The dress code behind the royal funeral

  The “London Bridge” collapsed, and Britain has been preparing for the funeral for 60 years. In the more than ten days after the Queen’s death, it was revealed to the world step by step.
  On the afternoon of September 19, at Windsor Castle, a bagpiper in a kilt played an elegy for the Queen. The Queen’s coffin was also slowly placed in the royal tomb in St. George’s Church with the sound of the last bagpipes, fulfilling her long-cherished wish to be reunited with her husband and parents.
  The bagpiper in a kilt is indispensable in the Queen’s life. Every morning before the Queen was alive, they would wake her up day after day with beautiful music. Whether bagpipes or kilts, these symbols with strong Scottish characteristics played an indispensable role in the Queen’s funeral.
  As one of the oldest surviving royal families in the world, the royal members of the British Isles have condensed their monarchy tradition that continued in 1193 into the national mourning for more than ten days. In this British monarch’s funeral after 70 years, we have witnessed the glitz of life and the heaviness of history.

George IV in red and green tartan kilt and jacket

  From being despised to being admired, the kilt has seen the British Isle go from division to fusion.

  British people who pay attention to gentleman’s demeanor, attach great importance to dress etiquette, and pay more attention to funeral costumes. During the national mourning period, all kinds of exquisite and distinctive costumes appeared one after another at the queen’s funeral. Therefore, this funeral is not only a farewell ceremony for life, but also an opportunity to interpret British culture, politics and life philosophy.
kilts help dimension system one

  On the evening of September 12, Charles III and his younger brothers and sisters came to St. Giles Cathedral, where the Queen’s coffin is located, to participate in the vigil. According to English tradition, senior members of the royal family should try to wear military uniforms on such solemn occasions.
  When accompanying the Queen’s coffin on a trip that afternoon, Charles, like his brother Edward and sister Anne, wore military uniforms, but at the night’s vigil, Charles changed into a kilt. Experts said that Charles wore a kilt during the vigil at the Queen’s coffin, a symbol of “respect” and love for Scotland.
  The kilt originated in the Highlands of Scotland in the 16th century. It is a traditional dress for local boys, and now it has become the national dress of the Scots. Scots wear it on special occasions such as statutory holidays and weddings. Historically, the development of the kilt has a deep connection with the British royal family; today, it can be said to be the symbol and link that maintains the unity of Great Britain.
  In the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, there is a portrait of King George IV on display. In the portrait, George IV is seen wearing a red and green tartan kilt and jacket. This costume has never been seen before among all the British kings – because in the eyes of the English and even the Scottish Lowlanders at that time, the costumes of the Scottish Highlanders have always been a symbol of barbarism and slavery.
  In order to eliminate the Scots’ will to resist the British royal family, George II promulgated the “Clothing Prohibition” in 1746, prohibiting Scottish men from wearing Scottish Highland clothing; if they disobey, the first offender will be imprisoned for 6 months, and the second offender will be sent to overseas for planting. The garden worked for 7 years. This decree lasted until 1782 before it was repealed.
  This painting of George IV was created during his visit to Edinburgh in 1822. This visit is the first time a British monarch has visited Scotland in nearly 200 years. In this land that hated the English royal family, in order to dispel the hatred and gain support, George IV specially put on a kilt and met with the local chiefs in the same dress. The dress of George IV not only justified the name of the kilt, but also gradually made it the dress of the British upper class.

At the vigil on the evening of September 12, Charles changed into a kilt

  George IV’s successor, Queen Victoria, also regularly wore kilts for her children. In 1857, Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, personally invented the royal family’s unique style – the Royal Balmoral tartan. Today’s royal family also loves kilts, which are often worn by members of the old, middle, and young generations when they visit Scotland and attend certain events.
  Among them, Charles is a fanatic. He has been photographed wearing a kilt since he was 7 years old. Today’s social platforms are full of the figure of Charles wearing a kilt on various occasions. Some people once laughed at “70-year-old Prince Charles wearing a kilt and becoming five or five”.
  In recent years, the Scottish political arena has a strong color of separatism. A 2020 poll found that 70% of Scottish 16- to 34-year-olds support independence. In May this year, the think tank “Britain Future” found in a poll that more than one-third of Scots said that after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, it would be the right time for Scotland to abolish the monarchy and change to a republic.
  At the end of June this year, Scottish First Minister Sturgeon said that another Scottish independence referendum was planned to be held on October 19 next year. In the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, votes against were just 8% ahead of those in favour of independence. Today, 8 years later, the United Kingdom has completed Brexit and the Queen has passed away. What will the Scots who oppose Brexit and respect the Queen choose?
  From being despised to being admired, the kilt has seen the British Isle go from division to fusion. Now that the British Isle has come to the crossroads of dividing and dividing, can Charles, who loves kilts, help the United Kingdom through the crisis of division like his mother did? Time will tell us the answer.
humiliated in the street

  Prince Andrew’s outfits have been attracting attention on multiple occasions at the Queen’s funeral. In Edinburgh, Andrew was only able to wear morning clothes, unlike his siblings, who wore military uniforms on many funeral occasions, including the Queen’s coffin outing and vigils.
  Andrew, who served in the Royal Navy for 22 years, was only allowed to pay tribute to the Queen in military uniform at the Queen’s last vigil. Buckingham Palace explained that the exception was out of respect for the late Queen.

  During the national mourning event, Andrew’s embarrassment was not only in the uniform. On September 12, when Andrew was participating in the Queen’s Coffin Parade in Edinburgh, he was scolded by the public in the street: “Andrew, you are a sick old man.” Being so humiliated on the street where the subjects gathered, not only Andrew’s face but also the whole body was hit. The face of the British royal family. But Andrew was so humiliated, not wrong at all.

On September 16, at the Queen’s last vigil, Prince Andrew (second from left) wore a military uniform to pay tribute to the Queen

  At the beginning of this year, Andrew was stripped of his royal title by the Queen because of the scandal of sexual abuse of minors, which has also led to the fact that he cannot now wear a military uniform at the Queen’s funeral. In recent years, Andrew has been involved in the world-famous Epstein sexual assault case. In the name of the “Child Victims Act”, Virginia Ufrey, the “sufferer” of the case, accused Andrew in New York of knowing that he was underage and still sexually assaulted him three times.
  Although Andrew denied Yufri’s allegations, in order to reach an out-of-court settlement, he signed an agreement with Yufri and donated to the “Charity for Sexual Assault Victims” founded by the latter. According to media speculation, Andrew’s donation to the Ufrey Charity Society is as high as several million pounds.
  When Andrew was a child, the Queen commented on Andrew in a letter to her cousin: “This child is lovely… I’m sure he will be spoiled by all of us.” The protagonist of the sexual assault scandal has become a sick old man in the mouth of the public.
  Andrew, who was most proud and favored by the Queen because of his many exploits in the Falklands War, not only failed to put on a military uniform engraved with his honor to bid farewell to his mother at the final ceremony of the Queen’s life, but also said goodbye to his mother. The humiliation of his subjects during his mother’s funeral can only be said to be self-inflicted.
  Not a family, do not enter a family. At the same time that the Andrew sexual assault scandal was fermenting, Charles, who was then the crown prince, was twice exposed to receive ill-gotten gains. The Sunday Times revealed that from 2011 to 2015, Charles accepted three times in cash from a controversial figure in the Middle East and former Qatari Prime Minister al-Thani, totaling 3 million euros.
  Immediately afterwards, the “Sunday Times” broke the news that Charles accepted a donation of £1 million from the Bin Laden family. The grant was paid by the brother of the famous terrorist bin Laden. Charles’ acceptance of this donation aroused dissatisfaction from the media and the public. His aides also reminded that in the “9.11” incident, 67 British citizens died in terrorist attacks, and this ill-gotten gain cannot be accepted. However, Charles and his foundation have fallen on deaf ears.
Family Reconciliation in Great Sorrow

  On September 10, William and his wife, Harry and his wife, dressed in black mourning clothes, appeared together in front of the gate of Windsor Castle, and watched the flowers and cards left to the late Queen by the public. The people who gathered at the gate of the castle to lay flowers all cast their shocked eyes.
  The four have not been seen together since the Harrys quit the royal family in March 2020 and insinuated in the media that some members of the royal family were racist against them. It is said that the two couples had deep grievances at that time, and the media even interpreted it. The Harry and his wife insinuated that the target was the William and his wife.
  Last year, during the outing of the coffin of the Queen’s husband Prince Philip, William and Harry did not walk side by side, but were separated by their cousins. And recently, at the Queen’s funeral, the two brothers almost walked side by side.

On September 10th, the four of William and Harry appeared together in front of the gate of Windsor Castle

  The appearance in front of Windsor Castle was initially told by the media that only the William and his wife would make an appearance, but later authorities revealed that the Harrys had joined because William had personally invited them.
  The event was delayed by 45 minutes than expected to accommodate the Harrys. The reunion appearance was a poignant moment, but a powerful symbol of unity. “There is no doubt that this is an important moment in the history of the relationship between the two brothers.” Royal correspondent Omid Scobie commented.
  Twenty-five years ago, as little boys, William and Harry attended their mother’s farewell ceremony in black mourning clothes. During the ceremony, the eyes of the two of them were dull and directionless. The brothers were very close in the decades following their mother’s death until Harry left the royal family over allegations of racist abuse by his wife, and the brothers’ relationship fell apart.
  In order to repair the relationship between the Harrys and William and the royal family, the royal family also took great pains. In April last year, Harry and his wife had resigned as senior members of the royal family. According to royal rules, Harry could not attend Prince Philip’s funeral in military uniform. In order to avoid embarrassing Harry, the Queen broke with tradition and personally decided that at Prince Philip’s funeral, all senior members of the royal family did not wear military uniforms and attended in morning uniforms.
  Perhaps also for unity, on September 15, the royal family temporarily decided to allow Harry, like his uncle Andrew, to wear military uniforms at the Queen’s Vigil on September 17, with his brother William and the Queen’s other six grandchildren. The British media pointed out that the decision to allow Harry to wear military uniforms was made by Buckingham Palace – after public backlash against Andrew being allowed to wear military uniforms at the vigil, and outrage that Harry could not wear military uniforms.
  The trend of the world is huge. In today’s republic, the royal family, as a remnant of feudalism, can neither continue to shine for the country, nor keep oneself clean and keep oneself safe, then it will eventually be shaken by wind and rain for its own sake. Put on mourning clothes and send yourself to your own death.

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