Beautiful pause

   When I saw Yang Zi in the evening, he was dressed in formal clothes, riding an electric bike, and was going to the theater. I asked, did you take a special break? He smiled and nodded. I asked again, how much money was spent this time? He kept it secret, but said that it was worth spending any amount, and it was a kind of enjoyment.
   He is going to a symphony concert. He always listens to such concerts several times a year. Every time I go, I have to tidy myself up, wear suits and leather shoes, clean and refreshed. On weekdays, he is just jeans and sneakers. I laughed at him for dressing up too solemnly, as if he was going on a blind date. He said that when listening to a symphony, one must be solemn.
   He has always been a very frugal person. He drives a taxi and eats three meals a day when he leaves the car, mostly in the car or at a roadside stall. Once I met him, a meal was just a fire roll with chili sauce. But if he wants to listen to the symphony, he is very generous. He told me about the feeling of listening to a symphony concert: “It’s like…” Facing me, a so-called writer, he tried to organize some beautiful words to explain, “My heart…is like being washed by spring rain.” For him who has never been polite, this sentence sounds like a poem.
   Now, I gradually understand him. Driving a taxi is very tiring, always rushing on the road. He took time out, spent money to listen to a symphony concert, temporarily withdrawn from this busyness, let his body and mind pause for a while, rested, recharged, and added oxygen, and then went on to a new journey.
   Art has always soothed the soul. The greatest meaning and joy of getting close to art is to insert some “beautiful pauses” in life.
   Near the community, there is a construction site, next to it is a simple shed. At noon, construction workers often bring food from the canteen on the construction site and eat outside the work shed. After dinner, if the weather is warm and the sun is good, someone will lay down a cardboard and fall asleep. Some people clustered together to play cards, laughing from time to time. Only one person, in a secluded place, took the harmonica out of his pocket and played. Good to hear. I often go downstairs to listen. Seeing me, he smiled shyly and continued to blow.
   This is a middle-aged man who has been tired by life, with dark skin and dimples on his face. But the moment the harmonica played, I suddenly felt a kind of radiance emanating from him, which made him cute, even the bumps on his face looked good. He played “Shepherd’s Song” and “Night on the Prairie” the most, which are also my favorites.
   I believe that when he plays the harmonica, he is also bathing his ears and heart.
   I used to work as a porter and push mine carts in coal mines for several years. very tired. In the pocket of my overalls, there is always half a newspaper, which is the supplement page. In my spare time, I just sit in the shelter in the alleyway, turn on the headlights, and watch for a while. Many times, I can recite a short article that I like in the newspaper backwards.
   At that moment, the beautiful words participated in my life, which could calm the turmoil in my heart and let me pause for a while in the turmoil of the world, enjoying the calmness of life.

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