Inner peace

  One day, the Buddha brought several disciples from one town to another. This was his first preaching day. They walked and walked and came to a lake. They stopped and the Buddha told one of the disciples that he was thirsty and asked him to fetch some water from the lake to drink.
  The disciple walked towards the water’s edge. As soon as he got to the water’s edge, he saw several people washing clothes in the water. At this time, a calf cart happened to pass by the lake. As a result, the water suddenly became cloudy. The disciple thought, “How can you give such muddy water to the Buddha to drink!” He returned to the Buddha and said, “The water is too muddy to drink at all.”
  Half an hour later, the Buddha asked the disciple to fetch water for him from the lake. The disciple obediently returned to the water. This time, he found that the lake water was extremely clear, and the sand had already sunk, making it drinkable. So he took some water from a jar and sent it to the Buddha.
  The Buddha looked at the water in the jar, then looked up at his disciple and said, “How did you make the water clear, you didn’t actually do anything… The sand will sink by itself, and the water will naturally clear… The same is true of your heart. When your heart is disturbed by the world, don’t worry about it, give it some time, the heart will calm down slowly, you don’t need to work hard to calm the heart, the heart will calm down naturally, there is no need to do it deliberately.” What does the
  Buddha want to emphasize here? ? No need to do it deliberately, he said. It takes no hard work to have “inner peace”, just let it flow. When there is peace in the heart, this kind of peace can permeate the outside and spread to the surroundings, so that those around you can also feel this peace and grace.

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