Why do people love makeup

  Makeup is probably one of the oldest and most common human behaviors. Human archaeology has found that as early as 75,000 years ago, humans may have begun to paint their bodies when they were still naked, including not only facial painting, but also tattoos, piercings, and hairstyles. In ancient times, when survival was difficult to guarantee, people cared about the decoration of their appearance, just like the people who now can’t make ends meet but still spend money on cosmetics. Why do humans love makeup so much?
  More popular in the field of marriage. Humans love makeup, and part of it has to do with courtship strategies. Makeup is an effective way to make yourself look good, and “good-looking” can make people more valuable in the marriage and love market. From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, although the aesthetics of each period are different, and each person’s evaluation criteria for “attraction” are different, the core points to one indicator – health. Only the healthy and genetically good other half can help spread the genes of the group better. But it is not easy to judge health or not. For convenience, people choose to look at their faces. Bright and clean skin, bright eyes, symmetrical left and right faces, rosy and shiny lips, etc., these characteristics have been a sign of “beauty” and a reflection of health until now. And thrush, foundation, lipstick and other modifications can make people look good and healthy.
  In fact, humans are not the only animals in the animal kingdom who are keen to use makeup to enhance their appearance. In fact, most animals love to be well groomed and make up, but they don’t have the skills of humans and can only make themselves beautiful in other ways. For example, guppies will find a friend who is uglier than themselves to accompany them to find a lover during the courtship period to set off their beauty. Other animals with beautiful feathers or special decorations such as crowns and horns will also try their best to enhance and show off these good-looking parts to attract the opposite sex.
  Used to show identity. Another important role of makeup is to express oneself and show identity in social activities. In ancient times, people liked to draw totems on their faces to convey their positions, identities, tribes, beliefs, wishes, etc. This clear method allows everyone to understand each other without speaking, and to better find companions. , or distinguish it from others. Makeup in modern society has the same effect. For example, people with different personalities will use different makeup, and on different occasions, they will also choose whether to wear heavy makeup or low-key elegance. Sometimes makeup is also used to show identity. For example, in some special groups, only core members or people of high status are allowed to use bright red lipstick, while others can only use more low-key colors such as pink or orange. Correspondingly, the degree of sophistication of hair, the degree of maintenance of skin, and the price difference of cosmetics can also be used to show differences in economic and status.
  Sometimes used to cover up. People who have severe appearance anxiety or do not accept themselves sometimes like to wear heavy makeup, like wearing a mask, to make sure that others cannot see their original appearance, so that they can be more relaxed and comfortable, and say things they usually dare not say. , Do things that you would not normally do. But these people need to realize that makeup can’t really solve the problem, because low self-esteem always exists, and it will bring new problems, such as not being afraid to remove makeup in front of people, always keeping a distance from others, which will lead to less sincere social interaction , even unable to develop intimacy, etc.
  For the most part, make-up is a free and normal behavior, both men and women can use make-up to make themselves more attractive and express themselves better. But if you can’t accept yourself without makeup, and it affects your normal social life and life, you need to seek the help of a psychologist.

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