Face criticism

  At a college reunion, a girl kept complaining to her classmates about her boss’s fault. The girl said that the boss was a rigid old French lady who often accused her of doing things wrong here and there. The girl chatted with her and she said that the girl’s French pronunciation was inaccurate. The old French lady the girl was talking about was an old man with inconvenience due to her obesity. Her daughter worked in a company in Shanghai. In order to take care of the old lady, her daughter brought her from France to Shanghai and hired a French-speaking person. Female college students work as babysitters. But many female college students were defeated in front of this harsh old French lady, some left without saying goodbye, and some couldn’t bear the old lady’s accusations and simply argued with her.
  While the girl was talking very angry, a fat girl came up and asked her softly, “Then are you not willing to do it any more? If you resign, can you give up the job of taking care of the old French lady? Me?” When the girl heard this, she said, “Well, I’m getting what I want. You must be angry with the harsh old lady.”
  But what people never thought was that after the fat girl became the old lady’s nanny, In just a few months, she and the old lady got along very well. What is even more incredible is that the old lady also mobilized her social relations in France and let the fat girl go to France for further education. Soon, the fat girl received an official invitation to a French university and a scholarship. In the spring of next year, she will be able to study in France.
  Many people find it inconceivable: why so many girls can’t stand the old lady’s temper, only she can not only get along with the old lady in harmony, but also get the old lady’s help. The fat girl said: “The old lady is really harsh. In the first month I took care of her, she often picked on my shortcomings. For example, my walking posture was wrong, my sitting posture was wrong, and my eyes were wrong. Once, I helped her fetch a piece of sand. Shima, I gave it to her with my hands. The old lady was suddenly furious. She scolded me for being uneducated and said that I should put Shaqima on a plate and hand it to her. At that time, I almost burst into tears, really I wanted to resign. But afterwards, I felt that it was really inappropriate to give her food directly with my hands.”
  The fat girl is a person who refuses to admit defeat. She feels that the old lady’s criticism is really unreasonable and mean. But when she looked at herself, she blushed. The old lady criticized her for the wrong way of walking. She went home and looked in the mirror, and she found that she was jumping slightly when she was walking; the old lady said that she was sitting in the wrong posture, and she subconsciously observed her sitting posture and found that when she sat down, her legs It is really unsightly if it is not closed; the old lady said that her eyes were wrong, and she secretly observed in the mirror and found that when she looked at people, she squinted a little. It turned out that everything the old lady said was correct. However, because of her self-esteem, she rejected it in her heart.
  By chance, the fat girl learned some of the old lady’s life experience. She was born in a noble family and received a good education from the upper class since she was a child. She is the kind of person who is very organized and has a very delicate life.
  The fat girl slowly changed her opinion of the old lady, and she also gained a new understanding of the old lady’s mean criticism. What the old lady is criticizing is her own shortcomings, why can’t I change it? After that, whenever the old lady made criticism, the fat girl no longer confronted, but seriously thought, is she right? If it’s not right, she tries to correct it. She also read a lot of materials and learned some French customs and taboos. Since then, the old lady has rarely criticized her. She often sits in the living room and listens to the old lady tell some stories. Sometimes, she will interject a few words. Hearing the happy place, one old and one young will burst into laughter. Once, the old lady looked at the fat girl with admiration and said sincerely, “You are so elegant and charming.” The fat girl has really changed, her demeanor has become quiet, and her temperament has become elegant Now, as well as her spoken French pronunciation, the way she speaks, the look in her eyes… This is the first time the old lady has affirmed her like this, and compared her to her beloved niece.
  Others criticize us because of our own shortcomings. If we are hostile to such criticism, it means that we are covering up our shortcomings and not seeking progress; if we change our attitude and face criticism calmly, maybe this is an opportunity. It may make us reborn, or it may put us on the road to success.

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