Don’t be filled with other people’s negativity

  Pierce Brosnan won the Best Actor Award at the 24th Saturn Awards for his starring action movie “007: Tomorrow Never Dies”. The old 007 Pierce Brosnan was polite and always smiling. Was named one of the 20 most attractive male stars in the world.
  Everyone is very curious, why Pierce Brosnan is always so calm and kind? In the face of everyone’s questions, he said that I was not born with this, but taught me by a driver brother. Everyone became more curious after hearing this.
  Pierce Brosnan said: “Once, I was in a hurry to go to the airport, and I hired a taxi. I kept urging the driver to hurry up, and the driver agreed with a smile. Suddenly, when I was turning a corner, there was a The car parked illegally. The driver reacted quickly and stopped immediately. He almost hit the car. When the driver and I were still in shock, a fat man got off the car in front of us. He came to our car. I kept yelling, saying that we are blind, whether we can drive, etc., sarcasm and insults. The driver brother always smiled. I was impressed by the cultivation of the driver brother and asked him how he did it. The driver The little brother said that some people are filled with negative emotions such as depression, anger, anxiety, etc., just like a garbage truck walking around, it may accidentally dump garbage on the people around. Therefore, all we can do is not Be disturbed by others, smile and wish each other good luck, continue to live your own life, we like people who treat us well, but also remember those who treat us badly, 10% of life is doomed, Ninety percent of your life is written by yourself. Since then, I have remembered the words of the driver.”
  Don’t let our life be filled with other people’s negative emotions. It crossed and fell to the ground, happily living its own life.

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