Even in winter

   At noon in early winter, I went to the clinic for nebulization treatment due to a cough. The doctor is not on duty yet, only one nurse is on duty. The treatment list has already been opened, and I can just go in for treatment. Not long after entering, an old man about seventy years old scratched his head and came in, calling for a doctor.
   The nurse quickly asked him what was wrong, and the old man said: “After taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, my scalp itched badly, and my chest and back also itched.” The nurse thought that the old man might be allergic to some kind of medicine, so she called the doctor immediately. Telephone. The clinic was very quiet, and I vaguely heard the doctor asking the old man: “Are you allergic to cephalosporins?” It didn’t work, and I started to be allergic to some drugs, which didn’t happen before…”
   I suddenly felt a little sad, looking at the old man’s gray hair and slightly bent waist, I felt that he had reached the winter of his life.
   After a while, the nurse followed the doctor’s instructions and gave the old man an injection and asked him to lie down and rest alone in a small room. The small room is next to me, the door is not closed, and the old man can be seen still scratching his body in pain.
   After about five minutes, an old woman’s face appeared in a window directly in front of me. She was wearing a blue floral dress, her hair was all white, and she was looking inside. I thought she wanted to see a doctor, so I reminded her loudly that the doctor hadn’t come yet. As a result, after hearing the voice, the nurse said to me: “She is here to find the old man.”
   Immediately afterwards, the nurse patiently explained to the old woman outside the window that it is best not to come in if it is not for medical treatment, because there will inevitably be viruses and viruses in the clinic. bacteria. The old woman nodded and stood outside the window waiting anxiously. The cool wind outside the window gently blows her snow-white hair. It can be seen that the old woman is much older than the old man, and she should be his mother. I felt a little sour in my heart, and just about to say something, the old man inside spoke first: “Nurse, please tell her that I am much better, let her go back first.” I thought to myself, the old man obviously knows his mother very well, the old woman He was finally persuaded by the nurse.
   When the nurse came to help me unplug the atomization tube, I was still immersed in the old lady’s love for the old man. I pointed to the window, then pointed to the old man, and said softly to the nurse: “Mother’s love is really great, no matter the son No matter how old you are, as long as you are a little sick, you still don’t feel relieved, so you have to come and take a look.”
   Unexpectedly, the nurse burst out laughing and told me that they were not mother and child, but husband and wife. The nurse also mistakenly thought that the two were mother and child, but the old man laughed and corrected the mistake. The reason why the old lady looks so old, according to the old man, is that she looks old because of her hard work.
   I stood up and walked out, only to find the old woman sitting on a stone pier not far away. She is still waiting for him! I feel a little complicated, she loves him so much, but he makes her suffer in life. Is this kind of love great or stupid? My heart felt cold for a while, as if I had traveled to the depths of winter all of a sudden.
   At this moment, the doctor came towards me, saw me looking at the old woman, and instantly understood what was going on. He smiled and said to me: “This old woman can’t be persuaded to leave, she is a loving couple.”
   Loving couple? I froze for a moment. Unexpectedly, the doctor smiled heartily and said, in fact, the old woman did not look old, but she was much older than the old man. Because of the age gap, the old lady has been under a lot of pressure. The old man loved her dearly and took her away from his hometown. He would rather be misunderstood than let others know that they are old wives and young husbands so as to avoid the pressure on his wife.
   The cool wind of early winter is still blowing gently, and my heart is trembling again. I was moved by their simple and long-lasting love, and I couldn’t help but think that there can be a true, pure, long-lasting and meaningful emotion in my life. Even if my life comes to winter, I still have the feeling of spring and flowers blooming.

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