Dream park

  After a while, Teacher Qi announced with a smile that everyone will visit the real Mengbuluo Park.
  ”What?” “What’s going on?” The
  children were at a loss.
  ”Can’t you believe that after walking for a day, you actually visited a fake park?” Teacher Qi explained, “Due to the use of 5G, there have been breakthroughs in the research and development and application of AR technology. Devices that transmit to the retina and eardrum respectively, as well as sensors that stimulate the sense of touch. Paleontology researchers collaborate with AR technology developers to use the creatures in the Jehol fauna as a pilot to present ancient animals in a more vivid form For fans. This afternoon is a trial run, and we will improve it later based on your usage and opinions, and strive for perfection. There are still 15 minutes before the official start at 5 o’clock, please hurry up and get gloves.”
  A yellow robot is given to everyone The child distributed a half-finger glove with sleeves and reminded everyone to be careful to protect the glove, because everything you want to touch except what you see and hear depends on the glove.
  Under the leadership of Teacher Qi, the children quickly and orderly appeared in front of a rectangular lawn about the size of 3 tennis courts. Everyone put on glasses, earphones and gloves, held back their excitement, and waited for a miracle to appear.
  At 5 o’clock, ferns, conifers and other plants suddenly appeared on the lawn, and the grass suddenly turned into a small forest. At first, the scene shook a bit, as if there was an earthquake, but it soon stabilized. In an instant, a rustling sound came to my ears, as if it was made by caterpillars eating the leaves, but it also seemed to be made by the leaves shaking gently, making people feel like a breeze was blowing slowly. Occasionally, there are three or two croaking frogs, adding to the noise. As the sun goes west, the light emitted is no longer too dazzling and hot, and the afterglow of the setting sun envelopes the dense green jungle. Except for some heat, everything else is so pleasant.
  Not far away, there is a big blue lake.
  Under the leadership of Teacher Qi and the robot, everyone went to the lake in groups. I saw that the lake water was clear and bright, and fish were playing in groups among the aquatic plants. There are groups of flying insects gathered on the lake, some flying around with the breeze, some hovering on the lake, occasionally lightly touch the water surface and then fly away quickly, leaving layers of ripples. A few Huaxia birds rushed into the flying insects, frightening the flying insects to flee in a hurry, like arrows shot out, passing away in a flash.
  On a ginkgo tree by the lake, a long-winged bird kicked off the branch with its short hind legs, flapped its long wings, swooped down to the water surface as fast as lightning, and pulled out a fish from the water. Suddenly, the fish in the water scattered.
  Under the ginkgo tree, a female Chinese pterosaur is waiting in formation, guarding a nest of eggs.
  The male Chinese pterosaur next to him fed the fish in his mouth to the female Chinese pterosaur. The neck of a female Chinese pterosaur first swells and then collapses.
  ”The Chinese pterosaur eats whole fish like a monster!” Suddenly, the tour guide Zhonghualongniao appeared in front of the three girls with great vigor.
  ”I haven’t seen what kind of monster, but I can be sure that the monster must look like a monster, not like you, a dragon is not like a dragon, and a bird is not like a bird!” The tour guide Yanniao interjected.
  ”The book says that the teeth of an excellent monster must be whitened. Both of you have very good teeth and have the basic conditions to be a monster.”
  Ye Yuxuan pouted after laughing at the Chinese dragon bird and swallow bird, “Why is my The tour guide didn’t come?”
  ”Here we come! Here we come!” The tour guide, the forest pterosaur, suddenly flew out from a nearby ginkgo tree.
  ”A ‘toothless person’ like you doesn’t even have the qualifications to be a monster!” the Chinese dragon bird said to the forest pterosaur.
  Ye Yuxuan was about to fight back for her tour guide, but the forest pterosaur asked her to stretch out her hand. She hesitated for a moment before reaching out her gloved hand. The forest pterosaur fell into her palm, and Ye Yuxuan immediately felt the real existence of the forest pterosaur, not just a three-dimensional image!
  Ye Yuxuan screamed excitedly, and then stretched out her other hand to touch the forest pterosaur, but it was empty. She quickly realized that it could only be touched with gloved hands.
  Ye Yuxuan asked Qin Tianyue and Qiao Anqi to reach out and touch the forest pterosaur, but the forest pterosaur was skinny and uncomfortable to touch. Qiao Anqi also summoned the Chinese dragon bird, and let herself and her two companions feel the short hair on its body.
  Qin Tianyue raised her gloved hand to greet Yanniao, but Yanniao flapped her wings and flew up. Not long after Qin Tianyue chased her, the Yanniao suddenly disappeared, and the dreamlike lake suddenly turned into an open meadow…

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