Draw my autumn window

  It’s late autumn, and the forest changes every day.
  Autumn is not like spring, and frosty leaves are not like spring flowers. Spring flowers bloom sequentially, crocuses, magnolias, cherries, peonies, and rhododendrons, one after another, so that spring is never lonely. Autumn is different, “the westerly wind withered the green trees last night”, you can change your clothes overnight. The most dazzling ones are euonymus, Galla chinensis and Dijin. The first two are shrubs that can make the whole mountain red like fire. The brocade is a vine, originally wrapped around the trunk, no different from ivy, but it is different in late autumn, the leaves can instantly turn a thick cinnabar color, sandwiched between the dark green ivy, it is particularly eye-catching.
  The Japanese red maple is also unique. In addition to turning red, the small and “deeply split” palm-shaped leaves are also red compared with the big-leaved liquidambar, but they add a lot of hidden beauty. It will be even more amazing if there is another early wet snow and the white snow hangs among the red leaves.
  Red leaves tend to turn yellow, bringing another flavor. My favorite is “Yellow Leaf Tree in the Rain, White-headed Man in the Light” by Sikong Shu of the Tang Dynasty. The yellow leaves in autumn were originally a little dry, but they were nourished by the rain, and with the reflection of the leaves, they regained their spirits. The tree trunk was soaked by the rain, and the original gray ochre became dark black, which further strengthened the effect. A piece of autumn forest, looking at the past, dark black trunks and branches, dotted with clusters of apricot yellow, lemon yellow and cinnabar red, not only has the change of depth, but also can “push and pull” the depth of field. If you hang a few pieces of ground brocade and add a few branches of red maple, it will not only enhance the “complementary color” but also contrast the “brightness”, it is very beautiful!
  There are twelve windows in my living room. The disadvantage is that it cannot block the cold outside in winter, but the advantage is that it can not only bring in sunlight but also capture the scenery. Sitting in front of the window every day, it seems to be facing twelve paintings. Especially in autumn, the picture not only changes every day, but also changes from time to time. The tall locust tree, with small leaves falling continuously from above, often makes me mistakenly think that it has fallen “goose feather snow”. It is more interesting when the wind is blowing. In the woods, one after another, the leaves of various colors fly out of the dense forest and fall into the lake. The fish in the lake thought that the fallen leaves were food, and would keep rushing to the surface of the water, and even jump out, splashing the water and making a clattering sound.
  The willow trees in the wind are also beautiful. When I was a child, I read Du Fu’s poem: “The strong wind breaks the longest bar.” I can’t imagine that the willow is so flexible, how can it be broken by the strong wind? Now facing the two willow trees by the lake, I understand. When the wind blows, the willows are pulled to one side. The long branches and the slender willow leaves are easily entangled. The instant gust of wind is like combing hard The knotted long hair, the wicker can be broken abruptly, fly straight tens of meters, and hit my glass window.
  The forest in spring changes from transparent to opaque, and the forest in autumn is just the opposite. In the process of falling leaves, there are also many changes because of the number of leaves. For example, in yellow leaves, denseness is a kind of beauty, while sparseness is a kind of beauty. When there are not many yellow leaves left on the branches, because the light is more transparent, the yellow becomes extraordinarily bright.
  Looking at the fallen leaves, I feel that each piece is a sigh for the years. When the prosperous season comes to an end, all the splendor will dissipate, leaving a dry body and white hair. Sickness, drinking, and autumn are not the same as burying flowers and mourning death. Looking at autumn leaves is different from looking at spring flowers, because spring is getting warmer day by day, many flowers are not withered, green leaves have already appeared, and the next season will be rich. Autumn is a rain, a cool! It can only fall, not live! Seeing overdraft overdraft, finally empty-handed.
  Reluctant to part with the beautiful scenery outside the window, I moved the painting tools from the study to the living room, used the coffee table as a painting table, and opened the album to sketch.
  Although it is to paint the scenery outside the window, it is more important to paint the mood inside the window. So I even painted the window lattice and potted plants. The white crane lily, Clivia, and Qilixiang by the window, the banyan leaf and the rubber tree stretching high to the ceiling are all double-hooked with ink. As for the walls, they were stained black because they looked dark compared to the outside of the window. And in order to highlight the scenery outside, the potted plants inside the window are all without color.
  I first drew the tree trunks in the forest with ink, and added green ivy and deep red brocade between thick ink strokes. Outside the window on the right is the euonymus, which looked like a big red wreath when I first started writing, but in two days, most of the red leaves have fallen.
  On the top are pagoda trees, on the left are bright yellow maple trees and sycamore trees, and in the foreground are the railings on the balcony and the grass in the yard. The shore of the lake in the distant view is faint, with some rippled reflections. Just as I was about to put down my pen, there was a sudden commotion. It turned out to be a flock of migrating geese. They fly in from Canada and only stay on the lake for a few days before migrating south again.
  So I added a few wild goose shadows.
  While painting, while listening to the geese, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! Dozens of wild geese flitted across the treetops, singing in unison as they landed…

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