Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife was “disfigured” by marriage

  When the name Arnold Schwarzenegger is mentioned, Chinese audiences will think of “Conan the Barbarian”, “Terminator” series or “True Lies”, and think of the screen image with muscles, representing health, strength and justice; Americans may Think of a “failed governor”, of his seven-year political career that ended in failure…
  However, there is something special about the way this celebrity has been exposed in the news recently: this time it is not himself who is in the spotlight, but he Ex-wife Maria Shriver – 66-year-old Maria appeared on the street, wearing ordinary light purple short sleeves and black trousers, carrying an ordinary messenger bag, but her face was horrifying: it seemed that the whole face was completely deformed It’s like a monster whose bones are barely pulling its flesh in the special effects of a movie, and there is something strange in its old age. In addition to the face, Maria’s arms are also covered with wrinkles, making the whole picture look terrifying.
  After the photo was exposed, someone asked whether Maria had failed plastic surgery, and some people discussed the rapid aging speed of Europeans and Americans, and more people couldn’t believe it, thinking that someone must have deliberately PS this photo to make Maria’s current situation so terrible:” How beautiful she used to be!”
haggard should also

  If you look at the old photos and look at Maria’s past, this beauty’s twilight and unrecognizable regret may become more concrete: Compared with the high-spirited and flying skirts of the past, this moment is indeed too dim. some.
  Is the face collapse caused by a cosmetic accident? At present, there is no solid evidence to support this, whether it is Maria’s own response or gossip rumors. From this “collapsed” face, it is not difficult to see similar signs of aging in Europe and the United States. In addition, Maria is 66 years old, and comparing the photos in her 20s in parallel, there is more than enough nostalgia and not enough fairness.
  But for celebrities with enough money and proper maintenance, 66 is obviously not “old”. There are many people who are radiant, and Maria’s haggard is particularly dazzling. And when there is insufficient evidence for the “face-lifting theory” influenced by external forces, people have to think of her personal life – unlike many celebrities who have a dull retirement life and can concentrate on taking care of themselves, Maria, Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife, It is true that there have been many storms in these years, and it should be haggard.
  On December 30, 2021, Schwarzenegger and Maria officially completed all divorce procedures, ending the decade-long divorce proceedings. The divorce battle has dragged on for such a long time, mainly because it is difficult to reach an agreement on the division of property: no prenuptial agreement has been signed, and the ownership of about 400 million US dollars of property can only be pulled back and forth, and finally ended with an equal division.
  Although the marriage was not officially divorced until the end of 2021, the breakdown of the relationship occurred 10 years ago or more than 10 years ago.
  The well-known node about Schwarzenegger’s marriage is 2011. Schwarzenegger had just stepped down as governor of California, and the Los Angeles Times disclosed that Schwarzenegger had an extramarital affair with his maid and had an illegitimate child. In July of the same year, Maria filed for divorce. In the following 10 years, the two separated on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences” and lived separately. The relationship was rigid for a time, until time continued to wash away the contradictions, so that the two could finally appear in the lives of their children as their children’s parents.
  Such a “lace anecdote” is surprising enough to listen to even as news. As the client, Maria, faced the double betrayal of her maid and her husband, the scandal that humiliated the whole family and the 10-year lawsuit that followed. Apparently it’s been a tough enough time.

A haggard-looking Maria appeared on the street

  Maria, as Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife, has indeed been stormy and haggard these years.

  When faced with this beautiful face that is no longer beautiful, when people are involuntarily surprised and nostalgic, Maria’s pasts related to Schwarzenegger also surfaced again with this sigh-like emotion.

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
good wind with strength

  The beginning of the story is always similar.
  In 1977, at a charity tennis match for the Kennedy family, an NBC choreographer introduced Schwarzenegger to Maria.
  The words “Kennedy family” and “NBC” can sum up Maria’s image before she met Schwarzenegger: a wealthy family background and outstanding personal abilities.
  Maria is the niece of former U.S. President Kennedy. She grew up in a political atmosphere and has her own opinions on political entanglements. She did not go directly into politics, but became a reporter for NBC. Young Maria writes books, interviews, speculates, and is an excellent social activist.
  In 1977, Schwarzenegger was a “muscle man”, and his biggest reputation was “winning the title of bodybuilder for 5 consecutive years” – this is obviously not attractive enough for Maria, who advocates the mind. But Schwarzenegger, who was bridged, may have his own plan when he saw Maria: Maria, who has a family background, excellent personal talent and good looks, will come to Schwarzenegger, who has been working hard all the way with bare hands. It is undoubtedly an excellent reliance on the future life.
  It took Schwarzenegger nine years to pursue Maria – almost as long as their divorce lawsuit. There must be many good, loyal moments in an intimate relationship that make Maria agree to Schwarzenegger’s proposal on a date on the lake.
  In 1986, the two were married, and Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy, came as a bridesmaid. Schwarzenegger became the son-in-law of the Kennedy family—a status that provided intangible convenience for his later “birth” from actor to governor.
  In fact, when Schwarzenegger decided to step into politics and run for governor around 2001, Maria gave him more than the vague “Kennedys.” In order to avoid unnecessary talk, Maria chose to leave NBC and gave up her thriving journalist career. In many speeches and canvassing occasions, Maria will bring the children to Schwarzenegger’s side to show support with actions.

  Tall and handsome, the quasi-governor with the halo of the protagonist of the movie, standing by his side are members of the Kennedy family, the wife of a famous journalist, and several lively and lovely children around them… In 2003, Schwarzenegger won 48.6% of the The ballot, successfully won the new governor.
  There are probably many voters who were moved by the “family fun” scene at some point – Maria’s efforts made them believe that if they choose Schwarzenegger, they may have the same happiness.

Bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger on June 13, 1985
“Disfigured” marriage

  In the shadow behind the bright stage, Maria made more efforts invisible to the world to maintain the inspiring “Happy Governor’s Family” on the stage.
  In 2011, when Schwarzenegger was exposed to an infidelity scandal, some people were surprised: As an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning reporter, as smart as Maria, did she just know all this?
  In a statement published by the Los Angeles Times, Schwarzenegger’s wording was: “After stepping down as governor, I told my wife about what happened more than a decade ago.” “I understand and deserve this kind of reaction from friends and family. Anger and disappointment, there are no excuses, I take full responsibility for the harm I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry.” It looks like it was the newspapers that came out and Maria was able to reconcile The public knows together.

September 28, 2020, California, USA, Schwarzenegger rides with his illegitimate child

Schwarzenegger and his girlfriend Milligan at the Oktoberfest on September 24, 2022

  Schwarzenegger became the son-in-law of the Kennedy family—a status that provided intangible convenience for his later “birth” from actor to governor.

  But the truth may be: As the children of Schwarzenegger and the maid grew up, Maria realized that something was wrong: her fourth child and the maid’s child were born only a few days apart, and the divorced at that time was born. The single mother maid said: It was her and her ex-husband’s child. And as he got older, the face of the maid’s son became more and more like her husband Schwarzenegger.
  At this time, Maria discovered that her husband, who gave up her career development and always gave selfless help, cheated on the maid and gave birth to an illegitimate child in the home where they lived together. The villa raises children.
  For Schwarzenegger’s public image as governor, Maria displayed excellent, Kennedy family political literacy. Regarding the illegitimate child incident, she waited until Schwarzenegger left office in 2011 before it became public and went through legal procedures for separation and divorce.
  What is even more embarrassing is that after Schwarzenegger and Maria announced their separation, the maid made a statement through the media: Schwarzenegger’s marriage may have originated from himself, but the root cause is never here – in Schwarzenegger and Maria. In Maria’s 25-year happy marriage, which seems to be a golden boy and a girl, according to her simple understanding, Schwarzenegger has at least 14 cheating objects, including himself.
  Now, the full support and the marathon divorce have come to an end, because the hot search on the strange face of aging will gradually cool down. Now, Maria doesn’t need to work hard to maintain the “beautiful marriage” in the window for her husband. She holds hundreds of millions of assets and lives as she pleases.
  Maria gave a graduation speech at the University of Michigan on the topic: Dare to face your fears to surpass yourself. Facing the strife of marriage, the invasion of aging, and the fear caused by the gaze of others are also new issues that Maria will face after tearing off the label of “Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife”.

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