Other people’s parents are not necessarily good

  Parents are very concerned about their children, but sometimes they don’t care about the point, or even help. This article lists a variety of styles of parents, please don’t make mistakes.
  Blender Parents: They will crush every obstacle your child may encounter. If you mess with them, be careful to be chopped into pieces.
  Leaf Blower Parents: They’re loud and aggressive, but while they’re loud, they don’t really solve the problem, they make it worse, and you end up having to let someone else clean up the mess.
  Drone parents: They are more cunning than helicopter parents, because they use the location function of mobile phones, smart watches and other devices to secretly track the whereabouts of their children. They don’t appear to be intrusive, but they keep a close eye on their kids to make sure they don’t run into any trouble on their way to the Ivy League. If someone is bad for the future of the child, they will drop from heaven and destroy the guy.
  Mop parents: They seem to be good at handling their children’s troubles, but when it comes to big problems, they are helpless.
  Trash compactor parents: No matter what they do, they will call all family members. Personal wishes are not worth mentioning in their eyes. Everyone must come.
  Air Fryer Parents: They wrap their kids in a thick protective shell. Their education method is different from the traditional education method, so many people think it is healthier, but in fact it is not much better than the traditional one.
  Ride-on mower parents: They’re too lazy to stand up, even to clear the way for their kids.
  Older phone parents: Old and stuck, unpredictable, but sometimes more reliable than newer phone parents.
  Toilet Paper Parents: They’re always thoughtful, but weirdly, they’re never there for you every time you really need them.
  New crown parents: They will never let go. When their children move out at the age of 18, they will follow them from afar, and they will visit their children abruptly, disrupting their plans.
  Pinworm Parents: They are often invisible and harmless, but they can be a nuisance if they appear where they shouldn’t be.
  Pug Parents: They always stare at their kids with their big, protruding eyes, but they get tired and out of breath at every turn.
  Tesla’s parents: They are quiet, charming, and seem to be able to contribute to the world, but other parents know that these are hypocritical nonsense, and they have long been disgusted with them.
  Gym parents: They want to establish a personality that they love to exercise, and they always put on a posture that they are ready to deal with all challenges at any time. However, when it was time to play, they hid in the living room and watched TV.
  Particle accelerator parents: They always want to speed up the growth rate of their children, and they will not stop when their children go to Harvard at 15 years old. If they stop trying to encourage growth, there is only one possibility: the child collapses.

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