Digital Culture? Digital Museum

  The national team of digital collections builds a reliable metaverse platform
  Digital collections are a domestic derivation of the concept of foreign NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Compared with NFTs built on blockchain public chains, domestic digital collections are mostly built on alliance chains. , also has the characteristics of unique, indivisible, scarce and so on.
  2021 is considered the first year of digital collections.
  According to the “Digital Collection Application Reference” statistics, as of early July 2022, the number of domestic digital collection platforms has exceeded 700. Among them, 639 will be added in the first half of 2022, and it is expected that the market size of China’s digital collections will reach 29.52 billion yuan in 2026.
  Players in the digital collection market are mixed, and players must be wary of unqualified “small platforms” who illegally raise funds through disguised hype.
  Recently, the pattern of the digital collection industry has quietly changed, and the digital collections on the “cross-border” platform have gradually become the leaders in their respective fields. These “national teams” with state-owned background may bring new trends to players of digital collections.
  Fantasy VR digital museum, feel the beauty of cultural tourism without leaving home The
  digital museum uses digital technology to fully present the functions of the physical museum on the Internet in a digital way. It uses the Internet and the internal information network of the organization to construct the information, and turns the boring data into a vivid model, thereby improving the audience’s viewing interest. The digital museum includes three parts, namely the on-site digital display system of the physical museum exhibition hall, the museum business management system based on digital technology and the network platform display system. The following representative digital museums can allow us to experience the beauty of “travelling” Chinese historical sites.

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