.
  After listening to Leonard’s explanation, Matt said: “Okay, but the truth is finally revealed. Who would have thought that the famous gangster Piggy Gang was almost wiped out by a little guy like you. I don’t want these diamonds either, The police will be here soon, and they’ll take care of it.”
  At this moment, several police cars were driving from a distance with their blaring lights flashing and their piercing sirens blaring.

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