Go beyond yourself and challenge the limit

  When I graduated from Yale, my mom’s advice was to “follow your joy,” and I would have liked something more specific, like a credit card. But when I look back, following your joy was really good advice.
  But to follow your happiness starts with figuring out one question: What is your happiness? Finding the answer isn’t easy. Like many of you here, I have a BA, which is to say, no specific skills. I know I have a soft spot for TV, especially TV news. Growing up, I watched a lot of TV shows, so I thought, well, now that I have a degree from Yale, try a job like this. I started by applying for an entry-level job at ABC News, a humble position. I feel perfectly capable of doing the job, not just answering the phone and doing whatever Peter Jennings asks me to do. But I didn’t get the job.
  It’s actually a good thing for me, and I’ve made up my mind that if no one gives me a chance, I’ll go for it; if no one gives me a chance, I’ll create it myself. So I had a plan, I was going to be a reporter, and I decided to go to the battlefield. When I go to the battlefield, I don’t have a clear goal in mind, and there is no way to ensure that I will succeed or have a stable job. However, I listen to my heart and follow my passion. Now I am more convinced of it, and if you do the same, it will surely succeed. I’m not talking about wealth, maybe you will be rich, but being yourself is the greatest success.
  I am now quoting Goldie Horn’s speech to graduates at American University, where he said: “In the journey of life, there will inevitably be ups and downs, and you must learn the art of laughter and joy. Put all you, the best You, the fearless you, put it in your treasure bag.”
  There is a line in the movie “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Nothing is preordained.” I think, today, at this moment, for you Say, especially so, nothing is preordained, you have learned how to write your own life.

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