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    Enlightenment from the bursting of the Nifty 50 bubble in US stocks

      In the early 1970s, there was a wave of bubbles in the US stock market, which was very similar to the market of A-share core assets. Referring to the trend of the bursting of the US stock bubble, it has important reference significance for the subsequent trend of A-share core assets.   Just as there are differences among institutions on the list of core assets, various institutions in the United States also have differences in the list of Nifty 50. The more authoritative list of Nifty 50 is authored by American MIT professor Jamie? Siegel provides, including Coca-Cola, Disney, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson, Gillette razors, General Electric, IBM,…

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    How to hold stocks for more than five years?

      There are very few investors who can really hold for more than 5 years. How can we firmly hold stocks for more than 5 years?   Let me talk about my personal experience:   When we have a correct understanding of long-term holding stocks, we must first do: First: make a grand vow   ”We want to hold it for a long time, even for more than five years!” Just like when we all made up our minds when we took the entrance examination, we will not give up until we enter the university. My experience is that the bigger the vow, the easier it is to carry it out. When we want…

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    Search Promotion: Account Optimization Boosts Marketing Effects

      Search engine marketing is a marketing model that is known for its effects. However, after some companies try it, they feel “no effect”. It no longer pays attention to it, and ignores the optimization of the promotion process so as to miss business opportunities.   Account optimization is crucial to the effect of search promotion, because:   First, search promotion must grasp the “consumption decision-making process of netizens”. The research found that: 10 weeks before the final purchase behavior, potential customers began to search with general keywords; until 2 weeks before the purchase, the search volume of brand keywords gradually increased. If the enterprise cannot grasp this process and adjust the account…

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    Make evolution easier to understand

    Interested people can not avoid the problem. I have long wanted to write a book on the evolution of life. Coincidentally, around 2021 is the year when our research group’s achievements in the direction of evolution will explode, and a series of excellent papers have been published in top international academic journals such as “Nature” and “Cell”. Although I did not directly participate in any of these studies, I was honored and influenced by them, and gained a lot of inspiration and inspiration. The time has come to create such a book.   The editor is very supportive of my idea, but we actually had a little disagreement on the title…

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    What kind of country is Qatar?

      The 22nd FIFA World Cup has made Qatar the focus of people’s attention across the country and around the world. But what kind of country is Qatar outside of the game? tropical climate   Like many countries on the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar has a tropical desert climate, hot and dry. The four seasons are not very obvious, and summer is from March to October, which is the longest season of the year. Among them, the temperature is the highest from July to September, up to 45°C, and the winter (November-February) is cool and dry, with an average annual precipitation of less than 100 mm.   Why is Qatar so hot? To answer…

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    Bumpy journey for flu vaccine Universal flu shot is high-level goal

      Influenza has always been one of the strongest opponents of human beings. In the records of human history, every influenza pandemic will take away millions of lives. Modern research has found that the massive deaths of the population of Athens in ancient Greece in the 5th century BC and the plague pandemic in London in 1675 may be caused by influenza viruses. And the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 is a more gruesome history, the deadliest global plague in history. In less than two years, the influenza virus infected a third of the world’s population. More than 50 million people died as a result.   In the past hundred years, human…

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    There is a cloud made of rain in the sky

    Choose the right time to work   People deployed radars, raindrop spectrometers, microwave radiometers and other instruments on the ground to observe me, and there are weather satellites in the sky monitoring me all the time, but these methods can only understand my general personality, and the shadow workers have collected information based on these instruments The data can be analyzed to determine my waist circumference, height, posture, and the length of my existence, to understand my temperature changes, how much water I have, or to infer how quickly different parts of my body deform.   However, I am changing every moment, and the various particles in my body are breaking, reborn,…

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    Approaching the “mysterious family” in space

    “Odd” and “Even” jointly scan the world   On July 11, 2022, a heavy rain hit Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. Affected by heavy rainfall, many buses in Taiyuan City were rerouted and suspended. On July 10, the Shanxi Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued an early warning: “From July 11 to 13, 2022, there will be heavy precipitation in our province… Please be prepared for relevant units and personnel.”   How did meteorological experts achieve such an accurate “prediction”? In fact, this is the credit of Fengyun Satellite. The Fengyun family is divided into “odd” and “even” factions. The “odd” school is also called the polar orbit school, named after an odd number, and…

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    Birth of the first weather report

      James Glaisher was born in Rotherhead, London, England in 1809. Glaisher’s parents moved his family to historic Greenwich when he was very young, an observatory like a castle – the Royal Observatory stands in Greenwich Park surrounded by trees. When the 20-year-old Glaisher first stepped into the observatory, he was attracted by the various instruments in it. Little did the young Glaisher know that he would start out here and become famous all over the world.   After two years of topographic surveying work in the mountains of West Ireland, Glaisher returned to London, got a job as a mathematical calculator at the Observatory of Cambridge University, and met George Biddle,…

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    From soldier to scientist

    The Amazon rainforest spans 8 countries – Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana and Suriname. It occupies half of the world’s rainforest area and is the largest and most species-rich tropical rainforest in the world.   Deep in the Colombian Amazon rainforest, dozens of sweaty workers navigate a maze of kapok and rubber trees. Armed with machetes, they hacked back and forth through the thick vines, accomplishing their mission with purpose — cataloging and protecting endangered species. Years ago, the guerrillas might have been tracking enemy soldiers, or preparing to kidnap a political prisoner. Now, their targets are even more elusive: giant otters, nimble brown spider monkeys, very eerie Dracula…

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    The artistic transformation and controversy behind AI painting

      ”Cyberpunk, slums, red and blue tones, dark scenes, rainy days, in a reinforced concrete city, there are complicated neon billboards standing on the side of the street”, enter this text, wait for a few minutes, and you will get a quality Nice rainy street scene with cyberpunk style artwork. This is the AI ​​painting that has been popular on various social platforms recently.   AI is aggressively declaring war on the field of art that human beings are proud of. This is another onslaught by machines against free will. In the face of this wave of technology, some people are looking forward to a productivity revolution in the field of art,…

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    Explaining the Market Crash Mechanism with Complexity Science

      Why did Michael Mobson praise Didier Solnet’s “Why the Stock Market Crashed” in “Devil’s Investing” as “far-reaching and never tire of reading”? Because this book can be seen as a story, a scientific story about how to borrow the most cutting-edge and complex concepts in modern science to understand financial crashes, namely the theory of complex systems and critical phenomena.   Solnet was a pioneer in studying market bubbles. In financial research, he introduced the concept of “log-periodic power-law singularity”, which is a not easy to understand phrase. In short, log periodicity refers to the hierarchy of trading unit sizes and the result of non-linear interactions between trend followers and value…

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